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Black Robe Pickets S2 Episode 1

After the death of Vice President Madeleine, the Water Group entered a new era. Externally, President Edgar personally negotiated with the Department of Defense to help the US military eradicate super terrorists scattered around the world at a price of tens of billions of dollars a year. Internally, the mayors of various places have to spend large sums of money to hire superheroes to maintain law and order. Under the full operation of the public relations department, a simulation video of Billy insulting Madeleine insulting and pressing the detonation button was repeatedly broadcast on the Internet.

The government also cooperated with the Walter Group and his associates to implement a nationwide wanted. Taking advantage of this rare opportunity, the Water Group made the news of the death open and transparent. The people of the motherland gave heart-warming speeches at the funeral and embarked on a sexy line of starlight singing. Xingguang has become a red man of the Water Group at this time, and has the potential to surpass Queen Maeve and become the new partner of the motherland. But her heart is very clear, she is not Starlight, but Annie.

From an official point of view, in the process of fighting against terrorists like Naqib, Billy and others, the Transparent Man was killed and the Locomotive was in a coma. In addition, due to the scandal sent to the deep sea of ​​Ohio, the Super Sevens are seriously short of manpower, and there is an urgent need for people like Madeleine to preside over the selection work.

The motherlander strongly recommended Ashley, the former assistant vice president, to the president Edgar, which was approved. Ashley can be said to be grateful to the people of Bole’s motherland, but she soon understood that she was just a puppet, and all major issues in the group could only be dealt with, and the motherland people had to decide.

The self-reliance of the people of the motherland is an important asset of the group, and no one dares to disobey their orders. But he was wrong. President Edgar decided on the new candidate for the Sevens without notifying him. The people of the motherland seemed calm with anger and walked into the president’s office on the 87th floor.

In the face of the motherland people who can easily crush people into powder, Edgar is calm and composed. In his view, Water Group is a pharmaceutical company, not a superhero vendor. At the end of World War II, Compound 1 produced thousands of brave fighters and eliminated hundreds of thousands of enemies.

Today, the compound has been improved to the 5th generation, and superheroes have emerged. Therefore, the natives who can bring billions of dollars in revenue to the group every year are nothing but the company’s best product to sell. Products can be substituted, and the formula of the compound is the foundation of the group. The people of the motherland were speechless and did not dare to make trouble, so they could only force their anger to leave and flew to their son, seeking comfort.

Annie is now very popular, but Huey ends up hiding in a dirty basement. Billy’s life or death is unknown, and the team members are wanted again with nowhere to stay. Based on his relationship with the underworld, Frankie found a den to live in. Normally, Frank continued to do his arms business, and Himiko acted as a bodyguard from time to time. Marvin has worked as a military doctor, and has a good surgical skills to help the underworld elements deal with gunshot wounds. Only Huey had nothing to do, wandering around.

In fact, Huey has his own ideas. The absence of Billy does not mean that the previous mission has been suspended. He still keeps secret contact with Annie, collecting all clues about Compound V, to make the crimes of the Water Group public. However, since Edgar took charge, the management of Compound V has become more and more strict, and even Xingguang cannot approach the core laboratory of the group, let alone obtain samples.

Huey tried his best to get a piece of information. He was a laboratory tester. Perhaps Starlight could get Compound V from him. After sending the information to Starlight, Huey went back to the basement, waiting for news. After a while, there was a commotion, and a guy covered in blood was brought over by someone. It was a crew member of the smuggling boat, and an accident happened on the dock.

The boat is Frankie’s, so naturally it can’t get rid of it. Frankie, Himiko, Marvin and Huey rushed to the pier, only to see the smuggling boat collapsing on the shore. From the surveillance, it was seen that the ship was used to enter the country through a private port. After getting out of the cabin, an Asian man did not hide in the warehouse as honestly as the others. Instead, he raised his hands, lifted the hull of the ship with his mind, and threw it at the vicious smuggler before disappearing into the night.

Himiko seems to know something, but she only knows a few words, the “boy” written on the paper, and the origami in her hands. Frankie didn’t understand what it meant and didn’t have time to figure it out. Huey offered to ask Annie for help, and Marvin immediately opposed it. The only person who can ask for help is Susan, the deputy director of the CIA, and they have agreed to meet at the abandoned factory.

Hearing that super terrorists entered the United States through smuggling, Susan suddenly realized that the last piece of the puzzle was finally found. The whole picture is the internal conflict of the Water Group. But before the voice was over, Susan’s head exploded and she was killed on the spot.

Marvin, Frankie, and Huey were so scared that they got into the car and fled. After waiting for a long time, there was no chaser behind the car. It seems that Susan was implanted with some kind of explosive without knowing it, and it would explode as long as he said some keywords. Huey, in a panic, received a call from Annie, and things were getting better.

The person on the profile knows Annie, and she has participated in a charity meeting in Izkir before. He is called a gecko, named after his body can regenerate like a gecko’s tail. His job is to serve as a test product in the Water Group laboratory, and he has another side job in private, collecting money to meet the various perverted requirements of sadists. Annie filmed those unsightly videos to force the gecko to steal Compound V reagent from the laboratory.

Seeing the head of the deputy director of the CIA explode like an egg in a microwave oven, the fear of Walter in his heart has overcome his original ambition. Huey has repeatedly emphasized the need to proceed with caution and not to act rashly. This kind of rhetoric wiped out the passion in Annie’s heart. She didn’t understand what Huey had experienced in just a few days. No one knows how things will go on.

Huey hung up Annie’s phone, feeling lost. At this time, the guard of the den was thrown down the stairs. Everyone raised their guns and aimed at the entrance of the basement. The sound of going downstairs became louder and louder, and Billy appeared in front of the former team with his duffel bag, and the captain returned.

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