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Jark Sadtroo Soo Hua Jai (2020)

Jark Sadtroo Soo Hua Jai (2020)Other Title: จากศัตรูสู่หัวใจ / Jak Satru Soo Huajai / From Enemy to the Heart Genres: Action, Romance, […]

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Supreme God Emperor

Supreme God Emperor (Anime)Other Name: 无上神帝 Genres: AnimeEpisodes: 49+Country: ChinaProducers: unknownNetwork: unknownReleased: 2020Related Show:  Summary:Ten thousand years ago, the immortal king Muyun was conspired by […]

Book of Spirits

Book of Spirits (Anime)Other Name: 书灵记 Genres: AnimeEpisodes: UnknownCountry: ChinaProducers: unknownNetwork: unknownReleased: 2020Related Show:  Plot Summary:In the realm of Yingzhou, hundreds of scholars, Tang poetry […]

Douluo Dalu

Douluo Dalu (Anime)Other Name: 斗罗大陆 Genres: AnimeEpisodes: Up to Episode 127Country: ChinaDirector: Shen LepingNetwork: UnknownReleased: 2020Related Show:  Plot Summary:Tang San, the outer disciple of the […]

Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April (Anime)Other Name: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, 四月は君の嘘 Genres: Anime, Drama, Music, Romance, School, ShounenEpisodes: UnknownCountry: […]

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Jark Sadtroo Soo Hua Jai (2020)

Jark Sadtroo Soo Hua Jai (2020)Other Title: จากศัตรูสู่หัวใจ / Jak Satru Soo Huajai / From Enemy to the Heart Genres: Action, Romance, […]

No Matter What 누가 뭐래도

No Matter WhatOther Title: 누가 뭐래도 / Nuga Mworaedo / No Matter What Anyone Says Genres: Drama, family, comedyEpisodes: 120Country: South KoreaDirector: Sung Joon HaeWriter: Go […]

Navillera 나빌레라

NavilleraOther Title: 나빌레라 / Nabillera / Like Butterfly Genres: dramaEpisodes: 16Country: South KoreaDirector: Han Dong HwaWriter: Lee Eun Mi (이은미)Network: tvNRelease Date: 2021Related Show: Cast: Song Kang Synopsis:At […]

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Apocalypse (Manga)Other Name: 浮生末世录 Genres: manga, AdventureAuthors: B_DarkChapter: 4+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:False life travels in the doomsday, looking for its own meaning. But the ruggedness […]

President’s Wife Chasing Crematorium

President’s Wife Chasing Crematorium (Manga)Other Name: 总裁追妻火葬场 Genres: manga, AdventureAuthors: Carpenter music cultureChapter: ongoingYear: 2020Related Show: Description:First love is like the first flower in time […]

Send God

Send God (Manga)Other Name: 送神记 Genres: manga, AdventureAuthors: Cocc_ Seven microphoneChapter: 40+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:For more than three thousand years, the gods in the world […]

Re-training for 30 days

Re-training for 30 days (Manga)Other Name: 三十天重练巅峰 Genres: manga, AdventureAuthors: What strange beast WhatChapter: 4+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:Mo Bai, originally the lord of the first […]

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Pinocchio (2020) Also known as: Pinocchio (2020) พินอคคิโอ Genre: DramaCountry: Italy, FranceDirector: Matteo GarroneWriter: Matteo GarroneRelease Date: December 19, 2019 […]

Jiang Ziya

Jiang ZiyaAlso known as: 姜子牙 Genre: Animation MagicCountry: ChinaDirector: Cheng Teng Li WeiWriter: –Release Date: October 1, 2020 ( Singapore […]

Masquerade Hotel

Masquerade HotelAlso known as: Mask Hotel / 假面饭店 / マスカレード・ホテル Genre: Drama, Mystery, CrimeCountry: JapanDirector: Suzuki MasayukiWriter:Release Date: February 8, […]

Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite (2020)

Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite (2020)Also known as: Genre: Drama, Comedy, ActionCountry: USADirector: Sean McNamaraWriter:Release Date: Oct 02, 2020 […]

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The God-level Benevolent Doctor

The God-level Benevolent Doctor (Novel)Other Name: 神级仁医 Genre: novel, FantasyAuthor: The Flower of CactusYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Synopsis:The book is also known […]

Sound of the Gods

Sound of the Gods (Novel)Other Name: 神都惊龙, Shendu Jinglong Genre: novel, urban novel, FantasyAuthor: June TianYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Synopsis:The protagonists are […]

All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead (Novel)Other Name: 지금 우리 학교는, Now at Our School, Jigeum Uri Hakgyoneun Genre: novel, Zombie , thriller […]

Millionaire Suddenly Appears

Millionaire Suddenly Appears (Novel)Other Name: 天降大富豪 Genre: novel, Web NovelAuthor: Le TianYear: 2019Chapter: 1212Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Synopsis:Rejected by the goddess and insulted by […]

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Featuring Ty Dolla $ign (2020)

“Featuring Ty Dolla $ign” (2020)Artist: Ty Dolla $ignAlbum:  “Featuring Ty Dolla $ign” (2020)Genre: songCountry: AmericaYear: 2020 Music Lists: Intro Status Temptations serpentwithfeet Interlude […]


Evolution (2020)Artist: Joyner LucasAlbum: EvolutionGenre: rapperCountry: AmericaYear: 2020 Music Lists: When I Grow Up (Intro) Evolution On This Way Things I’ve Seen Zim Zimma Tattle […]

Petals For Armor by Hayley Williams

“Petals For Armor” (2020)Artist: Hayley WilliamsAlbum: “Petals For Armor” (2020)Genre: soloCountry: AmericaYear: May 8, 2020 Petals for Armor is the […]

Perfect and Casual (2020)

Perfect and Casual (2020)Other Title: 完美先生和差不多小姐 / 完美先生和差不多小姐 / Wan Mei Xian Sheng He Cha Bu Duo Xiao Jie / Mr. […]

Heroes (2020) 大侠霍元甲

Heroes (2020)Other Title: Heroes / 大侠霍元甲 / Huo Yuan Jia / 霍元甲 / Fearless / Fearless Heroes Genres: drama, Action, Historical, Martial […]