You Are the Miracle (2019) Episode 1 Recap

Chen Meng is a student in the investigation graduating class, but whether she is a pre-trial or writing, intelligence materials, basic theory, etc., she is all in subjects, only in […]

Blossom in Heart Episode 41 Recap

Yuet Hin pick Lens years back in the car asked in his childhood Kun Yang’s appearance, Lens told him in a city and there is not much change, people change […]

Walk Into Your Memory Episode 21 Recap

Long Haoqian Anning Breaks Up With Ma Menlu Unexpectedly PregnantAn Ning told Long Haoqian that neither she nor him was suitable for her character or family. After separation, she would […]

Walk Into Your Memory Episode 19 Recap

Dance studio, tranquility and summer to come and dance rehearsals, in the summer I do not know why a personality change tranquil, peaceful and did not conceal the summer, she […]

Walk Into Your Memory Episode 18 Recap

Long Hao Qian and tranquility are joking car, suddenly a screeching halt met Pengci. Uncle Long Haoqian grabbed Long Haoqian’s legs and demanded money. Anning knew in the car that […]

Walk Into Your Memory Episode 17

An Ning accidentally hit a young boy while walking on the road. She was distressed to see the little boy’s hands were full of wounds. The young boy turned and […]

Rush into Danger (2019) Episode 6 Recap

The red-haired man spoke to the police and said he only needed cash. His comrades told him dissatisfied, didn’t he just wait for someone to grab the treasury, and how […]