Tian Guan Ci Fu (Heaven Official’s Blessing)

Tian Guan Ci Fu (Heaven Official’s Blessing) (Anime)Other Name: Heaven Official’s Blessing, TGCF, 天官赐福 Genres:  Action, Adventure, Historical, Supernatural, DramaEpisodes: 11Country: ChinaProducers:Network: bilibiliReleased: Oct 31, 2020 to Jan 2, 2021Related Show:  Synopsis:Disgraced Crown Prince […]

Wolf on the Brocade

Smoke on the cake (Novel)Other Name: 锦上狼烟, Wolf Smoke on the Brocade, Wolf on the Brocade Genre: novel, HistoryAuthor: Xiao Long BaoYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Nie Xun is a prince of […]

Muyuan Blood Drops

Muyuan Blood Drops (Novel)Other Name: 木鸳血滴子, Mu Yuan Xue Di Zi Genre: novel, HistoryAuthor: Su QiwenYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:At the end of the Ming Dynasty, General Yuan Chonghuan was imprisoned in […]