Dylan Kuo 郭品超 (Actor)

Dylan Kuo (Actor)Other Name: 郭品超 / Pin Chao / Guo / Dylan Kuo / Irons Kwok / Kwok Pin Chao / Guo Pin Chao Nationality: TaiwaneseGender: MaleBorn: June 8, 1977Occupation: […]

The Great Lord 大主宰 Episode 26 Recap

Luoli didn’t want Muchen to take risks, but now they have no time to wait. Luoli and Jiuyou decided to accompany Muchen into Bailong’s consciousness, leaving Baitong to be responsible […]

The Great Lord 大主宰 Episode 25 Recap

Tan Qingshan and others cooperated with the Beibei Dragon to repair the Bei Cang Ling Zhen, and soon strengthened the original Ling Zhen. Although the northern Cangling courtyard was quiet, […]

The Great Lord 大主宰 Episode 24 Recap

Bai Xuan quickly sent someone to explore the whereabouts of Jiu You, and Mu Chen found that Bai Fu’s descendants were some puppets. Bai Xuan told Muchen that spiritual power […]