The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave

Alternative: I Don’t Want to Be Duke’s Adopted Daughter-In-Law / Adopted Daughter-in-law Is Preparing To Be Abandoned / 입양된 며느리는 파양을 준비합니다 Author(s): Chae Yuhwa / sunmoonArtist(s): NYEGenre(s): Drama, Fantasy, […]

The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup

The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup (Anime)Other Name: 新テニスの王子様 U-17 WORLD CUP, Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama: U-17 World Cup, The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup Genres: Anime, SportsEpisodes: UnknownCountry: JapanProducers: […]

Urban: Rebirth of the Unbridled Life

Novel: Urban: Rebirth of the Unbridled Life (都市:重生肆意人生) Type: Urban Author: Yuwen Feishhuang Introduction: Zhou Yu, the world’s top agent, was reborn in a parallel world. In this life, he […]

Urban Dog Food System

Urban Dog Food System (都市狗粮系统) Introduction: The female protagonist is Su Mei and the male protagonist is Ye Tian’s novel is “Urban Dog Food System”. This is an urban supernatural […]

Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] Ⅲ

Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] Ⅲ. – 春櫻之歌 命運之夜天之杯Ⅲ春之歌 Category: Anime Starring : Noriko Sugiyama , Akira Shimoya Director: Yutoku Sudo Country: Japan Year: 2020 Synopsis Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] Ⅲ. […]

Si Shao’s Flash Marriage and New Wife

Novel Name: Si Shao’s Flash Marriage and New Wife – 司少的闪婚鲜妻 Type: Modern Romance Author: Jin Ye Protagonist: Luo Yuanhang Jiang Shiwei The editor brings you the novel “Master Si’s […]

The Price

The PriceAuthor: Leon Newton Description: Millionaire goes to hell and think his paperwork must have been mix up. He thinks a mistake has been made and demands Satan to correct […]

Sora To Hara

Sora To HaraAlternative: 空と原 ; Hara ; Sora to Hara – Two BlockAuthor(s): Nakamura AsumikoGenres: Comedy – School life – Shounen ai Description : Harasen a single, lonely 37 years […]

Tomo-Chan Wa Onnanoko!

Tomo-Chan Wa Onnanoko!Alternative:トモちゃんは女の子! (Japanese); Tomo-chan ha Onna no ko! ; Tomo-chan wa Onna no Ko! ; Tomo-chan is a girl! (English); Tomo-chan là con gái! (Vietnamese – Tiếng Việt – […]

I have a room in Huangquan

I have a room in Huangquan – 我在黄泉有座房Seeing Jiao across the water (original) + Minglun culture Introduction: Ding Xiaoyi’s grandfather passed away and Ding’s family business went bankrupt. Ding Xiaoyi […]

Get Rid of That Bad Girl

Get Rid of That Bad Girl – 除掉那个恶女Haegi (lead author) + Your April (original) Introduction: Dressed as Alicia, the villain in the novel, she was the villain who was executed […]

New Crayon Shin-chan

New Crayon Shin-chan (Full Color Bar Man) – 新蜡笔小新(全彩色条漫)Yoshito Usui + Futabasha Introduction: [Color Bar Version World Premiere] Studied at the dynamic kindergarten, like the beautiful big sister, the dynamic […]

Who is your destiny!

In our life, we will meet countless people, no matter who they are, they are the people who should appear in your life. Some people teach you to grow, some […]

Journey to the West

Journey to the West (西游记) Author: Wu Chengen Genre: Classical Novel Introduction: “Journey to the West” is a classical novel written by Wu Cheng’en in the Ming Dynasty, and it […]

Little Prince

Little Prince Author: [French] Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Genre: Children’s Literature Introduction: The protagonist of The Little Prince is a little prince from an alien planet. The book uses a pilot […]

Wet Life (Shocking!)

For a period of time, the disciple felt very miserable in life and was very troubled. The master took the disciple to an open area and asked, “Look up, what […]

Marry Me (Variety Show)

“Marry Me” (嫁给我吧) is a marriage proposal reality show on Hunan TV Entertainment Channel. The program provides a platform for couples who are in love with each other, and invites […]

A Love Never Lost (2022) 人生若如初见

A Love Never Lost (2022)Other Title: 人生若如初见, Ren sheng ru ruo chu jian, วีรบุรุษยอดนักสู้ Genres: Drama, Action, Historical, Drama, WarEpisodes: 40Country: ChinaDirector: Wang WeiWriter: Jiang Qi Tao, Zhang YongNetwork: Dragon TV, iQiyi, Mango TVRelease Date: July 18, 2022Related […]

Xiaocun Shengyi Novel Xu Daqiang Fan Yuelan

Novel: Xiaocun Shengyi Novel Xu Daqiang Fan Yuelan (小村圣医小说徐大强范月兰免费读) Author: Complete Works of Xu Daqiang and Fan Yuelan’s Novels Protagonist: Xu Daqiang and Fan Yuelan Type: Xiaocun Shengyi Biqu Pavilion […]

The Black Phone (2022)

The Black Phone (สายหลอน ซ่อนวิญญาณ)Also known as: สายหลอน ซ่อนวิญญาณ Genre: Drama, Horror, ThrillerCountry: USADirector: Scott DerricksonWriter: N/ARelease Date: 2021, July 13, 2022 (Thailand)Related Show: Cast: Ethan Hawke Mason Thames Madeleine […]

Su Huiqing Yu Shijin

Su Huiqing Yu ShijinOther Name: 苏回倾喻时锦 Genre: Romance, NovelsAuthor: all the way to trouble flowersYear: 2020Status: Completed Synopsis: “Su Huiqing Yu Shijin” is a romance novel written by the author Yiyi Fanhua. It […]