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Black Robe Pickets S2 Episode 7

At present, the lighter is an important witness. Mallory invited the Victorian Senator to meet with the lighter in his forest villa to discuss the holding of a hearing about Water and Compound V. The Motherland and the Storm Girl were not idle either, holding a rally in front of the Water Building with selfish intentions, making a fuss about the invasion of super terrorists, calling on the government to approve the legalization of Compound V and create more superhumans. To achieve this goal, the Water Group used all available resources, including the deep sea and locomotive sitting on a cold bench, which just gave the church a bargaining chip.

The Motherland and the Storm Girl have gained a lot of supporters as partners of superhuman lovers. During the rally, the Storm Girl saw the baby in the arms of the female supporter with a rare maternity on her face, which was seen in the eyes of the motherland. An idea soon formed. The motherland people took the Storm Girl to the hut and appeared in front of Bega and Ryan. The Storm Girl has had daughters and grandchildren. Naturally, she knows what is more attractive to an 11-year-old boy than superpowers.

For a long time, Ryan knew the world only about wooden houses and more than a dozen square miles of surrounding woods, and knew nothing about the outside of the wall. The movies made by the motherland and the roller coaster named after the motherland are all unheard of. When the Storm Girl hugged him and flew up into the air, and saw that there was a wider world outside the wall, Ryan wouldn’t believe what Bega said. The people of the motherland got what they wanted and took Ryan from Begat.

And Mallory won’t wait for the hearing two days later. She and Marvin went to the mansion where Dr. Vogbaum retired and persuaded the former Water strategy officer to attend the hearing. Frankie and Himiko are responsible for protecting the Victorian Senator. Anne and Billy both received a call from their mothers to leave. The task of protecting the important witness and the lighter fell on Huey, who had just recovered from a serious injury.

Outside the congressman’s residence, the supporters and opponents of Compound V are suppressed by the police, and there will be no trouble. It was Mallory’s nose, and the Water Group had information about the doctor’s family, so Dr. Vogbaum flatly refused Mallory’s request. The meeting between Billy and his mother was also unhappy. Although the mother was kind, Billy said nothing would forgive the abusive father who caused his brother Lenni to commit suicide. Annie’s fate was even worse. Her mother found out in her conscience that she had asked Vice President Ashley for a long vacation on behalf of Annie. Black shot, grabbed the mother and daughter away in the cafe.

Huey, who was watching TV with the lamplighter in the villa, was shocked when he saw that the motherland people suddenly announced that the traitor Starlight in the Super Seven had been arrested. No one else was there, so they only asked the lamplighter for help. The lighter thought for a while and nodded in agreement. In his experience, Annie must be locked in 42D of the Water Building. It was a special room made of all steel with a wall thickness of two meters, enough to block all superpowers.

When in the Super Sevens, the lamplighters and the marathon often sneaked into the heavily guarded Water Building with admirers. Entering the building from an inconspicuous ventilation gate in the alley, the lighter presses his palm on the door. If the authority of the lighter is reserved in the system, you can take the elevator to the core area, otherwise the elevator door will open and there will be two security guns with live ammunition.

The two arrived on the ninety-ninth floor unharmed. This is the area where the Super Sevens are active. Huey knows this big conference room. Huey didn’t understand the purpose of the lighter, but saw him staring at the sculpture of the Sevens without him, turning the lighter in his hand, and being swallowed by a cloud of flames. The lamplighter had never thought of saving Annie, he just wanted to turn himself to ashes here and no longer suffer from inner torture. The smoke alarm was triggered, the fire alarm rang through the building, and the sprinkler extinguished the flame on the lighter. Huey yelled angrily, tore off the palm of the lamplighter from his charred torso, turned and escaped from the conference room.

There is indeed room 42D in the building. Annie is locked in it. She has no access to electricity and her super powers cannot be used. But the fire alarm triggered the 42D internal warning light, and the yellow light flashed, giving Annie hope. Absorbing electricity, it exploded with full force, and the heavy iron door fell to the ground. Annie ran to the other side of the floor to rescue her mother who was locked there. When passing the meeting room, he was caught by Xuan Shi and fell heavily to the ground.

The black body is indestructible, and Annie is not his opponent. Seeing Annie being pinched by her throat, she gradually lost consciousness. Suddenly she felt her neck loosen, and she opened her eyes to see Maeve pinch the black neck from behind. Irina had seen the contents of the waterproof camera, hated the actions of the motherland and Maeve, and left angrily. The grieving Maeve didn’t want to see another companion with a conscience dying. She tore off the black hood and stuffed the almond chocolate into the black mouth. No matter how strong the black color is, genetic defects cannot be avoided. Allergy to nuts is the only way to kill him.

On the other side of the corridor, Huey heard someone calling for help. Opening the door with the palm of the lamplighter, what you saw was Annie’s mother. Before she had time to ask about Annie’s whereabouts, Annie rushed over.

In any case, there was no danger, everyone returned to the forest villa safely, except that Billy was missing. Mallory called and got the first good news of the day from Billy. Billy rushed into Dr. Vogbaum’s house with anger towards his father. He didn’t care about morality and law like Mallory. He could do what the Walter Group could do, and he could do it immediately. Vogbaum knew his style and reluctantly agreed to testify at the hearing.

Lost the lamp lighter, and got the more important Dr. Vogbaum. On the day of the hearing, everyone sat in the basement with confidence and watched the live broadcast of the hearing. There were many people on the scene, most of the members of the Super Sevens, and vice president Ashley. Vogbaum entered the hall in a wheelchair, raised his right hand and finished the oath. The chairman of the hearing just asked for a few words, and his head suddenly burst.

Billy, Huey, and others in front of the TV were dumbfounded, the situation was exactly the same as Susan. But the headshot did not stop, Dr. Vogbaum, Shockwave, and the heads of other attendees burst one after another, and there were horrible bangs and screams one after another. Mallory dragged the dazed Victoria out of the hall, and the entire hearing hall ran into a river of blood and became a bloody slaughterhouse.

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