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Black Robe Pickets S2 Episode 6

A live interview of Walter’s new film was shown on TV. Just watching the eyes of the Motherlander and the Storm Girl met each other, Billy knew that the two guys had hooked up. Another thing that happened on the set, Billy may not have guessed, Deep Sea is back. Deep Sea came to the set in the name of visiting old friends.

There are two purposes here. One is to give Maeve what he found from the bottom of the Atlantic, in exchange for a chance to return to the Super Sevens. He didn’t know Maeve’s purpose in looking for the black gate of the flight that crashed into the sea, only a waterproof camera. The last farewell scene of the passengers and their families in the camera clearly records the evil deeds of the motherland people, which is Maeve’s bargaining chip to protect herself and Irina.

The second purpose of Deep Sea is to recruit locomotives for Jizhong Church, both of whom are teammates sitting on the bench. Deep Sea has received a lot of support from Jizhong Church and restored its support rate among women through various operations. Now Locomotive is facing the same situation, not to mention that the church knows everything. Locomotive has long been aware of its debts and overdose injections. Locomotive has no capital to refuse.

Billy ate the oatmeal in his mouthfuls and glanced contemptuously at the natives interviewed by the media on TV. At this time, Huey led Anne into the basement. With Frankie’s help, the tracker Annie implanted has been taken out, so there is no need to worry about exposing the target. Everyone is very friendly to Annie, especially Himiko, except for Billy who hates superhumans from the bottom of his heart.

Annie talked about the mail she saw in the female storm trailer. After investigation, the “Sage’s Grove” was an extremely secretive mental hospital located in the wilderness. It was affiliated to the global health agency and funded by the Water Group. Needless to say, there must be hidden secrets inside. A group of people drove a van to the outskirts of the hospital, and saw that the entire hospital was surrounded by a high-voltage power grid, and the only entrance was guarded by armed guards.

Billy is a wanted man, Anne is too risky, and Huey is worried that Anne is alone with Billy, so the task of sneaking into the hospital is given to Marvin, Frankie and Himiko. The stars glowed with a high temperature, and a hole was melted in the power grid. The three people put on the uniforms of cleaners and entered the hospital through the back door.

Marvin has medical experience and is fairly familiar with the hospital. He lied to open the door of the central control room, and Frankie took action to fix the guard inside. In the room, more than ten monitors were installed on one wall, and each monitor was a ward. Those patients were obviously different from ordinary people. Some were floating in the air, some changed their shapes, and some were spitting sour juice.

Suddenly, the door of a ward opened, and the Storm Girl and the nurse walked in. Marvin and Frank hurriedly calmed Himiko to avoid trouble. But Marvin felt that the nurse was familiar, but he couldn’t remember it for a while. Marvin and Frankie realized that he was the lamplighter who burned Mallory’s grandson until the lady of the storm gave a wink and the caregiver took out a lighter and sprayed flames from his palms to burn the patient to death.

Frankie was furious, and he was about to rush out of the control room when he pulled out his gun. Marvin hurriedly stopped, today’s task is to steal information, not revenge. After Frankie calmed down, together with Marvin, he unplugged the hard drive from the server. Just as the three of them were about to flee, they encountered an oncoming lamplighter in the corridor. Frankie’s angry eyes revealed his identity, and the lighter took out the lighter with his left hand, and placed his right hand behind the lighter, and a blaze pounced.

Frankie avoided swiftly, and the flames directly hit the door of the ward behind him. The door was burned and Cindy, the patient inside, walked out silently, staring at everyone. At first, Frankie didn’t understand why the lamplighter would make his hands tremble at the sight of Cindy, who was as pale as paper. Later, he saw Cindy clenching his fists in the air, and a guard was flying like a squeezed balloon. It turned out that Cindy had a strong mind.

Cindy squeezed both hands, and the ward doors on both sides of the corridor deformed and broke. So many monsters came out, and the lamplighter ran away in fright. Marvin and others did not dare to neglect, and followed closely. The four escaped into the control room and locked the door. Seen from the monitor, the whole hospital has become a mess, and the doctors and nurses are all spared. It is impossible for the lamplighter to escape by his own ability, only to join hands with Himiko, there may be a glimmer of hope.

Billy outside the hospital also noticed something unusual, but he couldn’t contact Marvin and didn’t know what happened. A patient appeared silently. Just as Billy wanted to comfort him a few words, the man sent out electromagnetic shock waves and overturned Billy and Annie to the ground. The truck on the side turned a few somersaults before stopping. Billy drew his gun and shot the man, Annie ran to the truck to check Huey in the car.

A piece of metal pierced Huey’s abdomen deeply, and Annie wanted to burn the wound with high temperature to avoid blood loss. But the truck battery has been damaged by electromagnetic waves, and Annie can’t absorb electricity, so she can’t use superpowers. Billy had never seen such a useless superpower. In desperation, he could only set up Huey, who was in a coma, and walked towards the highway.

