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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 9 Preview

Nine weeks ago, Catalina used the Orion Transportation Service to find a family to move to Washington, and after brutally killing the old couple, she and her capable staff Bodie used their identities to live next door to Elizabeth’s house. The window of the bedroom in the back room has been nailed with wooden boards, and Dr. Scovey, employed by Catalina, is using extraordinary recovery memory therapy to obtain the secrets hidden in Frank’s brain. Frank is an agent trained in interrogation, but it is not so easy to resist the dual effects of hypnosis and drugs.

It started when Ilya met Katrina in 1991. Ilya did not expect that Catalina, who had committed suicide by jumping into the sea, was still alive. At that time, the Americans, KGB, and all organizations that wanted to find Catalina and integrated resources issued Townsend’s order to hunt down. It is in this context that Ilya and Dominic made a private plan to sacrifice Katrina in order to protect the young Elizabeth from harm.

Dominic revealed the hotel where Caterina was hiding and asked various organizations to send people to witness Caterina’s death. Who knows that people are not as good as the sky. Caterina’s boyfriend Peter got into a car with a bomb by accident. Catalina escaped, but since then lived incognito, avoiding pursuit and killing. As for what role Reddington played and what role it played, Katrina is still unknown.

After Elizabeth sent Agnes to the school bus, she made coffee and waited for Madame McGrady. But Reddington knocked on the door, followed by the inseparable Denby. Although Redington found out that Catalina had changed her name through Orion Transportation Services, she didn’t know where she lived or who pretended to be. So the action team needs to investigate this suspicious transportation company and find clues.

Elizabeth has never been clear about who the woman in Paris was tracking by Reddington. She wanted to inquire several times, and Reddington was tight-lipped, and this time was no exception. Elizabeth had to give up and came to the action team to investigate the Orion company that Reddington said. According to rumors, they can make the worst people in the world disappear. Orion murders innocent people and then gives their identities to their clients. Orion is just a code name, a financial barrier that Reddington cannot break. Now Reddington only has the name of one Orion customer, Sophia the Jewelry Thief.

Sophia and her partner missed in the recent theft of green diamonds and their partner was arrested. They are currently locked up in the Brooklyn Detention Center awaiting trial. This is why Sophia is eager to find a new value. Cooper sent Lesler and Alina to the detention center to investigate. Elizabeth used this time to investigate some things. Agnes said he had seen dead people in the park, but Mrs. McGrady never mentioned it. At that time, a birthday party was being held in the park. Elizabeth found home videos of the party. From the background, she saw two men with pistols in their backs following Mrs. McGrady and entering the public toilet.

The images captured from the video are not clear and cannot be facial recognition. Elizabeth uploaded the photo to the server in the bureau. Soon, someone from the Baltimore Transnational Crime Investigation Team recognized the person in the photo as Tommy Petrov, a member of the Russian Mafia, and was under the orders of Motia Morozov. Elizabeth was taken aback, and Morozov had a conflict with Reddington over looking for his mother Katrina. After Reddington said that the trouble had been resolved, why Morozov came back from the dead.

At this time, there was news from the detention center that Sophia’s partner had confessed to the stolen person Richard. Reddington has indeed heard of this man, is a connoisseur of food, frequenting an underground restaurant. This restaurant does not have a fixed menu, no fixed place, it is all inspired by the chef. Every time a dinner party is held, the guests are in droves and there are no empty seats. There are also many acquaintances of Reddington who are here to join us tonight. Looking around, Reddington recognizes Richard with a big ear.

Reddington claimed to be willing to pay a high price to allow Sophia to steal the green diamond again. Out of respect for the famous Reddington, Sophia appeared the next day and declined Reddington’s request in person. Reddington was not interested in drinking, he took out a suitcase of cash in exchange for any information about Orion. Because Orion has always contacted customers, Sophia does not know their address. But Sophia knows that her new identity is Denise Young, and if she wants to find Orion, who is not seen by the dragon, she must find Denise.

Alina retrieved three Denises who met the established conditions, and one of them applied for three restraining orders against his ex-boyfriend. A person who wants to escape and never wants to be found is the best person to impersonate. Reddington rushed to Denise’s house before Elizabeth and Lesler, and heard gunfire from inside as soon as he reached the door. Denise has been threatened by her boyfriend for a long time. She carries anti-wolf spray and has a rifle hidden in her home. Orion Transportation Services is taking advantage of the move nowadays, not wanting to be controlled by Denise.

Dunby kicked the door open and cooperated with Reddington to kill the other two moving company employees. Going up to the second floor, I saw that the rifle in Denise’s hand was still emitting green smoke, and Orion fell to the floor dying, unable to answer Reddington’s mission question. Tracking down Catalina, the clue to rescue Frank is once again interrupted.

The FBI seized all the data of Orion, a total of 792 customers. Cooper agreed with Reddington to find out the customer information he wanted, and other customers would be referred to the FBI as a criminal case for investigation. Reddington still refused to tell who the woman he was looking for. When Elizabeth was searching, she accidentally saw the picture of Madame McGrady, and she immediately understood. She quietly hid the information in her coat and hurried home.

Mrs. McGrady is helping to look after Agnes. After confirming that her daughter was safe, Elizabeth took the pistol out of her bag, walked out of the bedroom, and stood in front of Madame McGrady. She was sure that the woman in front of her was her mother Catalina, a woman who brought torture and suffering to everyone.

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