Okaeri Mone

Okaeri MoneOther Title: おかえりモネ Genres: dramaEpisodes: Country: JapanDirector: Ichiki Masae, Kajiwara Toki, Kuwano Tomohiro (桑野智宏), Tsuda Atsuko (津田温子)Writer: Adachi NaokoNetwork: NHKRelease Date: 2021Related Show: Cast: Kiyohara Kaya as Nagaura Momone (Heroine) Uchino Seiyo as Nagaura Koji (Momone’s father) […]

Masquerade Hotel

Masquerade HotelAlso known as: Mask Hotel / 假面饭店 / マスカレード・ホテル Genre: Drama, Mystery, CrimeCountry: JapanDirector: Suzuki MasayukiWriter:Release Date: February 8, 2020 (Thailand)Related Show: Cast: Ren Ishikawa as Kawamoto Masami Nagasawa […]

This Wife is Really Difficult

This wife is really difficult (Manga)Other Name: 这个老婆真难搞 Genres: manga, romanceAuthors: Zeng Jian Chapter: ongoingYear: 2020Related Show: Description:This is a miracle born by coincidence, and also a story of misunderstanding. The fate of two parallel […]

Raised by Wolves S1 Episodes 1 – 10

Episode 1 In the 22nd century, two androids, Mother and Father, escape an Earth devastated by war between militant atheists and a religious order known as the Mithraic to colonize […]

Raised by Wolves Season 1

Raised by Wolves Season 1Other Title: สงครามศาสนา Vs. เอทิสต์ ผ่านปรัชญาไซไฟในตัวแอนดรอยด์ Genres: drama, Science fictionEpisodes: 10Country: United StatesDirector: Ridley Scott (Alien, Prometheus)Writer: Network: HBO MaxRelease Date: September 3, 2020Related Show: Cast: Amanda Collin as Mother, an android Abubakar Salim […]

Dungeon Reset

Dungeon Reset (Manga)Other Name: 던전 리셋 Genres: manga, Action, Adventure, FantasyAuthors: Ant studio – DaulChapter: 40+Year: 2019Related Show: Description:Once it starts up, the dungeon goes through a process called “Reset […]

The Library Needs A Witch

The Library Needs A Witch (Manga)Other Name: 도서관에는 마녀가 필요하다 Genres: manga, Historical, Mystery, Romance, WebtoonsAuthors: Lee Cheong,NaribiChapter: 40+Year: 2019Related Show: Description:A sudden arrival of letter to her one fine […]

Chaos World Prisoners Love – My Bad Marshal

Chaos World Prisoners Love – My Bad Marshal (Manga)Other Name: 乱世囚宠:我的不良少帅, Chaos World Prisoners Love – My Bad Marshal, 乱世囚宠:我的不良少帅 Genres: manga, Drama, Manhua, Psychological, Romance, ShoujoAuthors: Liuyuexue StudioChapter: 82+Year: […]

Bei Dou (2022)

Bei DouOther Title: 北斗 Genres: drama, Historical, mysteryEpisodes: Country: ChinaDirector:  Zhu Yi Ran (朱翌冉)Writer: Network: Release Date: 2022Related Show: Bei Dou (北斗) by Meng Xi Shi Cast: Synopsis:Bei Dou 北斗

Daddy President Is Awesome (Manga)

Daddy President Is AwesomeOther Name: Zong Cai Die Di Chao Gei Li / 总裁爹地超给力 Genres: Manhua, Romance, Slice of LifeAuthors: Zhang Yue TuChapter: 70+Year: 2019Related Show: Summary:A paper divorce was […]

President’s Priceless Wife (Manga)

President’s Priceless WifeOther Name: President’s Priceless Wife / CEO and the Apple of His Eye / Zong Cai De Tian Jia Meng Qi / 總裁的天價萌妻 Genres: Romance, Slice of LifeAuthors: […]

Joy of Life: Season 2 (2022) 庆余年 2

Joy of Life: Season 2 (2022)Other Title: Qing’s Remaining Years / Qing Yu Nian 2 / Thankful for the Remaining Years Season 2 / 庆余年 第二季 / หาญท้าชะตาฟ้า ปริศนายุทธจักร Genres: […]

Sweet flash marriage: husband, spoiled

Sweet flash marriage: husband, spoiled (Novel)Other Name: 闪婚甜蜜蜜:老公,放肆宠 Genre: novelAuthor: Shu XiaYear: 20XXChapter: XXRelated story: Summary:Gu Xi confusedly married the emperor Yu Tingchen of City A, and was squeezed every day since. A few people […]