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The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife (Novel)Other Name: 医品毒妃倾天下 / 医毒双绝:冥王的天才宠妃 Genre: novel, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, XuanhuanAuthor: Xiang Si ZiYear: 20XXChapter: 3661 […]

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Turn a Lanling King Season 2

Turn a Lanling King Season 2Other Name: 拐个兰陵王做影帝第二季 Genres: Love, Story, AnimeCountry: ChinaDirector:Writer:Episodes: 20Released: 2019Related Show: Plot Summary:The love and […]

Phantom in the Twilight (Anime)

Phantom in the TwilightOther Name: ファントム イン ザ トワイライト/ Hepburn: Fantomu in za Towairaito Genres: AnimeCountry: JapanDirector: Kunihiro MoriWriter: Haruta […]

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Missing Persons (2020) 失踪人口

Missing Persons (2020)Other Title: 失踪人口 / Shi zong ren kou Genres: drama, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Sci-FiEpisodes: 12Country: ChinaDirector: Writer: Network: YukunRelease Date: Jun 3, 2020Related Show: Cast: Chen […]

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President’s Crazy Wife

President’s Crazy WifeOther Name: Genres: Modernม RomanceAuthors:Chapter: 65Year:Related Show: Summary:Facing the betrayal of her fiance, she resolutely fought back… She […]

Your Highness, I’M Pregnant

Your Highness, I’M PregnantOther Name: 太子殿下,奴才有喜了 / 劝君入怀Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Manhua, Romance, WebtoonsAuthors: Hong You LingYear: 2020Chapter: Summary:The cute and clever “eunuch” was discovered […]

1st Kiss (Manga)

1st KissOther Name: 1st kiss – I don’t want to consider you as sister anymore / 第十一话:一切正要开始 Genres: love, urban, […]

Sweet Robot (Manga)

Sweet RobotOther Name: Sweet Pet Robot / 甜宠机器人 Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, RomanceAuthors: Shen ju animeChapter:Year: 20XXRelated Show: Summary:When a human […]

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Tazza: One Eyed Jack (Movie)

Tazza: One Eyed JackAlso known as: 타짜: 원 아이드 잭 Genre: Drama, CrimeCountry: South KoreaDirector: Kwon Oh-KwangWriter:Release Date: 2019Related Show: […]

I still believe (Movie 2020)

I still believeAlso known as: I still believe Genre: Drama, Drama, Music, RomanceCountry: USADirector: Andrew Erwin, Jon ErwinWriter:Release Date: 1 […]

Sky Fire (Movie 2020)

Sky FireAlso known as: Sky Fire Genre: Drama, Theater, Disaster, ActionCountry: ChinaDirector: Simon WestWriter:Release Date: December 12, 2019 (China)Related Show: […]

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Mr. Lu, You are My Destiny

Mr. Lu, you are my destiny (Novel)Other Name: 陆先生你是我的命中注定 / Chief Boss Genre: novel, urban romanceAuthor: Nan WuYear: 2019Chapter: 1141Related story: Synopsis:Su Li has fed […]

Trapped with the CEO

Trapped with the CEO (Novel)Other Name: Tian Jia Chong Qi / 天价宠妻:总裁夫人休想逃 / 天價寵妻:總裁夫人休想逃 Genre: novel, Adult, Comedy, Mature, Romance, […]

The Rise of the Cemetery

The Rise of the Cemetery (Novel)Other Name: 墓园崛起 Genre: novel, Web Novel, gameAuthor: Really Old WolfYear: 20xxChapter: 1Related story: Summary:The […]

World Sword Sect (Novel)

World Sword Sect | Millions of people chase (Novel)Other Name: 天下刀宗 | 百万人追更(武侠玄幻有声小说) Genre: novel, Martial Arts, Fantasy NovelAuthor: Yu […]

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Petals For Armor by Hayley Williams

“Petals For Armor” (2020)Artist: Hayley WilliamsAlbum: “Petals For Armor” (2020)Genre: soloCountry: AmericaYear: May 8, 2020 Petals for Armor is the […]

Kiki by Kiana Lede

Kiki Artist: Kiana LedeAlbum: Kiki Genre: R&B, SoulCountry: AmericaYear: April 3, 2020 Music Lists and Lyrics: Cancelled. Movin. Mad At […]

Southside (2020) by Sam Hunt

SouthsideArtist: Sam HuntAlbum: “Southside” (2020)Genre: popCountry: AmericaYear: April 3, 2020. Music Lists and Lyrics: 2016 Hard To Forget Kinfolks Young […]

I am Venom Chapter 1

In the bustling raccoon city, the constant traffic and passing pedestrians make this city seem peaceful and peaceful. Just in […]

I am Venom Chapter 2

After looking at his attributes, Venom nodded with satisfaction. His abilities were all his own capital to venture into another […]

I am Venom Chapter 3

Raccoon city, umbrella company, these two keywords alone have proved that this is the world of biochemical crisis. However, from […]

I am Venom Chapter 4

In the dark beehive, the task force was looking for a button to turn on the power, and the three […]