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Killing Eve S3 Episode 7

Villanell rarely put away his cynical look, sitting solemnly in a certain European castle. She regretted that after doing those things to her mother’s family, she shouldn’t rush to take the task. Not to mention the color hanging on his arm, he still showed his intention to Dasha in a trance. Now she is going to meet Helena, enter the old castle meeting room, and her fellow Rui An sits on the other side with no expression. Helena is confident to protect herself, but multiple protections are not a bad thing.

Speaking of the last mission, it was not satisfactory. Helena hugged Veranel’s head in her arms and stroked it like a mother, which really made people feel warm, but Veranel would never be so stupid that she would treat her as a relative and dispel the thought of quitting. This meeting was to relieve Helena’s suspicion, so Villanell took the initiative to request a new mission, and will bring Dasha to ensure success. Helena readily agreed that the mission location was in Scotland.

And this time, Constantine’s head is as big as a fight. Irina was sent to the Moscow detention center. The experts sent by the government talked to Irina and concluded that she was a monster with high intelligence. Hearing this conclusion, Constantine was not surprised. What makes him angry is that no matter how much money he puts out, no one dares to sign the release order.

Constantine felt angina at the thought of her daughter staying in the juvenile detention center for a long time. Who knows if Irina, who was only in junior high school, can survive the harsh environment of the juvenile detention facility. When such an accident happened, Constantine had no choice but to go back to London before making plans.

After returning from Barcelona, ​​Eve went to see Caroline non-stop. She had a very clear idea. Now that Villanell was promoted, she would have a glimpse of the “Twelve Apostles”. But Caroline did not accept Eve’s plan. The relationship between Eve and Villanell was too dangerous. She was more willing to put the bet on Paul, so the assistant Jafari had been assigned to follow Paul.

Eve ignored Caroline’s decision, and there was only one way to find Villanell. She crawled into the trash can next to the parking lot and found the broken cake box. As soon as I walked into the office, I was stunned. The office was in a mess. All electronic equipment was confiscated by the police on unwarranted charges and the website was closed.

Jamie had learned the power of the “Twelve Apostles” and didn’t want to get involved anymore. When Bell took out his portable notebook, curiosity drove him to sit next to Bell. When Eve was busy fooling the cake shop clerk to reveal customer information, Bell had hacked into the cake shop server and found an order from Barcelona. Needless to say, that was Villanell. Check the credit card used for the order. The last time I used it was 20 minutes ago, and the location was in Aberdeen, Scotland.

In the luxury hotel transformed into Fort Stewart in Aberdeen, Willanell booked a suite for himself and Dasha. In any case, she is now Dasha’s superior, and she is really a little proud. Dasha didn’t bother to care about these details. As long as the task was successfully completed, she would be able to return to Russia to take care of her life as she wished, regardless of the troublesome guy in front of her.

The goal is an American who is also a hotel guest, and the starting point is set at the matching golf course. Dasha disguised as her mother watched coldly, Villanell swung the ball and the ball fell into the bushes.

Hearing a beautiful woman asking for help, the American ran up happily and leaned into the bush to take the ball. She didn’t see the beautiful woman lifting the club high and hitting it, and the hard ball head hit Dasha’s temple. The Americans were dumbfounded, and under the urging of Villanell, they ran out of the court for help. Villanell walked to the road on the other side of the stadium and merged with Constantine.

Eve’s taxi was approaching the hotel, and a person suddenly rushed out of the road, slapped the body desperately for help. Stopped the car, let the man come up, and learned that there was a murder in the golf course, and a very beautiful mad woman killed her own mother. When Eve heard it, Villanell and Dasha immediately came to mind. She drove the American out of the car and drove to the court. In the woods beside the 16th green, Dasha was found dying.

Eve came alone, indicating that the divorce plan did not succeed. Now Dasha only wanted to die quickly, laughing weakly at the babble on Nico’s face. Eve’s anger started from his heart, and the evil grew to the side of the gall. He raised his foot and stepped hard on Dasha’s chest. Listening to the sound of broken ribs, revenge came from the soles of the feet. The sirens in the distance interrupted Eve’s anger. After calming down, he quickly left the scene.

Arriving at Aberdeen station, Eve saw a group of people on the platform, some people were calling for an ambulance. Pushing aside the crowd, I saw Constantine fell to the ground in pain, his sudden angina made him unable to escape, and the small ticket in his pocket had been taken by Villanell. A train was slowly moving, Eve chased after a few steps and saw Villanell wave his hand from the window. For some reason, the sadness of parting came to my heart, and Eve raised his hand unconsciously to bid farewell to the departing train.

Constantine was also a fortune teller, and was sent to the hospital for stent surgery, saving his life. He laughed at himself when he heard the doctor asked if there was too much pressure recently. Now the “twelve disciples” will not let him go, and his daughter will not spare him. His ex-wife wants his life, and it is extremely stressful. At this time, laughter came from the next hospital bed. Pulling the curtain apart, Constantine’s face froze suddenly and could no longer laugh. It was Dasha with a bandage on her head.

At this time, Geraldine, who was thousands of miles away, wanted to confess to his mother. She had seen Constantine before, but Constantine, who had just returned from Moscow, had a cold attitude and refused to stay thousands of miles away.

But when she talked about her mother’s major discoveries, Constantine’s attitude took a 180-degree change and returned to the previous caring appearance. The mother was right. Constantine was using herself, using a poor woman whose younger brother had just passed away and needed to be cared.

After seeing Constantine’s disguise, Geraldine wanted to get closer to his mother. But Caroline is facing the biggest crisis in her career and has no time to care about her daughter’s feelings. Jafari, who was in charge of investigating the relationship between Paul and the “Twelve Apostles,” was found dead in the park lake. This can’t be an accident. Caroline felt the ghost of the “Twelve Apostles” floating around.

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