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Black Robe Pickets S2 Episode 2

His head was still dizzy, but Billy was convinced that he saw Bega and the child. It’s just that he couldn’t figure out why he would wake up in the parking lot of a restaurant after three hours. He stumbled into the restaurant, and hurriedly wrote down all the details he saw before forgetting it. The wanted order was playing on the restaurant TV, and Billy hurriedly left under the suspicious eyes of the clerk.

Billy’s return somewhat gave Marvin and Frankie a heart. Only Huey could hardly trust this guy who had perfidious and left his accomplices in disregard. But what can be, after all, among the current members, only Billy can figure out a way to remove the wanted warrant. The way Billy could think of was to go to Mallory. With Colonel Mallory’s background, it was not a problem to find clues to the smugglers.

Mallory had just attended Susan’s funeral and didn’t expect to see Billy who would only cause trouble in the parking lot. According to Mallory’s idea, the twenty-odd federal agents at the funeral should really be notified that the murderer who killed Madeleine was here. But when she heard that super terrorists had illegally entered the country, she stopped.

At this time, the natives were playing baseball with their son Lane in the yard. Lane failed to show signs of having superpowers, which somewhat disappointed the natives. On the other hand, Bega hopes that Ryan will become an ordinary child and live an ordinary life. Begat’s demeanor shows that he does not welcome the arrival of the motherland, which makes the motherland people very annoyed. It was Begat who pleaded to let Billy go. In exchange, he had the right to stay with his son, so the motherland would not leave.

Bega knew that the motherland people could do anything, so she didn’t dare to confront him face to face. While sending her son out for piano lessons, she drove to Walter’s secret laboratory here and asked Dr. Parker to come forward. But Dr. Parker didn’t even see her, but told her through the doorman’s phone that the group decided not to conflict with the motherland people as much as possible. In this regard, Dr. Parker can do nothing.

Today, the media center of the Water Group Building is very lively. The media department is making every effort to introduce the new member of the seven-man team, the Storm Girl. The three female members of the team, Maeve, Starlight and Girl Storm, became today’s protagonists, chatting and laughing in front of the media. However, Maeve left the media center after receiving a call, ignoring Vice President Ashley at all. The maverick Storm Girl also said what she wanted to say, not acting in accordance with the script at all, and Ashley on the side was scratching her head anxiously.

Starlight, who seemed to be the most honest and obedient, was waiting for news from Gecko, but another sudden incident made her at a loss. As an interview show, when the host asked about the locomotive, of course Xingguang described the locomotive as his best partner. When the locomotive really appeared in front of her, this surprise session specially arranged by Ashley made Xingguang stunned on the spot. After returning to her senses, she pretended to be delighted and stepped forward to hug. The locomotive also cooperated, doing a scene of friends reunion in front of the camera.

Both Xingguang and Locomotive knew what was going on that night. Xingguang betrayed Walter to rescue her boyfriend. When Locomotive blocked him, he fainted because of an overdose of Compound V. Water Group did not want Compound V to be exposed, so it changed the location where the train fainted to Kosovo. Therefore, the locomotive did not dare to expose what happened that night in front of the media, let alone tell the people of the motherland what Starlight did that night.

I can’t say what happened that night, it doesn’t mean that the locomotive will let go of the stars. If the star is not good, it is easy to get Compound V from the gecko, and the locomotive appears like a ghost. Xingguang stuffed the menstrual bag with the sample into the storm woman’s backpack before evading the locomotive’s surveillance. But when she retrieved the sample and returned to the penthouse arranged for her by the group, the locomotive appeared again. This time, without being able to hide from the eyes of the locomotive, the compound V sample in the monthly package was found.

Xingguang calmed down, and then he thought about it. The locomotive was purely bluffing, and he didn’t dare to inform. The autopsy report of the Devil’s Claw, Starlight also saw that six syringes were inserted into a vein in the arm at the same time, and one of them caused a comminuted fracture of the arm. The Water Group covered up the matter, but if Xingguang reveals something to the media, I am afraid that Locomotive will be ruined.

Starlight doesn’t care at all in front of me, the luxurious apartments and the beautiful clothes and food. The locomotive is different. The injection of compound V and the killing of his girlfriend, Devil’s Claw, are all for fame and fortune. So after Xingguang retrieved the sample from his hand, the locomotive only sighed and turned away without saying a word.

Billy returned to the basement and brought the latest news. Mallory has found the address of the head of the account of the remittance to the human trafficker. Five members of the team sneaked in at night and found that it was a children’s toy supermarket. Himiko rushed to the forefront and twisted the head of the guard in the duty room. Frankie behind was stunned and looked at the security guard’s chest again, with the Sun Double Snake logo tattooed. This is the terrorist organization that killed Himiko’s parents and kidnapped Himiko and her brother.

Himiko looked around and finally found the stowaways in the surveillance video. The two hugged tightly. It turned out that the stowaway was the mouse, Jimiko’s younger brother, and Frankie understood what he meant by “boy” that Jimiko had always written. Regardless of his sister or brother, Billy raised his gun to aim, but was threw down by Huey, wasting one of his only two narcotic bullets.

Himiko grabbed his brother’s hand and ran away from the toy store. Billy wanted to chase but no one followed. In this matter, Marvin and Frankie support Huey and must not separate the two siblings. Billy was anxious. The deal he made with Mallory was to capture the super terrorist and hand it over to the CIA. Mallory helped him find out where Begat was under house arrest. But when everyone else expressed their opinions, he could only compromise temporarily.

Xi Miko felt guilty for her younger brother. She once said to protect her younger brother, but failed to do so. After that, the test of compound V on her was successful, and her younger brother also had to do the same test, enduring the pain of injecting the compound into the spine. Now that the siblings meet again, Himiko wants to continue protecting her younger brother.

But the mouse’s heart was filled with hatred. The village where he had lived since he was a child was destroyed by a group of Americans. No matter the old or weak, women and children could not escape the laser-shot eyes. Himiko realized that her brother had been brainwashed and blinded by hatred. She would not allow her brother to kill the innocent, so she used her arm to tighten her brother’s neck from behind, and when she was unconscious, she called Frankie, carried it into the van, and left.

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