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Black Robe Pickets S2 Episode 3

Billy didn’t know where he borrowed a yacht. A group of people and a captured rat went out to sea for five kilometers to wait, news of Mallory. Billy is waiting for the CIA personnel sent by Mallory to receive the mouse, and then he can go to save Bega, and other people can be reunited with their families. As for whether the mouse will be tortured, he doesn’t care, nor does he care. However, Himiko must be assured repeatedly that mice will be treated humanely.

Huey is still depressed about the loss of Annie, while Himiko is bent on gaining his brother’s understanding. Frankie, who cared about Himiko, sneaked into the cabin with a can of drinks and potato chips, hoping to learn the sign language created by the mouse and her sister Himiko, so that he could communicate with Himiko in the future. The mouse refused, and Frankie left the cabin in frustration, but forgot the can of drinks packed in cans. The mouse’s hands wrapped in tape rubbed hard on the iron chain. As long as a small hole is made and a finger is stretched out, it can tear open the can with mind, cut the tape, and release both hands.

Unexpectedly, before the CIA came, the New York Police Department came first. The police helicopter hovered over the yacht, announcing that the owner had reported that the yacht had been stolen, and everyone on board must stay in place and not move. Except for Billy, everyone looked at each other, and then they realized that Billy’s so-called borrowing turned out to be stealing.

When Billy was arguing with the police, delaying time, expecting the CIA to arrive in time, the anchor flew out of the sea and smashed over. Billy hurriedly avoided. Seeing her younger brother rushing out of the cabin, Himiko raised her hands to Billy, before thinking about it, she flew away and pushed her brother away. Unexpectedly, the mouse’s mental power didn’t hit Billy, but it hit the helicopter in the air.

The helicopter crashed into the sea, and all Huey could do was drop the only lifebuoy on the ship. Billy couldn’t take care of the policemen’s lives and ran the engine to escape. Sure enough, as Mallory said, Billy’s talent is “to screw up anything.” Billy didn’t know why he was so unlucky. He contacted Mallory again, and the response was that the police had searched the sea nearby. Billy had to find a way to send the mouse to the CIA safe house in New York City. Billy had no choice but to drive the boat to the coast.

At this time, the people of the motherland sat comfortably at the dining table, ignoring the resentment in Begat’s eyes, and enjoying the parent-child breakfast with his son Ryan. It is impossible for the natives of the motherland to let his son be just an ordinary person, so he took his son to the outdoors regardless of the Spanish class in the morning. He picked up his son and flew to the roof. This was a perspective that Ryan had never seen before, and it was impossible for his mother to do it.

The purpose of the motherlanders was nothing more than to stimulate his son’s superpowers. In a scream, Rhein was pushed off the six-meter-high roof and fell motionless on the lawn. Bega rushed out of the house in a hurry and picked Ryan. After a while, Ryan was sober, but the people of the motherland didn’t care. According to the anger in his heart, Bei Jiaqiang helped his son to enter the house. The people of the motherland grabbed her wrist with so much strength that they could almost squeeze the bones. Ryan suddenly pushed down the natives of the motherland, his eyes flashed red, and angrily accused the natives of getting out of this home.

Water is controlled by Edgar, and now even Bega is not under his control, and the mood of the people of the motherland can be said to be extremely low. When he returned to the Water Building and saw the staff in a mess, he knew that something serious had happened. The media reported that the Water Group has injected Compound V into babies for many years to create superheroes. Edgar is discussing countermeasures with the public relations department, publicity department, and legal department.

Xingguang stood in front of the TV, complacent. She didn’t worry about the locomotive reporting, otherwise the locomotive would not be able to explain why he returned the sample to Starlight, and would not mention a word afterwards. Huey, Marvin and Frankie saw the news on the yacht and were equally delighted. Only Billy is extremely calm. His focus now is to get his wife back. It doesn’t matter what Walt and the people of the motherland will do, not to mention that there is still an extremely dangerous super terrorist under the deck.

The coastline has appeared on the skyline, but the yacht seems to have hit something, and the hull swayed from side to side. Huey rushed to the deck and saw a dozen shark fins quickly cut open the water, rushing like a torpedo. Riding a humpback whale in the deep sea attacked the yacht. He wants to use his strength to prove to Walter that he is qualified to stay in the Super Sevens.

A hole in the bottom of the ship was knocked out by a shark, and sea water poured into the cabin. Everyone hurriedly jumped on the boat and the speedboat accelerated to the coast. It is impossible for a thin speedboat to fight humpback whales. The only hope is to enter the flood drain on the coast. The deep sea saw Billy’s intentions, and drove the humpback whale to the shore, blocking the outlet of the flood drain. Billy was angry from his heart, increased his speed to the maximum, and rushed straight towards the humpback whale. There was a muffled sound, and flesh and blood flew everywhere. The humpback whale was smashed, and the fish was knocked down in the deep sea and stunned on the beach.

The motherlander led the other members of the seven-man team to come, looking contemptuously at the still dizzy deep sea. Edgar’s strategy is very clear, all responsibility is transferred to the former vice president Madeleine, and the unsuspecting Walter and the superheroes are also victims. At the same time, the Super Sevens went out to eliminate super terrorists and reverse the direction of public opinion.

The people of the motherland drove away from the deep sea contemptuously, and made others search the flood drains to find the super terrorists and the wanted criminals. Logically, searching for urban underground drainage canals like a maze is a long term for locomotives. But now, every time he runs, he feels that his heart beats faster and his blood pressure rises, so he must stop and rest. In front of the people of the motherland, he had to pretend that everything was normal, falsely claiming that he lacked rehabilitation training after being discharged from the hospital.

The progress of the locomotive was too slow, and the sevens began to search separately. Xingguang accidentally ran into Huey, who was left behind. To prove her loyalty, she must kill Huey in front of her motherland. But her heart is unwilling to hurt the people who betrayed her at this last moment. Just when the stars were hesitant, Billy appeared from the corner. The natives did not expect to be really bold, and the mouse suddenly jumped out from behind Billy. First, the cement under the feet of the motherland was crushed, and then a large piece of cement leaked from the top of the head, burying the motherland in a deep pit.

The mouse jumped three times, jumped into the big hole above his head, and fled into the city streets. Others dare not neglect, this deep pit will not be able to trap the people of the motherland for long. Himiko struggled to chase after the mouse, not wanting to kill Cheng Yaojin halfway. The Storm Girl drew from the sky, with electric discharge with both hands, knocking them into the air.

Himiko and her brother crashed through the wall and fell into an apartment building. They got up, panicked and fled to the roof. The Storm Lady kept on chasing her, killing all witnesses wherever she went. Fleeing to the roof, the mouse can leap to the nearby building with his mind, but Himiko cannot. In order to save her sister, the mouse was broken by the storm girl, her head and neck were broken to death.

In the media, rats became super terrorists who attacked apartment buildings and killed 59. The Storm Girl has become a hero who saves the people from water and fire. At this time, the people of the motherland understand that the Storm Girl not only wants to be a superhero, but also has greater ambitions.

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