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Black Robe Pickets S2 Episode 4

Without the mouse, Billy temporarily put away his thoughts of retrieving his wife. Unexpectedly, a meeting with Mallory rekindled his hope. While sorting out Susan’s belongings, the CIA found a lot of information about “free women” on her private server. “Free Girl” is a second-rate superhuman active in the 1970s. Susan’s reason for paying attention to her is unknown. There is an address in North Carolina in the information, and someone needs to go there and find out what is wrong. In exchange, Mallory gave Billy a coordinate, which was Walt’s secret location, and it was very likely that Bega was there.

Now Xi Meizi washes her face with tears every day, wishing to go out and seek revenge from the Storm Girl. Frankie surrounded her headlessly, ignoring everything. Huey was even more unreliable, and Annie was full of thoughts. So, Billy gave Marvin the task of going to North Carolina, and he couldn’t wait to rescue his wife.

At this moment, the people of the motherland are very angry. The Storm Girl blatantly seized power with him, and the other team members were half-hearted. He missed the days when he was eloquent, and there is only one way to get back to those days, to get rid of dissidents. The first is to drive away the locomotives that have lost their value and recruit the shockwaves. Then there was Maeve, as long as Irina was controlled, Maeve would not dare to object. The last is Starlight who refuses to kill Huey, maybe she is a traitor at all.

In the elevator room, the Chinese people stopped the elevator, turned around and pinched Xingguang’s neck, and pressed it against the wall. Xingguang struggled, even calling Huey the one who hurt her the most. He didn’t kill Huey at the time, but wanted to hand Huey to the police instead of abuse of lynching. The people of the motherland stared at the stars, and from the physical signs, they did not lie, so they let go.

From a certain point of view, Huey did betray Starlight when dealing with Compound V. But Xingguang now realized that Huey made her think twice before acting. Exposing Compound V not only failed to hit Water, but gave them more sympathy points, and all the accusations fell on Madeleine, who could not be defended.

Anne was fed up with life in the Water Tower, and asked Huey to meet in the park, looking for someone to talk to. But Marvin is outside the park, ready to take Huey to North Carolina. Seeing Annie’s lonely look, Huey couldn’t bear it, so he went to the north together, right to relax. Annie was overjoyed. A cousin happened to have a cousin in North Carolina who asked for leave from the group. Even if the technical department is positioned, don’t worry.

Huey and Annie came on a walk-and-go trip, just like two energetic teenagers stepping out of the house for the first time. Marvin, a mature and prudent person, had to shoulder the responsibility of guardian, reminding the two from time to time that enough was enough. Marvin still can’t stop the enthusiasm of the young people, and the relationship between Anne and Huey gradually heats up with the journey, like glue.

Finally arrived at the address Mallory said, knocked on the door, and the black lady behind the door was very alert. Marvin was not allowed to enter the house until he repeatedly assured that he was not from Water. The owner is called Valerie, not a “free girl”. It happened 48 years ago, when she was an 11-year-old girl. One night, it was pouring rain, she slept in the back of the car, and her brother Myron drove her home. The car was stopped and she heard her brother being dragged to the side of the road.

No matter how much he explained, he didn’t know what the robbery was, but he was beaten out of recognition by the “free girl” and killed on the spot. Afterwards, Walter sent a mere two thousand dollars and signed a non-disclosure agreement. In this white supremacy state, parents and family can only swallow their anger.

Huey couldn’t help but question. Since 1979, the “free girl” has disappeared and is probably dead. And according to Valerie’s words, even if the “free girl” lives to this day, she should be more than seventy years old. Why was Valerie worried and worried all day. Valerie was so nervous that she could hardly speak, she took out the newspaper of the day, and the headline was the “Storm Lady” who was in the limelight. Compound V has different effects on people. Who can guarantee that they will not live forever?

With full of doubts, the three returned to New York, and Huey’s love affair came to an end. The two feel very good together, but here is the problem. Annie believes that under the current circumstances, we must not let the emotions dazzle and relax our vigilance. Otherwise, the motherland may be attacked at any time. The two can only fight separately. The reality is cruel, but it is the safest way.

While Anne and Huey are on a love journey, Billy also arrives at the secret location without knowing it. This is a vast land surrounded by copper and iron walls, with woods, rivers, streets and a house in between. Bega and Ryan are sitting here, closely guarded by the Water Group. Without TV and newspapers, all Begaard can do every day is to educate Ryan about all kinds of knowledge.

Billy climbed over a ten-meter-high fence, crawling among the trees, slowly approaching the hut, and got into the car parked in the driveway. Bega, who was about to go to bed, noticed that the car lights were flashing and the car doors were not closed tightly. When I went out and closed the car door, I found Billy curled up in the back seat. Begat calmly drove to the bridge. Only there is no monitoring under the bridge, which is the safest place.

The couple were extremely excited when they met again, and sincerely hope to escape this place together. But there are surveillance all around, and the walls are so high that Ryan cannot escape. The two discussed that a garbage truck would pass by at 11 noon every day. Maybe you can hide in the garbage truck, the guard may not check it. After the discussion, Begaard drove back to avoid doubt. Billy hid under the bridge for one night, waiting for his escape plan after dawn.

The next day, Begaard drove over after ten. Billy looked inside the car, Ryan was not in it. Bega thought for a long time, she knew Billy too well. When I discovered that I was pregnant, I went to Walt instead of Billy because I knew that Billy would do stupid things. Last night, Billy kept saying that he would take Ryan out. But Begae could see from his expression that he would definitely find a way to get rid of Ryan and get rid of the super freak in his eyes. Beggar will not leave Ryan, and has already called the door guard to force Billy to leave immediately, without having to entangle him anymore.

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