Annie stopped a car, but Billy’s ferocious appearance, coupled with the bleeding Huey, the driver took out the pistol from the glove box, and Billy was not allowed to approach. The situation was urgent, and Annie couldn’t help but blinked her eyes and drew the electric energy from the vehicle’s battery, knocking the driver to the ground. Billy jumped into the car and glanced at Annie in the back row in the mirror. Annie can avoid killing innocents, and Billy’s understanding of her has changed a bit.

At this time, the four people in the hospital stumbled and fled into the medical room with a large amount of medicine stored in it. With Frankie’s ability, he is confident that he can formulate an anesthetic that is enough to subdue superhuman beings. During the preparation process, he couldn’t help asking questions that had been hidden in his heart for many years, why he had to burn Mallory’s grandson.

The lamplighter had a dim expression. As a member of the Super Sevens, Mallory was intimidated by Mallory to spy on the intelligence of the Water Group. But he was unwilling to be controlled by others, so he sneaked into Mallory’s house in the dark and burned Mallory’s bedroom. Unexpectedly, the bed in the bedroom was not Mallory, but the children waiting for grandma to come back and tell the story. The lamplighter felt guilty for this, faded out of public sight, and was arranged by the Water Group to be responsible for destroying evidence.

The lamplighter had not told anyone about this. What he didn’t understand was why Frankie who followed him at the time could not prevent the tragedy from happening. Frankie was silent. Eight years ago, he and his buddies Shirley and Jay were still in three societies, and they were not without troublesome crimes. Five years ago, three people were arrested. In order to prevent the buddies from being sent to prison, Frank accepts Mallory’s recruitment and, with his flexible mind, joins the secret squad against superhuman beings. After Mallory threatened the lighter, he was ordered to follow him to prevent accidents.

That night, Frankie followed the lamplighter outside the nightclub. He received a call from Xue Li, Jay is dying of drug overdose and needs urgent treatment. With missions on one side and friendship on the other, Frankie thought that the lamplighter would stay in the nightclub, so he ventured back to his place and rescued Jay. Whoever thinks, it’s just half an hour’s effort that the lamplighter will slip through the back door and take revenge on Mallory. The irony is that Jay took another drug overdose a few months later, eventually killing him.

The Lamplighter and Frankie lived with their own guilt, and now they say it, but feel a lot easier. After the anesthetic preparation was completed, the four rushed out of the room, approached the door, and saw Cindy standing at the door. The four of them hid under the front desk, Frankie threw out the gas canister in his hand, but Cindy easily closed the gas mouth, and the anesthetic gas inside had no time to spray.

The four of them hid under the front desk, shivering, as if fate was already destined. Suddenly, with a scream, Cindy was hit by several arcs and collapsed to the ground. The Storm Lady arrived, shouting the name of the lamplighter. The lamplighter flashed out from under the front desk and shifted the responsibility to the doctor in the hospital who had been torn apart. The Storm Girl didn’t have any doubts, and the top priority was to clean up all the patients in the hospital.

Marvin drove the hospital ambulance and escaped from the front door. As the car drove deep into the woods, Frankie called Mallory himself. Mallory drove up, Frankie and Himiko opened the door of the ambulance, and the lighter sat motionless in it. The lamplighter calmly faced Mallory’s gun, and death was a relief to him. Frankie on the side urged Mallory to reconsider.

At present, it is known that the Water Group is using adults in the hospital to conduct experiments to continuously improve Compound V so that it can produce superhumans in large quantities. The purpose of the Water Group is not yet known. There is another way of atonement for leaving the lamplighter.

After clearing the hospital, the Storm Girl returned to the Water Building. The motherland had been waiting in her apartment for a long time. Today, the storm girl said that she was attending a media meeting and left the set. But the people of the motherland have asked, no one has seen the storm woman. After many betrayals, under the seemingly tough appearance of the motherland people, a fragile glass heart was hit again. He thought that the Storm Lady had another lover, and the Storm Lady showed his sincerity and took out a stack of photos.

The first is a photo of Storm Woman with an old man. It is her young daughter who died of Alzheimer’s disease three years ago. The following photos are more and more frightening to the people of the motherland. The Storm Girl was born in Berlin in 1919 and became acquainted with Nazi Himmler and Goebbels during World War II.

Later, she married Federico, founder of Water Group, and it was the first time that Federico successfully injected Compound V for her. Federico believes in Nazism, and the Storm Woman must inherit his legacy, create an army of millions of superhuman beings, and regain the cultural hegemony of the Third Reich. The leader who can lead this army in the future is none other than a native of the motherland.

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