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Dama Shoku Joshi (2021) 黙食女子

Dama Shoku Joshi (2021)Other Title: 黙食女子, Silence Girl Genres: FoodEpisodes: 6Country: JapanDirector: N/AWriter: N/ANetwork: Hikari TVRelease Date: Dec 3, 2021 – Jan 7, 2022Related Show: Cast: Shimazaki Haruka […]

Artistic innocence

By Ma Weidu The big yellow duck on Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace was crowded with onlookers, and Hoffman, […]

Happiness is not easy

By Shuimu Nianhua People have always grown up in stumbles throughout their lives, constantly gaining and losing. Many things are […]

Polish Wine

Polish vodka (wodka) enjoys a high reputation all over the world, and the brands of “boutique vodka” (wyborowa), “zubrowka”, “premium […]

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Shikizakura Other Name: ชิกิซากุระ, シキザクラ Genres: Anime, Action, Drama, Sci-FiEpisodes: 12Producers: Chukyo TV BroadcastingNetwork: SublimationReleased: Oct 10, 2021Related Show:  Synopsis: Shikizakura: where cherry blossoms […]

Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu

Tsuki to Laika to NosferatuOther Name: จันทรากับไลคร่าและเจ้าหญิงแวมไพร์, Arifureta Itsuka, 月とライカと吸血姫 Genres: Anime, Sci-FiEpisodes: 12Country: JapanProducers: Shogakukan, BS Japan, Bandai Namco Arts, ADK Marketing SolutionsNetwork: […]

Kyoukai Senki

Kyoukai SenkiOther Name: เคียวไคเซนกิ สงครามจักรกล, AMAIM Warrior at the borderline, 境界戦機 Genres: Anime, Action, Sci-FiEpisodes: UnknownCountry: JapanProducers: Sunrise BeyondNetwork: Nippon BS Broadcasting, TV Tokyo, […]

Muv-Luv Alternative (+ Ultra)

Muv-Luv Alternative (+ Ultra)Other Name: マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ<+Ultra> Genres: Anime, ActionEpisodes: UnknownCountry: JapanDirector: Yukio NishimotoNetwork: UnknownReleased: November 10, 2021Related Show:  Synopsis: It’s a story of the […]

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Out of the Dream (2021) 梦见狮子

Out of the DreamOther Title: Dreaming of a lion, ประตูสู่วันฝัน Genres: Drama, RomanceEpisodes: 30Country: ChinaDirector: Huang Yingxiang Writer: Zhang HanNetwork: iQiyi, TencentRelease Date: Oct. 28, 2021Related Show: Cast: […]

Snow Lover (2021) 爱在粉雪时光

Snow LoverOther Title: 爱在粉雪时光, Ai Zai Fen Xue Shi Guang Genres: Romance, sport Episodes: 24Country: ChinaDirector: Liang HaoWriter: Guo Xiao JingNetwork: iQiyiRelease Date: Oct. 26, 2021Related Show: Cast: […]

People’s Property (2021) 突围

People’s PropertyOther Title: 突围, Ren Min De Cai Chan, 人民的财产, Tu Wei, 天凉好个秋, 人民的名义2 Genres: Drama, PoliticalEpisodes: 45Country: ChinaDirector: Liu Hai Bo, Shen YanWriter: Zhou Mei […]

Fall In Love With Him (2021) 爱上萌面大人

Fall In Love With Him (2021)Other Title: 爱上萌面大人 Genres: Romance, Sci-Fi, FantasyEpisodes: 24Country: ChinaDirector: Jiang XiaoliWriter: N/ANetwork: YoukuRelease Date: Oct 10, 2021 – Oct 27, 2021Related Show: Cast: […]

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Mystery to Iunakare

Mystery to IunakareOther Title: ミステリと言う勿れ, Do Not Say Mystery Genres: DramaEpisodes: 6Country: JapanDirector: Matsuyama Hiroaki, Shinada ShunsukeWriter: Aizawa TomokoNetwork: Fuji TVRelease Date: […]

Kenjusho: Mitsukuni Ko to Ore (2021)

Kenjusho: Mitsukuni Ko to OreOther Title: 剣樹抄~光圀公と俺~ Genres:  Historical, DramaEpisodes: 8Country: JapanDirector: Motoki Kazuhiro, Isshiki TakashiWriter: Yoshizawa TomokoNetwork: NHKRelease Date: Nov 5, 2021 – Dec 24, 2021Related […]

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I’m Watching You (2021) 지켜보고 있다

I’m Watching You (2021)Other Title: 지켜보고 있다, Jikyeobogo Issda Genres: Drama, Crime Episodes: 1Country: South KoreaDirector: N/AWriter: N/ANetwork: N/ARelease Date: Aug, 2021Related Show: Cast: Kim Bo Ra […]

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Repeat Mark: Repeat Mark

Repeat Mark: Repeat MarkOther Name: Genre: BL novel, ebook, modernAuthor: Cargo baby meYear: 2021Chapter: N/ARelated story: Introduction: Joo Seon-yul gives up on everything […]

Celestial Uniform

Celestial UniformOther Name: 천관사복, Cheongwan Sabok Genre: Novel, BLAuthor: Mukhyang-dongYear: 2021Chapter: 15 volumes completedRelated story: Introduction: Prince Geum Ok-yeop of Seonnak-guk, loved by […]

Prosperity alone pet green tea emperor step aside

Prosperity alone pet green tea emperor step asideOther names: 盛世独宠绿茶皇上靠边站, The King of Green Tea Author: the voice of flowersGenre: Crossing, RomanceRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Introduction: […]

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Be aware…prevent pneumonia

Pneumonia, also known as pneumonia, is an inflammation of the lungs, air sacs, and surrounding tissues. Most of the causes […]

What is Propolis?

What is propolis? Bees also produce a compound called propolis from the sap on needle-leaved trees or evergreens. When they […]

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Where’s Genghis Grill?

Genghis Grill If you come to America, don’t miss it!! Today, it’s delicious. Let me tell you. Let’s come to […]

When was Milford Sound formed

Milford Sound is the eastern fjord of the Tasman Sea, also known as Milford Sound (English: Milford Sound, Maori: Piopiotahi). […]

Bride of Hades

Bride of Hades Other names: 冥王的新娘Author: Xia YinzitianGenre: Novel, Fantasy Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Put on a wedding gown and give a cold and beautiful […]

Rebirth Town Guoshenhao

Rebirth Town Guoshenhao Other names: 重生之镇国神豪Author:  Listening to the Wind and Blowing Snow Genre: NovelRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Unexpected rebirth. Back in 2008, to […]

Second marriage must marry the prince

Second marriage must marry the prince Other names: 二婚必须嫁太子 Author: looking back in the snow Genre: Novel, Urban NovelsRelease: UnknownStatus:  Chapter 0619 Description: My […]

The Male Lead I Raised Is Obsessed With Me

The Male Lead I Raised Is Obsessed With MeOther names: Cheonpado,청파도Author: Cheonpado,청파도 Genre: Novel, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo Release: 2021Status: Ongoing Description: When I was […]

The Princess Reincarnation

The Princess ReincarnationOther names: 로시원Author: 로시원Genre: Novel, Action, Fantasy, Shoujo Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: A genius magician. The first tower master. The continent’s greatest […]

Rebirth Wife: I’m Dou Bailian at Seventy Zero

Rebirth Wife: I’m Dou Bailian at Seventy Zero Other names: 重生福妻:我在七零斗白莲Author:  Jian Mu Genre: Novel, Modern Romance Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: In his previous […]