Alienation Hunter

Alienation HunterOther Name: 异化猎手, Alien Hunter Genre: Novel, Science Fiction Author: Where is the penYear: 2021Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: “Alienation Hunter” is the latest sci-fi novel created by the Internet celebrity […]

Become a princess one day

Become a princess one dayOther Name: 某天成为公主 Genres: Comic, Romance, ManhuaAuthors:  Spoon+Plutus+CARROTOONRelease: 2021Status: OngoingRelated Show: Description: One day I woke up, and I turned into a princess! And it was the sad princess who […]

“Half Warm Time” Scheduled Time

半暖时光 – The Memory About You Some time ago, the TV series “Half Warm Time” (半暖时光) was revealed to be scheduled for Jiangsu Satellite TV, and it is expected to […]

Artistic innocence

By Ma Weidu The big yellow duck on Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace was crowded with onlookers, and Hoffman, the “father of the yellow duck,” came to the Guanfu […]

Happiness is not easy

By Shuimu Nianhua People have always grown up in stumbles throughout their lives, constantly gaining and losing. Many things are like shooting stars, but surprises are short-lived. When I think […]

Suzhou Lion Forest Historical

In 1341, the eminent monk Tianru Zen came to Suzhou to give a lecture, and he was supported by his disciples. The following year (the last emperor of the Yuan […]

Be aware…prevent pneumonia

Pneumonia, also known as pneumonia, is an inflammation of the lungs, air sacs, and surrounding tissues. Most of the causes are infection, which is a fairly common disease. Infectious pneumonia […]

What is Veterans Day in the United States?

Veterans Day is a federal holiday in the United States observed annually for honoring military veterans of the United States Armed Forces both men and women. The federal holiday is […]

What is Propolis?

What is propolis? Bees also produce a compound called propolis from the sap on needle-leaved trees or evergreens. When they combine the sap with their own discharges and beeswax, they […]

Mystery to Iunakare

Mystery to IunakareOther Title: ミステリと言う勿れ, Do Not Say Mystery Genres: DramaEpisodes: 6Country: JapanDirector: Matsuyama Hiroaki, Shinada ShunsukeWriter: Aizawa TomokoNetwork: Fuji TVRelease Date: January 2022Related Show: Cast: Suda Masaki as Kuno Totono Ito […]