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Black Robe Pickets S2 Episode 8 End

The bloodbath of the hearing has not been able to find out the cause, the people are panicked, the president was forced to declare a national emergency. With the atmosphere of unknown super terrorists, the Water Group took the opportunity to promote the legalization of Compound V. Signed a large order with the Ministry of National Defense, the Immigration Bureau and other departments at a price of five million US dollars each, and the stock price skyrocketed.

But a bright future does not mean that President Edgar can relax his mind, because he doesn’t know who can smash others’ heads remotely. Now the lamplighter has become a scorched corpse, the black color has become a vegetable, and the starlight has defected. For this reason, he urgently needs to talk to the churches and let Deep Sea return to the seven-man team to make up for the vacancy of the shock wave and strengthen his own strength as much as possible.

The price offered by Jizhong Church was acceptable, but the locomotive still couldn’t go back. Because the Storm Girl actually controls the seven-man team, she is so worried about Lokomotiv’s arrogance and will naturally not accept it. In fact, Edgar and the leader knew that the Storm Girl, who was born in the Nazis, could not allow the black locomotive to appear in the Sevens. Moreover, sooner or later this cruel woman will look at Edgar, who is also black.

The basement is also full of turmoil. Frankie and Marvin try to collect as many heavy weapons as possible. Who knows if the bully is Walt’s secret weapon. To prevent Compound V from flowing to the market, the hearing must continue. The lamplighter and the doctor are gone, Starlight thinks about it, only to find Maeve, who has a conscience. But Maeve categorically refused, and at this moment, going to mess with Edgar, the motherland and the storm girl is seeking her own death.

At this moment, a woman yelled outside the door of the pawnshop to find Billy. It turned out to be Beggar. After Ryan was taken away by the motherland, she followed Billy’s route to escape the high wall and searched for it. Frankie, Marvin, and Himiko surrounded Bega and looked at this strange woman who could make Billy go through fire and water with admiring eyes.

Billy is obliged to find his son for Beccard. But he had his own plan in his heart. After retrieving Ryan, he would not give it to Bega, but Edgar. When Billy met Edgar, Edgar readily agreed. Begat is not important anymore, Ryan is his bargaining chip to coerce the people of the motherland. So Billy got Ryan’s whereabouts easily and agreed to notify Edgar if he succeeded.

Ryan was placed in the secret safe house of the Water Group. The Motherland and the Storm Lady were by his side most of the time. It was not easy to deal with two superhumans at the same time. Unexpectedly, God took care of him, and a great opportunity was sent to Billy. Just when Xingguang and Huey returned disappointed, the locomotive suddenly rushed into the moving car. If he wanted to return to the Seven-player team, he had to drive away the Storm Lady. The churches collected a lot of super-human black materials. In just a few seconds, he found the Storm Lady’s archives from the mountain of information.

Billy took the Storm Lady’s file from Starlight, opened it and looked overjoyed, and immediately asked Frankie to take a photo and send it to the major media. Afterwards, everyone picked up the equipment they had prepared and went to the safe house. Not far from the safe house, they waited quietly. Sure enough, the Storm Lady passed through the air and flew towards New York. It seems that those photos of her with Hitler and Goebbels have stepped on her sore feet.

Billy turned on the power and the speakers placed in the woods played ultra-low frequency sound waves. Normal people can’t hear this frequency, but the motherland people and Ryan who are sensitive to hearing are harsh noises. When the natives flew out to find the source of the sound, Becca ran into the safe house with Billy carrying soundproof headphones. Seeing Bega’s eyes, Billy’s conscience realized that mother and son should not be separated.

As Billy changed his mind temporarily, after receiving Billy’s call, the action team arranged by Edgar rushed into the safe house, but failed to find Ryan, but was blocked by the motherland. When the people of the motherland saw this battle, they knew that Edgar had sent them to kidnap Ryan. But even if the natives cut them in half with laser eyes, they could not tell where Ryan was.

