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Killing Eve S3 Episode 4

Nico returned to his hometown of Poland and found a job in the countryside to deliver bread. Say hello to familiar friends and neighbors in the long-lost hometown dialect every day, and lead a peaceful and comfortable life. There were a lot of messages from Eve on the phone, but there was no reply. Nico, who had just emerged from the trauma, never wanted to have anything to do with Eve.

But Eve didn’t dare to live in an apartment anymore, and was sleeping on the sofa in the website office these days. The investigation continues, but as soon as Charles died, he was back to square one. Of the other murders, only those in Catalonia are the most suspicious. The scene of the deceased facing up, his face covered with paprika, reminds Eve of an old case, which was from the Soviet era.

At this time, Stella at the front desk sent a courier, a cake made by Dunn’s shop, and Eve just remembered that today is her birthday. Excited and vigilant, he picked up the cake box in Bell’s disappointed eyes and ran up the roof. Open the box carefully, revealing the delicate cake that looks like a bus inside. Thinking of Villanell’s smiling pretty face, Eve was furious and threw the cake downstairs. Looking at the smashed cake in the parking lot, she thought of Kenny again, and she felt sad.

Eve always sleeps in the office is not a way, editor-in-chief Jamie asked her to move to her own home, anyway, the child’s room is empty. In the evening, the two casually ordered takeaways to fill their stomachs and chatted about life while drinking wine. In this life, Eve betrayed her husband for a killer, stabbed and shot. He scared her husband into a nursing home, and in order to save the man, he left Hugo in the hotel and waited to die. Unexpectedly, Jamie was not a fuel-efficient lamp when he was young. There were a lot of ridiculous things, and he killed his best friend, and his life was as bad as Eve. Jamie said so much that he wanted Eve to make his own choice. When love and career are incompatible, one must firmly choose one instead of two boats.

The next day, Eve was still thinking about Jamie’s words. Bell has found the case mentioned by Eve. It happened in Russia in 1974. An outstanding athlete died in the equipment room with his face covered with talcum powder commonly used by gymnasts. No suspect has been found in the case so far. Eve believes that no matter who the killer is, it is possible to trace the twelve disciples. Just after speaking, a message from Nico popped up on the phone, willing to talk. Eve was overjoyed and left his job and went straight to Poland. This was her choice, but she did not expect that she stepped into the trap with one foot.

Dasha has no opinion on Willanell shooting Charles in front of MI6 officials. But Villanell sneaked up to see Eve, which was not allowed. Killing Eve will cause unnecessary trouble, and the task given to Dasha above is to find ways to destroy the relationship between the two.

In order to return to Russia as soon as possible, Dasha racked his brains. She gave Villanell a big vacation first, so she could spend as much as she wanted. Then she came to Poland, under the pseudonym Magda, appeared as a kind-hearted old man, deceiving Nico’s trust. When Nico was unprepared, he used his mobile phone to send Eve a message of willingness to reconcile.

Eve didn’t know any fraud, and went to Poland without stopping. Follow the address and come by taxi. After getting out of the car, I saw Nico repairing the barn door for Magda within a few steps. Eve waved his hand excitedly, completely unaware of the surprise on Nico’s face. Suddenly, a pitchfork protruded from behind the barn door and pierced Nico’s neck. Nico struggled to collapse in pain, Eve was stunned by the scene before her eyes, her knees softened and she collapsed to the ground.

Unknowingly, Villanell will be in Barcelona with his favorite luxury goods. Through the roadside shop window, she stared blankly at the clerk with the same hair as Eve, and was startled by the sudden appearance of Constantine. Constantine had previously returned to Russia to see his daughter Irina. He also went to France to meet Charles’ widow, and learned that Charles had sent his wife an email before his death.

In the email, Charles mentioned that someone had stolen a large sum of money from the account and told his wife that in case of any accident, he would forward the email and attachments to a mailbox. The mailbox did not know who it belonged to, but out of trust, Charles’ widow sent the mail to Constantine.

Constantine had an envelope in his pocket with information about Villanell’s family. Of course, when Villanell got this information, he would help Constantine to do a private job and go to France to solve Charles’ widow. Looking for family is just a whim of Willanel, but she will not refuse the fun of killing. Although the old lady was very kind, Villanell felt like seeing her family. But business is business, and feelings are feelings. Besides, Villanell has no feelings for anyone other than Eve.

Caroline has not had a good time in recent days. After Charles was assassinated, Paul finally recollected and agreed to return the position to Caroline. Unlike the usual work late, Caroline went home early today. When the taxi passed the front lane, Caroline was surprised to see Constantine passing by. After entering the house, Geraldine did not admit that anyone had been there. Caroline went back to the bedroom quietly, buried her head deep in the pillow, and let out an angry roar silently.

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