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Tag: English Plot

Killing Eve S3 Episode 1

First he was deceived by Constantine, and then Eve turned his back. During this time, Villanell had a terrible life. With her looks and means, she can easily find a […]

Modern Family S11 Episode 18 End Recap

What should come is always coming. Mitchell and Cameron are moving to Missouri today to start a new life. When the taxi arrived at the door, the whole family hugged […]

Modern Family S11 Episode 17 Recap

Four days ago, Phil and Claire moved into an RV and lived in their driveway. The reason why I don’t return home is because the house is really noisy. Alex […]

Modern Family S11 Episode 16 Recap

Mitchell and Cameron were busy packing and moving. This house is full of memories. Cameron is sentimental, chattering about the old furniture, as if saying goodbye to his old friends. […]

Modern Family S11 Episode 15 Recap

Cameron and Mitchell can’t sleep all night these days, because the adoption agency called and their application was approved, and they happened to have a cute baby boy. The last […]

Modern Family S11 Episode 14 Recap

Cameron again received a urging call from Gloria, reminding them to watch the children’s play in which Joe participated. Cameron and Miguel didn’t want to go. Today is Lily’s first […]

Modern Family S11 Episode 13 Recap

Jie led a large family to Paris, and the purpose of this time was to receive the lifetime achievement award at the International Wardrobe Expo. This is a great honor […]

Modern Family S11 Episode 12 Recap

Alex planned to hire an assistant, and with a little selfishness, he chose a handsome guy with a handsome appearance and a good body. When she was wondering whether she […]

Modern Family S11 Episode 11 Recap

Recently, Jie’s kennel business has been bleak, and the garage is full of unsalable kennels. In order to make room, he called Mitchell and Claire to take away the old […]

His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 7

Laila touched her painful waist. Fortunately, there was a lot of snow accumulated in the bottom of the valley, and nothing happened. But other people didn’t know what was going […]

Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 19 Preview

Sitting in the ward, Elizabeth looked at her grandfather Dominic, who was unconscious on the bed, with mixed feelings. This is an abandoned warehouse, Reddington built a secret clinic in […]

Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 18 Preview

When Dr. Stark arrived, Reddington was already sober. After inspection, there is no major physical problem. However, Dr. Stark knew well that he recommended Redington to have an MRI. Seeing […]

Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 16 Preview

Generally speaking, the job of a private investigator is to find someone, but Reddington asks her to deceive her employer Elizabeth and conceal the whereabouts of Ilya. After Elizabeth got […]

Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 17 Preview

After finishing the day’s work, the slightly tired Lesler ran into his long-awaited brother Robbie before he even entered the door. Robbie brought news that a wasteland in his hometown […]

Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 15 Preview

Elizabeth did not understand why Reddington asked her to read today’s front page. The front page is that Sophia, a 19-year-old cashier at a roadside supermarket, was shot and killed […]

Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 14 Preview

Reddington was in the hotel kitchen, cooking his favorite salmon while listening to Aram’s request. Since the “Flower of Evil” (Episode 3) was cracked, Aram couldn’t help but fall in […]