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Killing Eve S3 Episode 6

In the London hospital, Markek by the bedside saw Eve coming in with uncontrollable disgust on his face. There is an oxygen tube stuck in Nico’s throat on the hospital bed. I am afraid that I will never be able to breathe and talk like a normal person in this life. He patted the small table a few times to stop his father from scolding Eve. At that moment, Eve seemed to see hope of recombination. Then, Nico’s trembling sentence on the voice screen made Eve cold from head to toe. Nico could no longer bear the harm Eve brought to him, and he became a passerby forever.

Eve escaped from the hospital and returned to the office in a daze. In any case, the person who hurt Nico must be caught. There was a note on the pitchfork that read “The Treasure Knife Is Not Old”, like a mockery and a provocation, much like Villanell’s style. Eve believed that Villanell would not do this, and a case that Bell found strengthened her thinking. Charles’ widow Bertha was killed in Lyon, France a week ago. This is what Villanell should do. Then it is impossible for her to appear in Poland at the same time and kill Nico in front of Eve.

Eve was upset, wondering whether his judgment of Villanell was based on objective analysis or some emotion. At this time, another clue appeared. Bell found that there were rumors in the talcum powder case that year, and it was done by gymnast Dasha. Dasha was recruited into the KGB and became a top killer until he killed one of his own and was expelled.

He is currently teaching gymnastics for children in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Villanell imitated her method of committing the crime. Maybe she was Villanell’s new connector, so we should know whether Villanell was in Poland or Lyon when Nico was attacked.

In the bowling alley of Barcelona, ​​Dasha noticed a sharp gaze coming from behind and saw Eve with a calm face when she turned around. One is a former KGB killer and the other is a former MI6 agent. There is no need to introduce each other. The two chatted casually while playing bowling, and hearing that Nico was still alive really surprised Dasha. It seemed that the treasure was still old. Regarding Eve’s problem, Dasha neither admitted nor denied, but said that Villanell had reached the top level, had a higher goal, and would never meet Eve again.

Villanell did as he wished to see Helena, one of the upper managers of the “Twelve Apostles,” and also won the title of “Gatekeeper”. Only after joy, Helena took out another postcard and gave her a new task. If the gatekeeper is not giving orders, but performing tasks, then what is the difference from before. Eve was dissatisfied and had a feeling of returning to childhood. Helena is like that hateful mother, with hypocrisy and no sympathy. Villanell had the heart to escape the organization, even if it meant giving up everything.

Villanell could guess that Constantine had a plan to kill Bertha privately, indicating that Constantine was related to the theft of the money in the account, and that he would definitely find a way to escape. Constantine’s ex-wife has remarried and married a rich oil merchant. Therefore, Constantine is most worried about his daughter Irina, as long as I stare at Irina, I will not be afraid of Constantine slipping away.

As expected by Villanell, Constantine has recently travelled frequently between London and Moscow. But Constantine was tight-lipped about her plan, and Villanell would not be satisfied with a few perfunctory remarks. She tried to get in touch with Irina. After all, no matter how clever the fourteen-year-old girl was, she could not match her routine. Villanell finally knew that Constantine wanted to escape to Cuba.

In London, Caroline used her own channels to investigate the call records of Kenny’s last two days before his death. The record was sent to the office first, and then fell to the ground, making Caroline have to wonder whether Paul was working for the “Twelve Apostles.” Compared to this, Caroline was even more surprised that Kenny would secretly contact Constantine.

Caroline pressed her anger and found Constantine. She drove the car and Constantine was sitting in the passenger seat, always feeling that this trip was not right for a drive. Caroline stepped on the gas pedal tightly, getting faster and faster on the outskirts of justice. Caroline only asked two questions. One was why she went to Geraldine.

Caroline became even more angry when her daughter took the initiative to kiss this guy, and continued to increase the throttle. The second question is why Kenny called Constantine the night before he fell. Constantine’s answer was unexpected, and Kenny actually asked if he was his father. Caroline glared at Constantine in surprise, and was so scared that Constantine quickly stabilized the steering wheel for her to avoid car crashes.

Constantine didn’t know the answer to Kenny’s question. After being driven out of the car, it was raining again, and returning to the apartment was cold and tired, and was shocked by Paul who had been waiting in the dark for a long time. Paul’s words shocked Constantine. Constantine’s mission was changed. Instead of monitoring Caroline, he would instead track down the murderer who killed Bertha.

In order to prevent the “Twelve Apostles” from being suspicious, Villanell still performed a new mission to assassinate a Romanian politician. But she was upset, and her arm was scratched by the dying target. When Dasha stitched up her wound, she was shocked when she heard that she was about to flee. Constantine, who was also disturbed, hurriedly packed his luggage and waited for his daughter outside the door of his ex-wife’s villa. When I saw Irina driving past her stepfather with a smile on her face, a wave of fear rose from the bottom of my heart.

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