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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 13 Preview

Readington really wanted to curse Glenn on the phone. It was obvious that the well-designed shipping lanes were shipped to Houston because of the wrong tracking number. That seemingly ordinary pickup truck has 12 million black market price of tritium infiltrated into its body materials, let alone the impact on future business. So Reddington didn’t have the energy to take care of the FBI and kept staring at Glenn trying to get the car back. Unexpectedly, the house leaks in the rain at night, and the dealership that received the car is holding an endurance race. This pickup is a prize for the person who persists the longest. Glenn stood by the car with old arms and legs for more than forty hours. Reddington also secretly bribed the last opponent, finally got the car, and kept the business and reputation.

Elizabeth and others are investigating a bizarre bombing case. Optimus Prime Data Center is the largest data collection and storage company in China, and it has cooperative relationships with the world’s top 500 companies, the National Security Bureau, and the Joint Commission. When such an enterprise was bombed inexplicably, the FBI first thought of foreign spies. However, Reddington found someone to investigate and ruled out hostile countries, suspecting that it was the work of domestic anti-government organizations or competitors.

Before the explosion, the data center suddenly lost power and activated the backup generator. The power company received an application for repairs and sent personnel to the scene, a few hours after the explosion. Peripheral surveillance showed that a power company van was parked in front of the data center ten minutes before the explosion. The vehicle was stolen a few weeks ago. Judging from the stolen data provided by the data center, it does not involve national security, but only some internal information of the company.

Cooper was a little confused, unable to figure out the motive of the perpetrator. A full-territory investigation report was issued for the stolen truck, and the vehicle was quickly found in an alley. There was a corpse in the driver’s seat with a grim face and bursting eyeballs. After a forensic autopsy, not only the eyeballs, but also the internal organs of the deceased were also broken, and the joints degenerated, like some kind of sonic weapon.

The victim was a member of Parliament, and started consulting business after retirement. According to the data provided by Optimus Prime, the company secretly sent money to the victim and a woman named Libby Bishop in 2015. Coincidentally, Libby is also a city councillor. When Elizabeth and Lesler arrived at Libby’s house, there was no one in the house and there were signs of fighting. Lesler found a cochlear hearing aid under the overturned landing door.

This kind of special hearing aid is rare, and it is easy to find the design doctor named Dara Lin. At first glance, Dr. Lin knew that this hearing aid was not used to amplify sounds, but to block certain sounds. Seeing the puzzled expressions of Elizabeth and Lesler, Dr. Lin explained in detail. Some noises in nature can affect some sensitive people. For example, the low-frequency sound waves emitted by data center cooling systems can increase stress hormones. Long-term effects include irritability, high blood pressure, stroke and heart failure. Newton Purcell, the user of this hearing aid, belongs to this type of sensitive group.

Newton is a 38-year-old mechanical engineer who has moved home once. A few years ago, Optimus Prime planned to build a factory one mile from Newton’s residence. Newton filed objections to the city council many times, but Optimus Prime secretly bribed two members to cancel the noise pollution investigation, giving Optimus Prime a green light.

The motive for committing the crime was found, Newton stole the information, found the bribed MP and retaliated. Elizabeth and Alina rushed to Newton’s house immediately. Elizabeth kicked in and found Libby who was soaked in the pool. Libby was dying, and the low-frequency buzzer by the pool gave Elizabeth a headache. Alina rushed into the basement and turned off the power switch. Newton, hiding in a dark corner, made a surprise attack. Alina lost control in the resistance and almost strangled Newton, but was fortunately stopped by Elizabeth. After Alina calmed down, she looked at the generator in the basement with lingering fears, and seemed to understand Newton’s suffering.

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