Billy knew he was only soft-hearted for a while, and Ryan couldn’t stay with him. He asked Marvin to escort Bega and Ryan to Mallorina. Only Mallory could protect them. Surprisingly, the Storm Girl descended from the sky and overturned the vehicle with both hands. Although the storm woman is extremely angry, she clearly has a plan to adjust the tiger away from the mountain.

Billy rescued Becca and Ryan from the car and ran to the woods. Others stood in front of the Storm Lady and tried to buy as much time as possible. Those heavy weapons are useless, only relying on Starlight and Himiko. The three superhumans are grouped together, the Storm Girl has the upper hand, Starlight and Himiko have nothing but to fight against.

But when Maeve joined the battle group, the situation changed. The Storm Girl was knocked to the ground, and Maeve, Xingguang and Himiko raised their legs and kicked. Marvin, Huey, and Frankie were stunned as they watched the vixen fighting gang fight in front of them.

Seeing that the situation was not good, the Storm Lady flew up into the air and flew in the direction Billy had fled. The Storm Girl stood in front of Billy, and the two mortals couldn’t stop her at all. Bega was pushed against the tree, only feeling her neck tightening and breathing more and more difficult. Billy fired the gun in vain, picked up the crowbar and slammed it at the back of the storm woman. Ryan was crying in a low voice, begging Stormgirl to let go.

The crying slowly became lighter, a red light flashed across, and the storm woman’s feet and hands were severed, her whole body was burned, and she fell to the ground dying. But Ryan, who used his vision for the first time, also hurt his mother, Becca. Before his death, Becca begged Billy to protect Ryan.

The people of the motherland flew over, saw the girl of the storm lying on the ground, and looked at Ryan who couldn’t help apologizing to his mother. What made him even more unexpected was that Ryan would hide behind Billy. The motherland’s popularity was extremely anti-laughing, and in that case, he tore Billy to pieces.

As soon as the natives took a step towards Billy, they were stopped by Maeve’s voice behind him. Maeve took out the phone and played the video extracted from the waterproof camera. If this video is not exposed, the people of the motherland must accept three conditions. One is to let go of Billy and Ryan, the second is to let go of Irina, and the third is to let go of the stars.

In the media center of the Water Building, media reporters gathered. President Edgar issued a statement accusing Stormgirl of planning a terrorist attack on Washington and is the only perpetrator. In view of the atrocities of the Storm Lady, the release of Compound V was postponed indefinitely. Xingguang has returned to the Sevens due to being framed by the Storm Girl. In addition, Maeve once again became the “close” comrade-in-arms of the motherland. The locomotive that betrayed the Storm Girl turned into an anti-Nazi hero and took the return spot from the deep sea.

Billy handed Ryan to Mallory, and his protection of Ryan made Xingguang regain his faith, believing that there is a higher power. The White House established the Superhuman Affairs Office, and the director is the Victorian Senator who has persistently criticized the Water Group for many years. Under Mallory’s operation, all the charges carried by Billy and others were dropped and their freedom was regained. Victoria will also provide funds to secretly form a team to monitor superhuman beings.

Everyone thinks that the Storm Lady is the one who created the bloody hearing, even the leader of the gathering church. Judging from the current situation, the best way is to use the superhuman black material in your hands to curry favor with Victoria, the new superhuman affairs director, in exchange for the church’s tax-exempt status. When he had just ended a pleasant conversation with Victoria, his head exploded to pieces before the phone was hung up.

At this moment, Victoria was standing outside the main church building, staring at the scarlet blood on the window of the teacher’s office from a distance, with a sneer on her face. No one knew that Victoria was a superhuman, let alone that she was the frightening bully. Victoria returned to the office casually and unexpectedly saw Huey sitting in it. Huey wants to join the Office of Transhuman Affairs and continue to fight Water, but Victoria can’t help it.

End of this season

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