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Tag: English Plot

Killing Eve S3 Episode 8 End

After leaving Aberdeen, Villanell met with Caroline at the Royal Albert Hall in London. When she was in a Russian prison, Caroline had promised to work to obtain intelligence, but […]

Killing Eve S3 Episode 7

Villanell rarely put away his cynical look, sitting solemnly in a certain European castle. She regretted that after doing those things to her mother’s family, she shouldn’t rush to take […]

Killing Eve S3 Episode 6

In the London hospital, Markek by the bedside saw Eve coming in with uncontrollable disgust on his face. There is an oxygen tube stuck in Nico’s throat on the hospital […]

Killing Eve S3 Episode 5

Villanell was sent to an orphanage by his mother since childhood. After being told that all her family members had died in a car accident, she set fire to the […]

Killing Eve S3 Episode 4

Nico returned to his hometown of Poland and found a job in the countryside to deliver bread. Say hello to familiar friends and neighbors in the long-lost hometown dialect every […]

Killing Eve S3 Episode 3

Villanell couldn’t understand why people would like babies. For research purposes, after killing the self-righteous music producer and her nanny in Andalusia, Villanell took the baby who was less than […]

Killing Eve S3 Episode 2

Inside the house, there was a mourning meeting for Kenny, and it was pouring rain outside. It seemed that God was grieving for such a young man’s untimely death. Eve […]

Killing Eve S3 Episode 1

First he was deceived by Constantine, and then Eve turned his back. During this time, Villanell had a terrible life. With her looks and means, she can easily find a […]

For the Love of Freedom Chapter 1

Thursday, September 17 In the soft blushing twilight of a September nightfall, as one of the last glorious summer days fades away, I feel the taunting touch of the north […]

Bankrupt Sisters Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

Carolyn learned from the news that the sisters’ small cake shop peers “Brooklyn bite” closed down and changed to a medical marijuana shop, which is another small cake shop that […]

Grimm Season 6 Episode 111 – 123

Episode 111 After killing Bonaparte, Renard uses his power as mayor and police chief to issue an APB and shoot-to-kill order on Nick, in an attempt to legally blame him […]

The Ranch Episode 17-20 Plot

The Ranch Episode 17 Colt invites Abby on their first date since getting back together at a laundromat where stood Rick’s Arcade, where they went on their first date. They […]

The Ranch Episode 13-16 Plot

The Ranch Episode 13 Mary invites Beau and Rooster to have dinner at Cracker Barrel where she works. She intends to set Beau up with Joanne, one of the waitresses. […]

The Ranch Episode 9-12 Plot

The Ranch Episode 9 Heather offers Rooster to go for a blind date with her sister, Darlene, whose boyfriend left after she gives birth. The date goes unsuccessfully as Darlene […]

The Ranch Episode 5-8 Plot

The Ranch Episode 5 Beau tries to bond with Colt by picking him as his hunting partner for opening day, disappointing Rooster, who is used to being chosen. Rooster vents […]