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Killing Eve S3 Episode 2

Inside the house, there was a mourning meeting for Kenny, and it was pouring rain outside. It seemed that God was grieving for such a young man’s untimely death. Eve drank a little too much, even if he saw Constantine, he was too lazy to say a few words. She didn’t understand why everyone could accept Kenny’s statement that Kenny committed suicide by jumping off the building because of stress in life. What’s even more annoying is that Kenny’s boss, the founder and editor-in-chief of the site, Jamie, always wanders around, like a fly that can’t be driven away. Caroline wants to talk to Eve, but as long as she believes that her son committed suicide, Eve will not say a word to her.

Constantine is probably the happiest person in the room, and he often hears his characteristic laughter. This time, Kenny’s sister Geraldine recognized him. Geraldine remembers that when she was a child, the Russian often visited home and taught her how to swear in Russian. Constantine laughed at this, and at the same time made a small calculation in his heart. No one knows that he is still working for the “Twelve Apostles”, and the task he received is to stay in London and continue to monitor Caroline.

With Geraldine, the task is much easier. The next day, Constantine pretended to send a letter to his daughter, and “ran into Geraldine by chance” outside the post office. There are refrigerator magnets in the letter, which are tourist souvenirs. Geraldine liked to collect this kind of things since she was a child, and Constantine gave it to her along the way, and the concealed bug was attached to the refrigerator in Caroline’s kitchen.

Caroline’s current life can be said to be turned upside down. Her son Kenny died unexpectedly and Paul temporarily took over her position. It seems that bureaucracy cannot allow her mother to work on the second day of her son’s funeral. Doing nothing makes this former elite of the intelligence industry even more distressed, and she wants to organize a secret office to investigate Villanell again.

But even if she saw the photo of the deceased with paprika piled on her face and was convinced that Villanell, who had been dormant for several months, came out again, Eve still refused to cooperate. What happened in Rome made her hate working with Caroline.

When Caroline was lonely and helpless, Eve knocked on her door. Eve admitted that she took Kenny’s mobile phone, it was just a subconscious behavior, no other thoughts. After the mourning meeting, Kenny’s boss, Jamie, approached her and wanted to exchange the sensitive information in the phone with the USB flash drive that Kenny had stored investigation data on.

After learning that the U disk was in the hands of the police, Eve unplugged the phone from the data cable. Without the U disk, there would be no cell phone.

The idea of ​​detecting the murderer was constantly impacting Eve’s mind. She decided to put aside her prejudices and ask Caroline for help. With Caroline’s ability, it shouldn’t be a problem whether it’s cracking the phone code or getting the U disk back. But what she didn’t expect was that Constantine kept her conversations with Caroline and heard them clearly.

At this time, Villanell, far away in Barcelona, ​​finally had her own big house, which Dasha bought according to her requirements. The next task of being a “gatekeeper” is to train new people. Being a leader is not easy. It requires patience and responsibility, but Villanell lacks these two things.

Felix is ​​a 19-year-old boy who doesn’t seem too smart. Villanell couldn’t figure out how difficult it would be to pretend to be a clown, sneak into the party, and use a knife to get rid of the target cleanly while others are not prepared. But after waiting for a long time, Felix didn’t come out of the house. She entered the house personally and found that Felix hadn’t gone according to plan at all, but improvised by herself, insisting on doing things with his fists. Villanell couldn’t bear it, pulled out the gun, killed the target with one shot, and sent Felix on the road with one shot.

Without drag, it’s much easier. Villanell returned to his big house and unexpectedly saw an uninvited guest, Constantine. For this old man, Villanell was angry and hated, but he couldn’t help but kill him. Constantine came here to remind her that Dasha should not be trusted. Just saying this in his capacity did not raise Villanell’s interest. That being the case, Constantine said something she would be interested in, and Eve was still alive.

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