God doctor phoenix 神醫凰後 (2019)

God doctor phoenix (2019)Other Title: 神醫凰後 / God doctor phoenix Genres: costumes, dramaEpisodes: Country: China MainlandDirector: Chen JialinWriter: Yao NanNetwork: Release Date: 2019Related Show: Cast: Yang Beyond Xu Kaiwei Synopsis:The […]

Crane Became & Foxtrel 仙鹤戏狐妖 (2019)

Crane Became & Foxtrel 仙鹤戏狐妖 (2019) Also known as: 仙鹤戏狐妖 / Xian He Xi Hu Yao / Crane Immortal and Fox Demon Genre: Drama, Action, FantasyCountry: China MainlandDirector: Wang WeiWriter: […]

Adventurous Romance Episode 8

Liu Xinyu was under house arrest and Li Yu wanted to be combined with Liu Xinyu Zhao Yingna found out that the morning shackles were derailed, and the company that […]

Adventurous Romance Episode 7

Liu Xinyu and Zhao Yingna are alone, and they are thinking about the thousands of years and dialing the phone number of the thousand. Qian Shiyi did not answer Liu […]

Adventurous Romance Episode 6

In order to protect the world, Liu Xinyu agreed to write a letter of guarantee and will no longer be in contact with the world. After signing the word, Liu […]

Adventurous Romance Episode 5

Liu Xinyu and Qian Shizhen are in love with Chenxi, implanting chips in the brain Liu Xinyu dressed as a woman sang on the stage, singing beautifully, and listening to […]

Flip In Summer Episode 36 End

Xia Dad told Xia Wenzhao that he never gave up looking for them, but he could not find it. Just when he was disheartened, he saw the summer mother on […]

Flip In Summer Episode 35

Lin Corneille break Xia Wenxi meet with father. Gao Gongping could n’t help but think that the other three people all had dreams. It’s true that he really has no […]

Flip In Summer Episode 34

However, Tao Lesi is not the same for Gao Gongping. Gao Gongping first met Tao Les, and she believed in her 100% and liked to be with her. Tao Lesi […]

Flip In Summer Episode 33

Xia Wenqi ordered a lot of barbecues, and he was not happy to eat. The Tao Les, who was with him, knew that Xia Wenqi was not happy because Lin […]

Flip In Summer Episode 32

After Xia Wenzhao finished the necessities of the nursing home, he also sent a specially customized silver tableware for the blue velvet restaurant. The clothes that Tao Lesi tried in […]

Flip In Summer Episode 31

The swimming team and the diving team came to the beach and had a beach volleyball match. Ding Ye told Xia Wenjun that an excellent diving player should not care […]

Flip In Summer Episode 30

Tao Lesi went to Fu Xia Wen, and found that he was very cold. Tao Lesi went to the hospital with Xia Wenqi, and there was heavy rain on the […]