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Killing Eve S3 Episode 8 End

After leaving Aberdeen, Villanell met with Caroline at the Royal Albert Hall in London. When she was in a Russian prison, Caroline had promised to work to obtain intelligence, but was refused on the spot. Now, it is impossible for Villanell, who is determined to leave the “Twelve Apostles” and get rid of all of this, to get this promise. Caroline’s judgment is simple and pragmatic. It can neither provide information on the “Twelve Apostles” nor know the murderer who killed Kenny and Jaafari. That Villanell, who does not want to kill anymore, is worthless to MI6 At all.

MI6 did not take in, so there is only one way to escape. Villanell asked Eve to the ballroom again, not because she wanted to dance with her beloved, but because this was where she took the first step in her career. If there was no such step back then, maybe life would be different. Villanell thought so, and Eve on the side thought the same. Eve couldn’t help telling the story of Dasha’s assassination of Nico in an attempt to lay the blame, but Villanell did not respond, only thinking about the happiness on the faces of those dancing.

Villanell, who should have been cold-blooded and merciless, suddenly became sentimental, which surprised Eve. She didn’t say anything more, pulling Villanell onto the dance floor. Along with the melodious music, the two awkwardly danced on the center of the dance floor. Villanell felt the warmth that he had never had before, and a faint old thought flashed in his mind. But this kind of love and killing day, who knows how long it can last.

Seeing Rui An entered the ballroom, the tenderness on Villanell’s pretty face instantly disappeared, and a feeling of disgust was born. She secretly stuffed Constantine’s ticket into Eve’s hand, which was a ticket to freedom. Waiting for Eve to leave, Villanell once again became a cold-blooded killer, making Rui An who came to spread the word to feel frustrated.

Helena wanted to see Villanell, needless to say, she must have noticed something abnormal in Aberdeen’s mission. While waiting for the train on the subway, Rui An, who killed Jafari not long ago, felt that he seemed very shameless to show up in front of his colleagues, especially in front of a colleague who had begun to retire.

She was ironic, alluding that Villanell acted high-profile, pursued the comfort of the brand, and was a happy sheep, not a peaceful gray wolf lurking in the dark. Villanell was furious and punched Rui An in the face. Amidst her anger, she pinched Rui An’s neck forcefully, and she only needed a little force to eliminate her anger, but this was the life she didn’t want.

Villanell let go of her hand, trying to calm her excitement. Rui Anna, who had escaped from the dead, was willing to challenge Villanell’s patience, apologizing and stepping back to the platform. Not far away, a reminder of the subway entering the station sounded, and Villanell stared at Rui An, who was begging, but still could not hide his anger, kicked her off the platform to see who should be the gray wolf. This is also a warning to Helena, sending someone in the future will all end in the same way.

At this time, Eve has come to the Croydon area in south London. The small ticket given by Eve is the betting slip of a horse betting station here. Fortunately, as long as there is a password, the shop owner won’t ask too much, Eve took out the small box tightly wrapped in plastic bag from the safe deposit box. I can’t see what’s inside, but Eve firmly believes it must be very important.

From the horse betting stand, Eve ran into Constantine head-on. Constantine fled the hospital for the first time despite his weakness. Dasha, who is next to the bed, failed to survive. The tough and fierce old woman who had been a killer in order to prove that Villanell was unable to perform the task actually begged Constantine, who was eager to escape, to accompany her through the last moments of her life. .

Constantine came for the package in Eve’s hands. Eve would not be so stupid that he would give the package to him because he was a patient, let alone believe that the package was just a gift for Irina. Open the package, and inside is a Russian doll. But Eve was still not fooled, and tried to throw the bargain Constantine’s mouth into the fountain. Constantine shouted anxiously, almost suffering from a heart attack. At this point, he understood that he couldn’t hide it, so he said that the barcode on the doll could open a safe, which contained money and a passport.

Eve refused to hand over the matryoshka, so Konstantin had to find a bench and sit down before calling Villanell. Villanell was sitting in the website office waiting for Eve at the moment, with Jamie and Bell trembling in one corner of the office. Of course, Villanell would not agree with Eve to hand over the doll and hang up the phone. Constantine was furious and helpless, so he could only open the phone to locate it and wait for Villanell to find it.

