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Killing Eve S3 Episode 5

Villanell was sent to an orphanage by his mother since childhood. After being told that all her family members had died in a car accident, she set fire to the orphanage in a rage, killing many people. So for a long time, Villanell had no idea about the term family, and he didn’t understand why Constantine would abandon himself for his family. In Rome, I learned that I still have a family member alive, so the thought of going home to see it came from the bottom of my heart.

According to the address given by Constantine, Villanell came to Grimez, a remote Russian town, vaguely remembering the only main road in this village. Surrounding the small village are mountains and forests beyond sight, and logging has become the main means of making a living here. Entering the open door and looking at the familiar woman in the picture on the wall and the strange man next to her, Villanell was a little confused. In the living room, the man was watching the game intently. Villanell walked into the kitchen without a word, and looked at the stewed meat in the pot and what was in the refrigerator, thinking about the feeling of home.

A childish voice sounded from behind, and a little boy looked at Villanell questioningly. The boy is a fan of Elton John. He speaks a little English, but he helped Veranel who vowed not to speak Russian anymore. When I finally saw the brother Peter in my memory, everything was clear. After the death of Villanell’s father, his mother Tatiana remarried, married her current husband Gregory, and gave birth to the young boy Borka. Gregory also has an eldest son, Feodor, and Feodor’s girlfriend Jura also lives in this house.

It seems that most people don’t welcome the uninvited Villanell, Gregory, Fyodor, and Yura surround Peter to interrogate Villanell like a prisoner. Borka was very enthusiastic and asked Villanell to stay in his room to avoid embarrassment. Peter was so cowardly, Villanell knew the reason very clearly in his heart, and it all lay in the seemingly kind, but mean mother.

After so many years, when she suddenly heard the sound of her mother coming in, Villanell was still nervously trying to escape, regretting that she shouldn’t return to this ghost place. The back door was locked, and it was impossible to go to the front door. Seeing Villanell, who hadn’t seen her for many years, Tatiana lifted her daughter in tears. In the eyes of who she was, she was an eager mother for women. Only Villanell could see that all of this was not true, and even wanted to push her mother away in disgust.

Tatiana was indeed surprised when the orphanage claimed that Villanell was buried in flames and could see her daughter again. Peter pulled out the album from the attic. There were still some photos of Villanell when he was a child, but there was no one of his father. The mother did not send Peter to the orphanage, and said that she had wanted to pick up her daughter in a month, and Villanell knew that it was all nonsense. The reason why Peter was not sent to the orphanage was because he was obedient, so Peter has become a shame. I can only sleep in the barn at night and say that I like to see the stars through the holes in the roof. What a useless person would say such things.

The next day, Villanell took Peter, who only dared to vent his anger on the sofa, and ate the best local cabbage rolls in a small restaurant. Some people in the restaurant are packing up equipment to prepare for the annual harvest celebration. The proprietress Nagia will also participate in the fried bread competition at the celebration to maintain her ten-year winning streak. Villanell didn’t care about this, she just wanted to remind Peter to leave the village and not be controlled by the vicious Tatiana. Peter didn’t understand what his sister said. In his opinion, his mother was a good person, and Villanell had to stop speaking.

Back home, Peter wants to help Borka learn to make fried bread. If you win the game, you can get a prize of 50,000 rupees and go to the UK to watch Elton John’s farewell concert. Villanell didn’t bother to discuss with the stupid and arrogant Feodor and Yula whether the earth was round or flat, and whether the Americans had landed on the moon. She came to the vegetable garden and wanted to talk to Gregory, who cares for tomatoes alone. Chat. Without saying a few words, only seeing the kitchen curtains moved, Tatiana quickly brought out a cup of hot tea for Gregory, interrupting Villanell’s conversation. But it doesn’t matter, Villanell has learned that Gregory was completely confused by his mother’s appearance.

Two days later it was the harvest celebration, and the villagers set up a playground to have fun. With Villanell’s skill, getting the prize is no problem. Borka lost the game without any suspense, and the champion still belongs to Nagia. In the evening performance time, Bolka still slapped himself in the face from time to time, and Villanell on the side could not persuade him. After he lost the game, Tatiana gave him not encouragement and comfort, but blamed him for embarrassing his family. Villanell looked at her mother who was dancing with her husband on the dance floor. Who could tell that she was a perverted demon who wanted to destroy the psychology of her own children.

Until late at night, Villanell was cutting tomatoes in the kitchen. Unsurprisingly, Tatiana went downstairs and told her to get out of this home, just like before, to abandon her too smart and uncontrolled daughter again. Villanell shed tears, and then calmly told her mother the unfortunate news that only by killing her mother’s home can he be saved.

Borka, who was sleeping, was awakened by the alarm clock, which indicated that it was less than twelve o’clock. A note was pressed under the alarm clock, asking him to go to the barn to look for surprises. Borca put on his coat and ran out of the house excitedly, completely unaware of the smell of gas. There was an envelope on the broken door of the barn with a full fifty thousand rupees in it. Peter woke up from the mattress in a daze, and before he could congratulate Borka, he heard a loud noise. The house not far away burst into flames, engulfing the stupid Feodor, Yura, the ignorant Gregory, and Tatiana who was killed by the knife.

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