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Marvel’s WandaVision S1 Episode 2 Preview

Episode 2: Thrilling Talent Show

Westview town ushered in an annual talent show, the purpose is to raise funds for the town’s elementary school. Wanda and Vision actively responded to the call of “Everything for Children” and prepared a magic show to make a living person. Through the secret door hidden in the wooden cabinet, Wanda can hide in the secret pavilion. In their opinion, this is very mentally handicapped, but it is also a necessary means to integrate into the lives of ordinary people.

Vision goes out first. He wants to attend a neighborhood watch meeting to see if he can discuss with other male protagonists in the community to deal with the unidentified sounds that have frequently appeared recently. Wanda cleaned up and was about to go out when he heard another roar from the courtyard. Opening the door, I saw an eye-catching helicopter toy in the rose bushes, and there was a “Heaven Sword Bureau” logo on the fuselage. The reason is that the helicopter toy is bright red. Wanda realized that his world was black and white.

Agnes interrupted Wanda’s contemplation, and they rushed to attend the meeting of the community women’s club. Agnes solemnly reminded Wanda that the club chairman Dotti is extremely influential in the small town and must not be offended. Dotti is the planner of the talent show, and the whole meeting is basically all her fingertips. Fortunately, Wanda met another neighbor at the meeting, and also couldn’t remember Geraldine, who moved to the small town.

After the discussion, everyone arranged the venue separately. Wanda had to clean up the tables and chairs, but also to endure Doty’s cold words. The most terrible thing is that Dotti does not believe in Wanda. As the Scarlet Witch, Wanda is not afraid of Doty at all. But as an ordinary person, Wanda is unwilling to have trouble. At this moment, an inexplicable voice came out on the radio, calling Wanda. Doty was suspicious, and the radio suddenly burst, shocked Doty crushed the water glass in his hand, and bright red blood came out again. Wanda hurriedly fetched the towel, and Dotti did not ask about the sound on the radio.

In the afternoon, seeing that the performance was about to begin, Vision stumbled to the background. Vision is like getting drunk and stepping on stage in a daze. As a magic assistant, Wanda followed behind, sweating in her heart. Sure enough, I visualized the nonsense and wanted the residents of the town to see their true ability. Seeing the illusion hovering in the air, in the eyes of everyone’s surprise, Wanda secretly conjured a rope and hung it behind Wanda. After that, Wanda raised the piano with one hand, and Wanda turned the piano into a flat-panel three-dimensional painting. Wanda puts his hat through his body, and Wanda turns into a mirror for refraction in the backstage. Everyone burst into laughter when they had seen an assistant expose the magician’s trick.

Vision finally remembered that his finale had become alive. Wanda thought that the tricks that he had rehearsed many times long ago should not go wrong, but he didn’t expect Wanda to enter the wooden cabinet, and Vision shut the cabinet door tightly. The audience in the audience was amused and booed to see what happened in the cabinet. In a hurry, Wanda used his mind to teleport backstage assistant Geraldine into the wooden cabinet. The door of the cabinet opened, and Geraldine appeared in front of the audience with a look of surprise, and the audience burst into applause.

The performance finally ended, and Wanda carefully inspected Vision’s body in the background, only to discover that it was the chewing gum that Vision had swallowed by mistake and affected the operation of the device. After taking out the chewing gum, his vision returned to normal. The two wanted to sneak away, but they were stopped by Doty on the stage. Because of their “exciting” performance, they were awarded the annual best comedy performance award. As for Geraldine’s question about being in the background one second before and arriving in the cabinet the next second, Wanda and Vision will never tell the mystery.

Today, after a disaster, Wanda and Vision returned home with the trophy. After calming down, Wanda remembered the activity’s slogan “All for the children”, unknowingly the mid-abdomen was raised. Vision was a surprise, and suddenly I heard another muffled noise. The two opened the door and walked to the yard. They saw a manhole suddenly appearing on the asphalt road outside the house. A beekeeper wearing a mask came out, with the sign of “Heaven Sword Bureau” printed on the back.

Wanda will not allow the “Heavenly Sword Game” to enter its own world. She used the magic of chaos, time turned back, and returned to the surprise moment of discovering pregnancy. Life has become more colorful, and the surrounding environment has changed from black and white to color with Wanda’s mood.

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