At this moment a phone call came in, it was Paul. Paul’s tone was gloomy. He already knew that Constantine had stolen six million from his account and ordered Constantine to come over within half an hour. Knowing that Constantine stole the organization’s money, he did not send a killer directly. Paul did it because of the black muzzle in front of him and Caroline behind the pistol.

Just before Villanell went to the website office, Caroline had already been there and knew the murderer who killed Kenny. Earlier, Bell had secretly installed a probe because someone ate his soft candy. Then Kenny had an accident and he forgot about it. I sorted the computer today, remembered the probe, and read the video of Kenny on the day of the accident. A person appeared, Constantine. Seeing the familiar face on the computer screen, Caroline pressed her anger and took the pistol to Paul’s house.

Although I don’t know what evidence Jafari found that led to the murder, Caroline has been certain that Paul is bound to be related to the “Twelve Apostles.” Now only Paul can contact Constantine, and Constantine dare not defy his orders. Because of this, Constantine and Eve who rushed to Paul’s house, as well as Villanell who followed, were taken aback by the cold-faced woman.

Constantine immediately exposed Paul’s lies. Paul was not an undercover at all, he was originally the “twelve disciples.” Eve and Villanell on the side didn’t understand what happened, and sat quietly on the sofa, watching the development of things. When they heard that Paul was the “twelve disciples”, they couldn’t help but want to ask questions from the bottom of their hearts.

Villanell wants to know who Helena is, and Eve wants to know who ordered Dasha to assassinate Nico. But Paul disappointed them. As the highest-level figure, he didn’t know Helena and Dasha at all. Caroline didn’t want them to continue. She herself had more important questions to get answers from Constantine.

There is surveillance video, Constantine cannot deny it. But that day, he didn’t want to kill, but to save Kenny. Kenny’s investigation into the “Twelve Apostles” is too close to the truth. Constantine goes to him without telling Caroline and asks him to do something for the “Twelve Apostles.” Only in this way can life be guaranteed. Kenny was obviously frightened and kept backing away. Before Constantine could come forward, Kenny fell from the half-height guardrail.

Caroline ordered Constantine to kneel in front of him, with the gun on his forehead. Constantine desperately turned to Villanell for help, hoping that Villanell could do something at the critical moment. Seeing the man she had cared about in front of her weeping bitterly, Caroline raised her gun and pulled the trigger, and the bullet shot into Paul’s head. Kenny’s death is not a person’s responsibility.

If it weren’t for the existence of the “twelve disciples”, if Caroline hadn’t let her son go as an agent, and if Constantine hadn’t been to Kenny, maybe Kenny would still Alive. But at the very least, Constantine thought about saving Kenny.

Eve was shocked by Caroline’s shot. Before Caroline changed her mind, Constantine took out the doll from Eve’s bag and hurried away. Villanell didn’t think about chasing after him, after all, Eve was considered a family member. It took a while for Eve to react, and asked Caroline aloud why she wanted to kill the valuable Paul, but let go of the murderer who killed Kenny.

Caroline stood taller than her and saw farther. With the development of the “Twelve Apostles” to the present scale, even if Paul died, it will continue to exist. This is a reality that has to be accepted. At this point, Villanell supports Caroline. Eve is obsessed with it and can’t extricate herself, more like it satisfies the mentality of revenge, for Kenny, Nico, and herself.

Caroline’s words meant that Villanell’s dark side was affecting Eve. And Villanell made up his mind to leave the “Twelve Apostles,” so why was it not affected by Eve. After coming out of Paul’s house, Eve ran all the way to London Bridge, propped his arms on the bridge railing, and looked at the river under the bridge. Thinking of the feeling when Dasha stepped on her feet, she felt a chill in her heart.

Eve wanted to stop the demon inside, so she only turned to Villanell for help. Villanell felt sad, and there was only one way, which was to stay away from Eve’s life. The two stood on the bridge, back to back, as long as they walked forward firmly without looking back, Eve’s demons could be eliminated. Eve took a few steps forward, unable to resist the desire to look back. Driven by the most primitive feelings in her heart, she turned her head and saw Villanell’s beautiful face with a smirk.

End of this season

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