You Are My Only Love

More than loveOther Name: 岂止钟情, You Are My Only Love Genres: manhua, romanceAuthors: Cen Li, Jinjiang Literature City, Origin Grid ComicsChapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related Show: Description:Anyone who knows Sheng Yu knows that he is very lazy, […]

About my god stick master

About my god stick master (Manga)Other Name: 关于我的神棍师父 Genres: manhuaAuthors: Ayu, weightless spaceChapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related Show: Description:Zhang Mo, a young man in the northeast, was cursed and tortured since childhood until […]

The Rational Life (2021) 理智派生活

Rational lifeOther Title: 理智派生活, 理智派生活, The Woman Who Cannot Fall in Love, Li Zhi Pai Sheng Huo, Wu Fa Lian Ai De Li Zhi Pai, 无法恋爱的理智派 Genres: Business, Romance, Drama Episodes: 36Country: ChinaDirector:  Hsu […]