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Killing Eve S3 Episode 3

Villanell couldn’t understand why people would like babies. For research purposes, after killing the self-righteous music producer and her nanny in Andalusia, Villanell took the baby who was less than a month old. Obviously, both Villanell and Dasha didn’t know how to coax the child, Dasha simply put the child in the trash can, whoever liked to take it away. Then Dasha took out a postcard, and the next goal was inside. Villanell glanced at the London landscape photo on the back and frowned. She was not ready to kill her sweetheart.

Eve in London is discussing how to share information with Caroline, Jamie, and Jafari. After all, the mobile phone is the property of the website, and the USB flash drive was obtained by Caroline from the police station. Only by sharing can we find out the cause of Kenny’s death. Sitting in the seat where Kenny worked before his death, Eve tried to remember what account Kenny mentioned during the last conversation. Judging from the data cracked by the mobile phone, most of them are bank account records. What did Kenny discover from it?

Fortunately, Kenny’s colleague Bell’s brain was flexible and he found Kenny’s hidden information. This account belongs to the “fat panda.” The so-called “panda” refers to Frank, a rebellious official of MI5, who was later killed by Villanell. The account in which he received funds should not have been in and out for a long time, but now it is activated, and three huge sums of 6 million euros have been transferred, and the balance is all transferred to a Geneva bank account. Investigating the head of the Geneva bank account, he threw it to Caroline.

Caroline had the result in just one night, but for this half-aged milf who was accustomed to beauty, Eve did not want to know the specific process. That account nominally belongs to a 92-year-old farmer who died a few years ago. The actual controller was Charles, a Soviet born in East Berlin, whose original name was Sergey. In 1989, Sergey disappeared from Russia, and finally appeared in London under the pseudonym Charles, and became a harmless accountant. Judging from various clues, he should be the accountant of the “Twelve Apostles”, in charge of large sums of money. But for some reason, someone can steal 6 million euros from his account, which is incredible.

Caroline and Jafari, who came from MI5, are best at tracking Charles. Eve doesn’t have to worry about it. She came to the nursing home and found out that Nico had been discharged on her own. The nurse only knew that he might have gone to Poland. The husband left without a notice, indicating that he still did not forgive himself. Eve got on the bus uneasy and kept sending messages, hoping to get Nico’s reply.

The phone never responded. The bus stopped at the platform. Eve was surprised to see Villanell getting on the bus with a smile on his face. Fear was followed by anger, and Eve rushed forward desperately, punching and kicking Villanell. Villanell was startled first, and then forced Eve to the seat, saying that Eve was not her target. Eve froze for a moment, and couldn’t help kissing the lips of Veranel who was close at hand. As soon as the lips touched, Eve came to his senses, scolded herself for being confused, raised her forehead and hit Veranel’s face with all her strength.

Eve got up dazedly, looked out of the car in the horrified eyes of the other passengers, watching Villanell get out of the car, standing on the side of the road, farther and farther, and his heart rises. From an inexplicable loss. She returned to the office with a bruised nose and swollen face, calmed down and thought about one thing. Villanell has never been in a place aimlessly. If Kenny was killed for investigating the account of the “Twelve Apostles”, then Villanell’s goal is probably to investigate the card of this account Rowling.

At this time, Caroline and Jafari have caught Charles. Caroline, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was enjoying the fun of interrogating Charles in the back seat, so she couldn’t take care of answering the phone call from Eve. Jafari heard a police siren coming from behind the car, and a mounted policeman signaled to stop behind him and had to lean to the side of the road.

The fun was interrupted, and Caroline remembered to read the message on the phone. She didn’t notice that the Mounted Police was walking towards the passenger seat instead of the driver’s seat. When she saw a message from Eve that she had become a target of Villanell, she looked up and saw the black hole of the muzzle out of the car window.

A bullet passed through the car window, and the interior glass was splashing. Jafari, who was frightened and silly, took a long time to relax and turned to look at Caroline, who was covered in blood. Caroline opened her eyes slightly, she had never had such close contact with death. The bullet grazed her forehead and shot Charles through the head in the back row.

Today was so tired, Eve dragged tired steps, returned to his studio apartment, and fell on the bed. Suddenly, Villanell’s voice sounded in the darkness. Eve jumped up in fright, but the voice continued, and the same words kept repeating, asking Eve to admit that he hoped that Villanell would be by his side at all times. The sound came from a doll in the quilt. Eve took out the speaker inside, listening to Villanell’s voice, lost in thought.

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