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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 11 Preview

eddington called a bunch of old partners to celebrate Denby’s birthday. At this time, a phone call came in and a potential buyer was finally found. What Reddington is selling is a box set stolen from Olympia Gallery a few years ago. This golden box has a set of six, from small to large, and can be stacked one by one like a doll. Its history is at least 600 years earlier than the matryoshka, and it was discovered in Turkey in the 12th century. If the deal is concluded, the huge profits will make Reddington wake up in his dreams.

The things were kept in the underground vault of a coffin shop in Ukraine. Reddington came at the risk of being caught by the rebels and picked up the goods without any risk. Before the transaction, out of security considerations, Reddington sought an expert identification before he knew it was a fake. After a brief period of frustration and anger, he quickly regained his calm and optimism. As long as he found the person who made the fake, he might be able to find the genuine one.

After receiving a call from Reddington, Elizabeth did a research on the art and antique market. The counterfeit alone amounts to 20%, worth tens of billions of dollars. Since the set box is forged, other artworks must be forged. The precious collection of the gallery was re-identified and confirmed that the self-portrait of Judith Lester was also fake.

The painting has been authenticated before the museum accepts the donation, and it is authentic. The curator remembered that after holding the painting for a year, there was a gas pipe explosion in the parking lot, which caused the security system to fail all afternoon. Only this time, the painting is not under surveillance. Alina checked the parking lot surveillance again and found that the explosion of a vehicle near the pipe caused the gas pipe to explode. Tracking down the license plate, the owner is Richard.

Cooper then sent Lesler and Alina to search Richard’s apartment. No one was caught, but the walls and desks were covered with gallery drawings of gas circuits. Elizabeth and Aram also found a motive. A pharmaceutical company under the name of the Fenberg family is undergoing a class action lawsuit. The chief plaintiff is Richard. Richard’s son was a promising rugby player. He became addicted to painkillers after an injury during the game. A year later, he died from an overdose. Coincidentally, the owner of Judith’s self-portrait is the Finberg family, as is the case.

Elizabeth and Lesler rushed to the Finberg mansion to report the case. Old Fenberg’s daughter, Victoria, was responsible for the preservation of the collections in the home, and was very concerned about the case. She also defended Richard in her words, which made the old Fenberg very angry. Elizabeth suggested taking back the collections displayed in various museums and galleries, re-identifying and depositing them in the vault, so as not to give the counterfeiters the opportunity to transfer. Old Fenberg was dissatisfied with this, but he had no other choice.

Aram analyzes the fakes that have appeared, and the forgers are good at works of art from the 19th century and before. Judging by this, the next goal is likely to be the “Hoogstratten” worth 20 million US dollars. Elizabeth indeed saw this painting in the mansion, and immediately called the state police to come to support.

Victoria looked at the collections being packed and shipped in the house, and then at the more and more police outside the house, secretly anxious. She sympathized with Richard and the victims, and used her artistic knowledge to make fakes, sell the authentic ones, and pay them high legal fees. Now that the FBI has seen it through, it is already difficult to repackage “Hogstratten”. She tried to dissuade Richard on the phone, but Richard insisted on following the plan.

Richard, disguised as a porter, jumped out of the truck and was spotted by Elizabeth. Outside the mansion, the police raised guns to arrest the suspect. Inside the mansion, Victoria took advantage of the chaos and replaced it with fakes that she had made for several weeks. Afterwards, it was determined that “Hogstraten” was not authentic. Although he knew that Richard had an accomplice, no one could have imagined that it would be the eldest lady of the Finberg family, Victoria.

Victoria brought “Hoogstratten” to find the middleman, but unexpectedly saw Reddington, who had been waiting for a long time. Readington had previously struggled to find the consignor. Through the investigation of the FBI, he finally started from the self-portrait of Judith and found out that the consignor was Victoria. The box set was Victoria’s first work to test the waters, so without passing the middleman, it is no wonder that Reddington has no clue. Reddington only wanted to find the original box set, and had no interest in Victoria’s righteous extermination. After getting the name of the owner of the original product, take advantage of the opportunity of visiting to make another package transfer.

Victoria visited Richard in the detention center, which was too bold. However, she is also very clear that as long as Reddington does not say, no one can find evidence. Because of this, Lesler was suspicious, but had to let him leave.

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