New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 33 Recap

A passenger on the plane had a sudden condition and increased bleeding. This forced Lu Qiwen and others to choose the nearest airport in Helsinki, Finland. Because the aircraft had […]

New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 32 Recap

After Duo Duo skipped this topic, Han Liwei didn’t ask any more, he didn’t notice the unnatural expression on Duo Duo’s face. The two flight attendants who had just got […]

The Day of Becoming You (2021) 变成你的那一天

The Day of Becoming You (2021)Other Title: 变成你的那一天, Bian Cheng Ni De Na Yi Tian, Bin Ching Nei Di Na Yat Tin, 變成你的那一天, 변성니적나일천 Genres: Comedy, Romance, FantasyEpisodes: 26Country: ChinaDirector: Writer:  Wang Xiong Cheng Network: iQiyiRelease […]

Thunderbolt Chao Lingque

Pili Chao LingqueOther Name: 霹靂朝靈闕 Genres: Anime, ActionEpisodes: 30 episodes ongoingCountry:  TaiwanProducers: – Network: –Released: 2021Related Show:  Synopsis:Six Chongyue, Eight Flawless, righteous spirit and enchanting atmosphere, and evil spirits can hardly bear. Break […]

Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 1 Recap

Introduction: The TV series “Little Girl Dresses” is directed by Ding Yingzhou and starred by Li Jiaqi, Bi Wenjun, Sun Jialu, Song Wenzuo, Zeng Qi and others. The play tells […]

Sea Mountain

Sea MountainOther Name: 海山纪 Genres: manhua, AdventureAuthors: Southern Whale sauceChapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related Show: Description:The ancient unicorn beast Lan Xiaoqi escaped from the mortal world and embarked on a journey of adventure on […]