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Marvel’s WandaVision S1 Episode 3 Preview

Dr. Nielsen is certain that Wanda is four months pregnant. While accepting the doctor Daoxi, Vision could not help but wonder, how could there be a four-month-old fetus after only 12 hours of pregnancy. Wanda interrupted Vision’s questioning of the doctor in time. After sending the doctor away, Vision began to recall some strange things that had happened recently. Obviously, Wanda didn’t want to delve into Vision too much. A flashback would make Vision re-immersed in the joy of being a father.

The next day, the couple set up the baby room. Wanda drew a picture of a white stork giving off his child with great interest, and argued with Vision to name the child Tommy or Billy. Vision is not idle, trying to supplement the knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth to the computer in his head. The child in the belly grew exponentially. After only half a day, Wanda developed contractions and ruptured amniotic fluid. With the emergence of these conditions, the town was cut off from electricity and water pipes burst, making it a mess.

Soon, Wanda felt pain in her abdomen, as if she was about to give birth. Phantasmagoria ran out to find a doctor, but at this time, Geraldine borrowed a bucket to clean up the water stains left by the burst water pipe at home. Wanda tried every means to hide his bulging belly, and Geraldine got the bucket and talked about the job he had just found. The white stork on the wall also seemed to be unable to wait, and turned into an entity running around the house. Finally, Wanda finally couldn’t hold on, and the child was about to be born. The surprised Geraldine couldn’t even bother to ask carefully, and quickly got a blanket to work as a temporary midwife nurse.

When Vision came back quickly with the doctor behind his back, the child was born smoothly. Vision is a little annoyed that he missed the birth moment of the child, and respected Wanda’s ideas, and named the child Tommy. Of course Wanda didn’t want to leave regret for the vision he loved so much, so the second child Billy was born.

If the mother and child are safe, Dr. Nelson should leave, leaving the happy time to the couple. When Vision sent to the doctor, Wanda looked at the twins in front of him, and couldn’t help thinking of the twin brother Kuaiyin Pietro. Hearing this name, Geraldine on the side thoughtfully, blurted out that Pietro died at the hands of Ultron. Hearing this, Wanda stared at Geraldine with a gloomy expression, as if he had already seen Geraldine’s identity.

At the same time, the vision of the doctor who had just sent away ran into Agnes outside the house, who was whispering to neighbor Herb. Agnes talked and stopped, only to remind Vision that Geraldine had no husband, no family, and no residence in the town. Vision was shocked and rushed back into the room, only to see Wanda standing calmly beside the crib, Geraldine had long been gone.

At this time, Geraldine’s body broke through the barrier outside the town of Westview and fell heavily to the ground. The Tianjian Bureau deployed around the town responded quickly. Helicopters hovering in the sky and military vehicles galloping on the ground immediately surrounded Geraldine.

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