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Chinese Drama ›

Double Love (2022) 墨白

“Ink White” is an urban sweet love drama directed by Wang Yan, starring Zhang Xueying, Bi Wenjun, Guo Pinchao, Daisy […]

Korean Drama ›

Alchemy of Souls (2022) 반환

Alchemy of SoulsOther Title: 환혼, Can This Person Be Translated? , Salvation Interpreter , Welcome , Soul Marriage , Resurrection , […]

Cleaning Up (2022) 클리닝업

Cleaning Up – 클리닝업 Other name: Keullining Eob, Keulliningeob, 클리닝업Category: Korea Drama 2022Genre(s): Comedy, Crime, DramaRelease: June 4, 2022 – […]

Japanese Drama ›

Rokuhodo Yotsuiro Biyori (2022) 鹿楓堂よついろ日和

Rokuhodo Yotsuiro Biyori (2022)Other Title: 鹿楓堂よついろ日和, Kaede-do Yotsuiro weather Genres: LifeEpisodes: 10Country: JapanDirector: Yuki Saito, Shibata KeisukeWriter: N/ANetwork: TV AsahiRelease Date: Jan 15, 2022 – Mar 19, 2022Related […]

Fuujinshi (2022) 封刃師

Fuujinshi (2022)Other Title: 封刃師, Blade Master Genres: Action, Mystery, FantasyEpisodes: 9Country: JapanDirector: Fujii Michihito, Kuwajima KenjiWriter: Nakashima KazukiNetwork: TV AsahiRelease Date: Jan 15, 2022 – Mar 12, […]

Anime ›

Minions Fever (2022)

Minions Fever (2022) Synopsis The 1970s. Kevin, Stuart, Bob and other minions who worshiped the 11-year-old boy Gru as a […]

“Bad Guys” Japanese Dubbed

“Bad Guys” (バッドガイズ) Japanese Dubbed Trailer Released October 7, 2022 The animated movie “Bad Guys” produced by Universal Studios and […]


Synopsis: Singer Uta is loved by people all over the world. Her singing voice has been described as another dimension, […]

Manga ›

16-sai Kiss Manga

16-sai Kiss Alternative: 16 Sai Kiss – Night Sky Kiss / 16 Year Old Kiss / 16-sai Kissu / 16sai […]

Edens Zero Manga

Edens Zero Manga series Edens Zero is a Japanese science fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. It […]

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler Manga

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler (โคตรเซียนโรงเรียนพนัน) Manga series Authors: Homura Kawamoto, Toru NaomuraVolumes: 16 Published by: Square EnixEnglish publisher: NA Yen […]

Manhua ›

Queen’s Harem Manhua

Queen’s Harem, 女帝的后宫, ฮาเร็มของราชินี, Queen Palace Author(s): Morel – antiquityArtist(s): Morel – antiquityGenre(s): Fantasy, Harem, Manhua, Romance Introduction: “Three princesses, […]

Martial God Asura

Martial God Asura Alternative: Xiuluo Wushen, 修罗武神Author(s): Shan Liang De Mi Feng,善良的小蜜蜂啊Artist(s): Pikapi,Shan Liang De Mi Feng,善良的小蜜蜂啊Genre(s): Action, Action, Adventure, […]

Manhwa ›

Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa

Overgeared (Team Argo) ManhwaAlternative: 템빨Author(s): Dong wook leeArtist(s): Overgeared (team argo) 22; Team argoGenre(s): Shounen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, WebtoonType: Korean […]

Saving My Sweetheart

Saving My SweetheartAlternative: A Way to Protect the Lovable You / The Way to Protect the Lovable You / Un […]

108 Women Manhwa

108 Women ManhwaAlternative: 108명의 그녀들, 108 GirlsAuthor(s): UpdatingGenre(s): Drama, Fantasy, RomanceType: ManhwaRelease: UpdatingStatus: Ongoing SUMMARY – 108 Women Manhwa Dessa, […]

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Korean Novel ›

The villain is a marionette

The villain is a marionette (악녀는 마리오네트) Genre: Romance Fantasy, PossessivenessWriter: Han Lee RimPublisher: Yeon talk (緣談)Serial number: Kakao PageSerialization […]

Reviews: Dragon of Esoril

Dragon of Esoril – 에소릴의 드래곤 A short fantasy novel by Youngdo Lee . A short fantasy novel that can […]

Hello Brother (Novel) by BlueDiver

Title: Hello Brother _Author: BlueDiverMain characters: Gong – Kim Hwan / Su – Kim DaehanGenre: ContemporaryFeatures: Malaysian background. North Korea […]