Leng Wang Xiao Chong: Concubine Concubine

Novel: Leng Wang Xiao Chong: Concubine Concubine (冷王枭宠:庶女嫡妃) Type: Rebirth through time Author: Curtain Curtain West Crazy Role: Murong Jing Su Liu’s The novel “Leng Wang Xiao Chong: Concubine Concubine” […]

My Flame Blue (Tong Yan Jiang Shaoyang)

Novel: My Flame Blue, 我的火焰蓝(童颜蒋少阳) Type: Modern Romance Author: monster truck z Character: Tong Yan Jiang Shaoyang Do you like to read novels classified by modern romance? Don’t miss a […]