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Killing Eve S3 Episode 1

First he was deceived by Constantine, and then Eve turned his back. During this time, Villanell had a terrible life. With her looks and means, she can easily find a cute and rich girlfriend. She thought she would get married like this and lead a boring life in a magnificent Spanish mansion. The killer’s instinct always reminds her that there is suspicious surroundings. People come and go.

It wasn’t until the wedding ceremony that the guy hiding in the shadows showed up, turned out to be Dasha, the former training instructor. Villanell became furious when she saw the wrinkled old face, and it was precisely because of the “Twelve Apostles” that she ended up like this. Without a word, Villanell rushed forward and beat him up. The scene was messed up and the wealthy wedding became a farce.

Naturally, the marriage could not be completed, but Dasha brought a news. Since the incident in Rome, the “twelve disciples” have been observing Villanell. Compared to the current new-generation assassin, Villanell can be said to be proud of the crowd, no one can compare. Dasha also has a little selfishness. As long as Willanel agrees to come back and does things well, she can get wealth and power, and she can also return to Russia to provide for the elderly.

Villanell, who likes fashion and luxury goods, will not refuse money, but she has her own requirements to be a “gatekeeper.” The status of the “gatekeeper” is higher than Constantine and Dasha, Dasha discussed with the above and agreed to Villanell’s terms. Prior to this, Villanell must first prove his strength, the task is to eliminate a political agitator.

The target was the wife of a spice shop. Villanell entered the store as a deliveryman, and forged the wife who fell from the freight elevator and died. This is not difficult. However, her inner desire for attention makes her want to create some drama involuntarily. Pour the whole bag of bright red chili powder into the deceased’s mouth, and then leave with satisfaction.

Maybe Villanell would not have thought that the shot fired from the back failed to kill Eve. Eve was discovered by a passing tourist and sent to Rome hospital for rescue. After being discharged from the hospital, Eve had no work and no family. Every time it was windy and rainy, the wound on his back was aching. She found a small apartment in Koreatown, and went to the kitchen helper at the small restaurant during the day. She ate some instant noodles at night and fell asleep with a wine bottle. Had a muddle all day long, trying to forget those sad things.

Every weekend, Eve will visit Nico in the nursing home. Speaking of which, Nico is also responsible for the current situation. Gemma’s parents believed that their daughter committed suicide, MI6 covered up all traces, but Nico, who knew the truth, could not tell the truth. Over time, Nico became depressed and could no longer work.

After getting drunk once, Eve sent a message to Kenny confusedly. Kenny was surprised and tracked the phone to find Eve who was still asleep in the apartment. During Operation Rome, Kenny was one of the members of the cleanup team, so he always felt ashamed of Eve. Afterwards, he resigned from MI6, unwilling to be at the mercy of his mother.

Speaking of Caroline, these days are not easy. Repeated unauthorized actions, employing former agent Eve and sheltering Constantine, let alone the tragic ending of the injured agents Hugo and Eve. Paul of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been assigned to supervise the entire office. Caroline dared not say anything and could only complain to his assistant Jafari.

Eve listened to Kenny absently. When she heard that Kenny was working on the website and was still investigating the “Twelve Apostles” secretly, she couldn’t help but feel excited. Eve didn’t want to know these things anymore, and didn’t want to get involved with these things anyway, even if only the name was mentioned. Kenny had to shut up, and told Eve to be more careful before leaving.

By the end of the week, Eve took the sale agreement to the nursing home, which needed Nico’s signature. Seeing Nico’s eyes full of anger, Eve was speechless. When I came out of the nursing home, I couldn’t calm down, and I couldn’t work at ease. She took out her mobile phone, and Yokenny came out for a drink and chatting.

Kenny was still working in the company, and Eve stopped by after get off work, but didn’t find anyone in the office. Today is the weekend and there is no one else in the company. Eve took out his phone and tried to call Kenny again, when he felt a dark shadow passing by the window. She looked downstairs and couldn’t help being shocked, rushed downstairs and ran into the parking lot. Kenny fell in a pool of blood and died of anger.

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