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Marvel’s WandaVision S1 Episode 1 Preview

A newlywed couple Wanda and Vision came to a small town in the 1950s. Wanda is a witch with magic, and Vision is a half-human, half-computer robot. This strange combination does not want the residents of the town to know the truth and cause unnecessary panic. For this reason, they must pretend to be an uncommon couple.

A strange thing happened on the first day. Wanda and Vision can’t remember why today’s date is marked with a heart shape on the calendar. The vision of the brain can remember, but it can’t find any relevant records. The two can only think that today is the first day of their wedding, so they have to mark their love.

Vision transformed his metal head into the appearance of a normal person and hurried out to work. Wanda, who was at home alone, welcomed its first guest, the neighbor Agnes. Agnes was extremely enthusiastic, and he met Wanda at first sight, and carefully guided Wanda, who was a new wife, how to spend the first romantic night. Wanda has benefited a lot. When she received a call from her husband from the company, she was quite confident about what happened tonight.

Vision also couldn’t tell what the company he was working for did. He only knew that since he started working at the company, the company’s output has tripled due to his extraordinary computing power. Company boss Hart specially reminded him not to forget about tonight. Vision suddenly realized that the heart shape on the calendar was the abbreviation of the last name of the boss, Heart, and the boss would bring his wife to his home tonight.

Hearing his wife’s confident tone on the phone, Vision felt a little relieved. But when he got home from get off work, he entered the house with his boss Hart and his wife, only to find that the house was dark with only a few candles lit. His wife Wanda was wearing sexy pajamas and was so mischievous that Hart was blindfolded from behind. When Vision turns on the lights, the awkward atmosphere at the time can be imagined. The Vision reacted swiftly, and immediately prevaried in the way of greetings from Sokovia in Europe.

The Harts finally did not suspect, but Wanda still made trouble. Vision is a robot, there is no need to eat. She is a witch herself and does not need to eat. There is no food at home, and it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice. Fortunately, the enthusiastic Agnes delivered abundant ingredients in time, and Wanda used magic to make a decent breakfast table.

Eating breakfast as dinner may be the custom of Sokovia. The owner Hart didn’t care too much, and asked casually when the young couple got married and where they moved to the town. For such a simple question, Wanda and Vision were dumbfounded, not knowing how to answer. Hart was a little annoyed and asked repeatedly. A piece of cake got stuck in his throat, and fell to the ground with difficulty breathing, interrupting the situation that Wanda and Huan saw as difficult. With Wanda’s permission, Vision took the cake from Hart’s throat. Hart immediately stood up like a okay person, and praised Wanda’s cooking skills with his wife. Before leaving, he asked Vision to go to the office next Monday to discuss promotion.

After sending off the Hart couple, Wanda and Vision sat on the sofa exhaustedly. It seems that ordinary people’s life is not easy. But in order to make other people feel suspicious, you must make more preparations, such as changing a pair of wedding rings. However, Wanda’s every move in this “small town” was closely monitored by the Heavenly Sword Bureau to prevent a crisis that would interfere with the real world.

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