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Black Robe Pickets S2 Episode 5

The filming work of the new Super Sevens film prepared by Water Group is in full swing. In addition to introducing a new member, Storm Girl, the film also deliberately arranges the plot of Locomotive’s withdrawal, which can be considered as a pavement for the future. Locomotive was unwilling to step out of the public eye like this, but Ashley only gave him two ways, either voluntarily resigning and leave with full compensation; or he was exposed to an overdose of compound V that caused heart disease and was expelled with humiliation. . Under this circumstance, the locomotive had no other choice, and honestly finished the “from the heart” emotion according to the script, and then left the scene sadly.

The native of the country is the producer of the film. Using this power, he added some drama to Maeve and raised the rainbow flag in the film. The planning department specially invited Irina to portray her and Maeve as a pair of free models in the new era. With Irina’s temper, it is impossible to cooperate with the Water Group to engage in this hypocritical propaganda. But Maeve knew in her heart that this was a beating from the motherland. She begged Irina to stay, at least not to leave until she figured out a way to defeat the motherland, otherwise there would be no way to protect Irina’s safety. Maeve’s words were sincere, and Irina agreed to stay on the set for the time being.

Ashley rushed into the studio, opened a video, and gave it to the people of the motherland. In the video, the people of the motherland go to solve a superhuman who attacked a pedestrian. The laser eye quickly resolved the battle, but after the Chinese people waved away, people discovered that while the laser eye penetrated the superhuman, it also killed the pedestrians passing by. Once the video was made public on the Internet, it immediately aroused public outrage. Many people gathered under the Water Building to protest against the atrocities committed by the motherlanders. The approval rating dropped by nearly 10%.

Ashley begged the people of the motherland not to be impulsive and not to make any public responses until the public relations department came up with proper words. Ashley even did not hesitate to carry Edgar out, but she still couldn’t suppress the arrogance of the motherland. The natives of the motherland descended from the sky and landed in front of the Water Tower protest team. They took the microphone from the Victorian congresswoman who had always been opposed to it.

Sure enough, no matter how the people of the motherland explain at this time, no matter how to put on a posture of “everything for the people”, it will not be able to calm the anger of the protesters. Ashley stared nervously at the TV screen and watched the live broadcast, for fear that the motherland people would kill him in anger. Fortunately, the people of the motherland flew back to the set with restrained anger. Ashley then realized that she unknowingly pulled off a bunch of hair, that this kind of life is really not for humans.

At best, the means of the people of the motherland can only be used to deal with individual people, and there is nothing to do in the face of the general public. The Storm Girl is accustomed to using the Internet, hiring people to use picture production software to modify a few pictures and distribute them, which can achieve the effect of spending billions of dollars on the publicity of the Water Group. This method was used to weaken the authority of the people of the motherland before.

Now the people of the motherland take the initiative to ask for help, and the Storm Girl is happy to help. If you help the people of the motherland increase their support rate, you can get a strong alliance, so why not do it. What’s more, she has superb self-healing ability. She is not afraid of the intimidating laser eyes. The people of the motherland can only obey.

After Starlight came back from North Carolina, she was watching the Storm Girl closely. When she saw her mother Donna talking with the Storm Girl on the set, she couldn’t help being surprised and hurried forward. Donna came here to apologize to her daughter. When it comes to compound V, starlight is even more uncomfortable. Although everyone knows about this now, the matter has not been exposed when she quarreled with her mother. Fortunately, the Storm Girl didn’t seem to be aware of the sequence relationship, and after a few words of persuasion, she left by herself.

After sending off his mother, Xingguang slipped into Storm Girl’s vanity, and checked the emails with the “Sage Grove” on the computer. Before taking a closer look, the Storm Girl came back. Starlight didn’t have time to leave, so he pretended to be annoyed and scolded Stormgirl not to interfere with mother and daughter. The Storm Girl laughed instead of anger. She had already found out what the gecko was doing, and naturally knew that Starlight exposed Compound V to the media. Seeing through, Starlight simply showed off, revealing the secret of Storm Girl. If the public knows that the Water Group has changed its face and used a black killer who believes in “white supremacy”, I am afraid that the storm will not be less than that of Compound V.

Starlight couldn’t help but fear after coming out of Storm Girl’s makeup car. The storm woman and her alliance are too strong, relying on her alone, I am afraid that they are unable to fight, and must seek help. At this time, Huey and Marvin are driving to Billy’s aunt’s house. Billy didn’t show up after he came back, and finally got through the phone and said he wanted to flee to Argentina. Marvin, who is familiar with Billy, knows that there is only one place Billy can go, his aunt Judy’s house.

Judy lives in a quiet suburban community. Billy walked back and was surprised to see Huey and Marvin sitting on the sofa in the living room, eating the biscuits brought by Judy. Billy was disheartened, without any motivation, and didn’t want to get involved anymore. But when he got out of the house and got in the car to hide in other places, he saw black in the mirror and was lying on the roof not far away. He quickly got out of the car, pretending nothing had happened, and entered the house and locked the door.

Marvin knew that Billy had gone and returned. But he found it strange that he and Huey changed several cars and didn’t take the high speed. How could Xuan Se follow this. Billy knew very well that Black was traced from Begat’s residence. Judy, Marvin, and Huey knew that Begat was still alive and had a child. But now is not the time to inquire about the details, Xuan Se wants to assassinate, it is impossible for people to see. Marvin called the fire department wittily, claiming that he smelled of gas. While the police and firefighters were busy checking house-to-house, Marvin used the raw materials found in the house to make improvised bombs and plant them in the room.

After the fire station was checked and evacuated, Judy led everyone into the “candy house” in the basement. Named Candy House, it is actually a secret room where Judy makes drugs. As an old drug dealer who hasn’t been found in business for decades, she built the “Candy House” into a bronze wall. Marvin also suddenly realized, no wonder Judy can come up with so many chemical materials. The old lady, who seemed amiable, was not an ordinary person.

Three improvised bombs exploded one after another, and after a short silence, a tear gas was thrown into the ventilation duct. Billy immediately opened the iron door, and everyone rushed into the messy house. The black armor was full of fragments, but it did not affect his skill. Billy, Marvin, and Huey were knocked to the ground one after another. Seeing that Black was about to kill Huey, Billy shouted out his conditions.

Xuan Se has a special status in the Super Sevens, and he is directly assigned to President Edgar and does not participate in other actions. So Billy knew that Edgar was watching the scene through the hidden camera on Black’s body at this moment. He asked Edgar to remove the black color, otherwise a picture of Ryan would be spread throughout the cyberspace, letting the public know that the Water Group has supported a rapist to become a hero for many years, and also placed the victim and her child under house arrest.

No one can prove whether Billy actually has those photos, but Edgar can’t take the risk. The Water Group is already on the cusp of the storm and cannot withstand any more storms. After much weighing, Edgar agreed to Billy’s request, and the black color disappeared into the night. The sound of police sirens has been heard in the distance, and the explosion has alarmed the fire station. When they come to the scene to fight the fire, they will definitely find the drug manufacturing room hidden in the basement. You can’t stay here for long. Billy, Marvin, and Huey said goodbye to Judy who was going to another place and embarked on the road back to New York.

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