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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 17 Preview

After finishing the day’s work, the slightly tired Lesler ran into his long-awaited brother Robbie before he even entered the door. Robbie brought news that a wasteland in his hometown was going to be developed and built into a shopping mall. Once construction starts, the secrets hidden under the plot will be exposed to the world. Lesler’s face changed drastically, and he drove back to his hometown Detroit overnight without even thinking about it.

The secret that Lesler was worried about came from 1955, when he was in his third year of high school. Unlike other people’s imaginations, Lesler had no intention of learning at the time, fooling around with unscrupulous young people all day long, skipping classes and dropping courses was commonplace. Robbie is aspiring to become a policeman like his father Bob did. After graduating from high school, he actively applied to the police academy and worked hard to study the law. This year is doomed to be an unfortunate year. His father’s partner in the police station, Tom, solemnly rang the doorbell, and Bob was attacked and killed while on duty. After receiving the bad news, the whole family fell into grief.

At the memorial service, relatives, friends, and colleagues from the police station all came to comfort the grieving mother. Robbie sat on the stairs helplessly. Lesler hid in the garage, drinking sip after bite, hoping it was just a nightmare after waking up from the drunk. At this moment, he suddenly heard Tom coming out of the house and talking to the person on the phone as he walked towards an empty corner. Listening to the content, like it was about the death of his father, Tom repeatedly confirmed to the other party that he hadn’t left any footwork. Lesler was so excited, he sobered up a lot, and he understood a little in his heart.

That night, Lesler stole the pistol left by his father and turned into Tom’s house, trying to find evidence. Unexpectedly, his little movements were discovered by Tom long ago. Seeing Lesler’s hand shaking his gun, Tom laughed contemptuously. In his eyes, Bob is a strong man, and he will kill his life if he refuses to take black money. Robbie is also very good. Kleisler is just a mess of food and drink, so he has the courage to shoot.

With a shot, Tom looked at the blood hole in his stomach in surprise and fell to the ground with an expression of disbelief. Lesler didn’t know where he had the courage to shoot, and panicked and called Robbie for help. Robbie rushed to the scene and calmly analyzed the situation. Twenty minutes have passed since the shooting was shot and he arrived. The police did not come, indicating that no one heard the gunfire. He told Lesler to go back quickly, wipe off the fingerprints from the gun and put it back. When Lesler left, he removed all traces of the scene, wrapped the corpse in a carpet, and buried it in the wasteland in the dark.

After this incident, Lesler’s temperament changed drastically and he determined to be a policeman. He left his hometown and embarked on the path of life. Robbie stayed and drove an antique car shop to take care of his mother. Unexpectedly, after many years, the old things will happen again. When Lesler came home, he didn’t dare to tell the truth to his mother, but just said that he came to handle a big case.

During the day, the brothers bought shovel, flashlight, and bleach. Wait till night, sneak into the construction site. Robbie counted his steps and confirmed the location of the burial. Excavate the bones and pour bleach into the pit to remove the rancid smell. After clearing the ground, the two together lifted the skeleton in the carpet and put it into the trunk. The car drove to the parking lot behind the bar and threw the shovel and flashlight into the trash can in the alley. Lesler thought it was unconscious, but the sound of a car started from the parking lot, and Robbie’s antique car was driven away.

Robbie looked upset, he didn’t tell Lesler another thing. The antique car dealer lost a lot of money. Six months ago, he inquired about an investment project and borrowed $50,000 from the local Albanian gang. But the progress of the project has been delayed again and again, and the return on investment is far away. Ligunli, now that he owed the gang 150,000 yuan, they dragged the antique car away from the mortgage, even the one Robbie drove.

It didn’t take long for Lesler to receive a call, and Yakov, the gang leader, wanted to see the two brothers. Yakov is a cunning and cunning, and since Robbie brought Lesler home, he sent people to investigate Lesler’s origins. Now that he has a hole card in his hand, he bluntly asked Lesler to take a copy of Document 432 from the 12th Office of the Detroit Joint Investigation Bureau as an agent of the FBI. How could Lesler not understand that the twelfth office kept the information of undercover personnel, and a document was the life of a colleague.

After leaving the gang, Robbie saw Lesler’s distressed expression and told the story of the year. In fact, Tom did not die on the spot. While burying the body, Tom woke up and begged Robbie to spare his life. Robbie did not forgive him, and the shovel in his hand ended up killing his father and his enemy. Robbie concealed this for many years because he was happy to see Lesler on the right path. When the matter is over, he will surrender himself and not let Lesler be embarrassed.

Lesler decided that the two brothers surrendered together, after all, he fired the gun. After receiving the call from Lesler, Elizabeth hurried to the Detroit Field Office. She thought over and over again, reminding Lesler of the consequences of the FBI’s intervention. Lesler was determined, put on a bug, and returned to Yakov’s manor with Robbie. Paying the money and delivering the goods, Robbie confirmed that the bones were still in the trunk, but Yakov found that there were no files in the USB flash drive. The emergency squad was dispatched immediately to quell the gang that harmed the neighbors in one fell swoop.

In the interrogation room, Lesler and Robbie knew very well that Yakov in the interrogation room next door would definitely not let him go. Yakov did report Lesler’s behavior to the FBI, but the investigators did not find any remains in the antique car invited as physical evidence. Surprised, Lesler thought of who was helping him. In any case, a worry was over, and Lesler suddenly felt relieved. In fact, Elizabeth is ill-fated, and Lesler is like a lighthouse in the ocean, always pointing her way. She didn’t want this lighthouse to collapse suddenly because of the impulsive behavior of her youth.

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