The Justice 光芒 Episode 32 Recap

Liao Lan and Gao Dayong gave Cheng Yizhi a Stick’s cane. Cheng Yizhi couldn’t put it down. Liao Lan accidentally said that Wu Lizi and Cheng Yizhi were living together, […]

The Justice 光芒 Episode 31 Recap

Wu Lizi sent Cheng Yizhi home. Cheng Yizhi was unwilling to spend the second half of his life in a wheelchair. He seized all the time to practice. He wanted […]

The Justice 光芒 Episode 29 Recap

Dai Ailing asked Cheng Yizhi to tell her family clearly, and Cheng Yizhi fully agreed. When Wu Lizi saw the news of Dai Ailing’s engagement, her heart was mixed. Cheng […]

The Justice 光芒 Episode 30 Recap

Huang Ruhong promised to wait for Cheng Yizhi in the study until noon tomorrow. Cheng Yizhi held his mother’s ashes and squatted on the ground, crying. Cheng Yizhi was desperate […]