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Bankrupt Sisters Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

Max has a habit: I don’t want to know the name of my one-night boyfriend, because she thinks this will affect the “pure” feeling between two people. But this day, Caroline destroyed Max’s “regulations”, not only let them know each other’s names, but also left contact with each other – this “Tuesday boyfriend” is called Sebastian Sabastian.

The next day, Sebastian sent a text message to invite Max to watch him play the disc. Although Max was reluctant, Caroline said that she had not attended the dance for a long time. Max eventually reluctantly agreed. But after arriving at the address given by Sebastian, the sisters found that they were a full-food supermarket. When Caroline was ready to enter the supermarket and asked where the ballroom was, he was surprised to find that Sebastian was standing on the DJ stage in the middle of the supermarket. Max was very disappointed, and after turning down Caroline, he turned and left.

On Tuesday, Max’s gunners did not arrive as scheduled. Max felt that Caroline had destroyed everything. But Caroline said that Max’s attitude of dispelling Sebastian’s work caused such a result, and revealed that Max had done the same disgraceful work. Finally, Max promised to go to the Whole Foods Supermarket to find Sebastian once.

In the supermarket, Max and Sebastian regained their favor, but Caroline met her former rival, Hilary Wardell. Hillary opened a line up about Carolyn’s bankruptcy in order to humiliate Caroline. Caroline was afraid that Hillary would see her embarrassed look, so she hid. Unfortunately, Caroline was still met by Hillary, and Caroline, who had a disadvantage in the war of words, was very lost. But at this time, the supermarket a broadcast of “Hillary Ward, please go to the cashier at the cashier at the 3rd.” Carolyn knew that Hillary was too bad, so she decided to humiliate. She avenged her. But at the checkout, Caroline found that all her savings – $-14 was not enough. At this time, Auntie walked over to Caroline and asked if the $20 was lost, helping Caroline solve the problem. .

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