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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 15 Preview

Elizabeth did not understand why Reddington asked her to read today’s front page. The front page is that Sophia, a 19-year-old cashier at a roadside supermarket, was shot and killed in a robbery. There was also the body of a robber at the scene, and the police initially suspected that it was caused by infighting. Sophia had just received the admission notice from the university. It was a pity that happened when she called her mother to announce the good news, but after all, this was just an ordinary criminal case. Reddington said a word, and Elizabeth took a breath. It was Reddington who killed the robber.

Last night, Reddington and Dunby went into the small supermarket to buy some ice cubes. Seeing Sophia’s excited expression after receiving the admission notice, Reddington’s heart warmed and he immediately congratulated him. He also wanted to go to the refrigerated area to get a bottle of champagne and give it to Sophia. At this moment, he heard shouts from the cash register and Sophia begging for mercy. Dunby rushed to the front door and killed the robber with two shots, but still failed to save Sophia. Before the police arrived, Reddington and Denby hurried away. But the misfortunes of Sophia and her family from great joy to great sadness touched the weak side of Reddington.

The pistol used by the robbers is a square card pistol produced by Fangka International Weapons Company, which is cheap and easy to buy and easy to use, so it has become the first choice for urban street crime. Reddington itself also resells arms, but they are all military-grade. He can’t tolerate weapons like Fangka that erodes the Chinese and slays young people. After handing over the matter to Elizabeth, Reddington and Denby went to another city to solve an old friend’s troubles.

Reddington’s old friend is Elijah who is hiding in the market. Ever since being rescued from Caterina by Reddington, Ilya has lived in fear, always thinking that there is a blue Chevrolet out there to monitor herself, probably Caterina’s person. Redington “witnessed” Catalina’s death with his own eyes, and did not know how to comfort his old friends. But on the spot, I found a suspicious blue Chevrolet. Dunby caught the person in the car and left the rest to the torture Teddy.

Elizabeth’s investigation of the Fangka company has also been completed. Its president Gordon took over the century-old weapons company from his father eight years ago, and then sold a large number of Fangka pistols to the market. The problem is that Fangka is a legally operated company, and Cooper cannot send someone to arrest Gordon because its products cause casualties. Therefore, it is necessary to start with the square card gun that killed Sophia and find a breakthrough point.

After investigation, the gun used by the robber came from a woman named Carly. Carly bought 30 square-card guns at the Fangka Company booth in the name of collection at the Weapons Expo four months ago, and then reselled them with cash. In terms of quantity, Fangka Company did not violate the regulations. But if Carly buys it a second time, Cooper can be found guilty of illegally selling pistols.

Carly was arrested for selling guns without a license, so she could only cooperate with the FBI to reduce her guilt. Faced with Carly buying thirty pistols with cash again, Gordon ignored the clerk’s dissuasion and collected the money to deliver the goods. Elizabeth and other agents who were lying around immediately arrested him. Unexpectedly, Fangka Company did a lot of public relations work after Sophia was killed, and the arrest was suspected of fishing law enforcement, which triggered a large number of gun lovers to protest. The judge who originally issued the arrest warrant also rejected the local prosecution and refused the trial due to the situation of public opinion.

The result of this treatment made Reddington very annoyed. He learned that Gordon took advantage of the favorable opportunity to transfer 6,000 square cartridge guns to the Chicago distribution center, so he thought of blocking the road, robbery and abandoning the bottom of the lake. Cooper was dissatisfied with the judge’s disposition, but he also could not allow Reddington to rob legal enterprises. Under the arrangement of the FBI, two more empty trucks were used as bait for the cargo trucks, which were divided into three different routes.

Aram was in charge of dispatching at the headquarters, and Elizabeth, Lesler, and Alina each escorted a truck. Cooper appointed Elizabeth to escort the truck with the cargo, so when Redington called, Elizabeth was in a dilemma. In the process of cooperating with Reddington, Elizabeth has slowly accepted a certain degree of dark side. Although he didn’t say it clearly, treating Reddington’s question silently was equivalent to tacitly taciting his answer.

Sure enough, there was a traffic accident on the route of Elizabeth’s escort, but Aram did not receive any police records. The policemen who were still dealing with the scene, the medical staff who rescued the wounded, and the crying family members suddenly drew their guns at Elizabeth and the truck behind. When the carriage was opened, everyone present was stunned. The carriage was empty, not even a gun. In this case, Reddington simply no longer passed Cooper, nor did it require the approval of the judge. Spend a hundred dollars on the street to buy a square carbine, use this gun to kill Gordon, and regain the belated justice for Sophia.

Cooper has already seen how Elizabeth has changed over the years, but when it comes to the choice between Reddington and the FBI, it is difficult to give the corresponding trust. Reddington, on the contrary, was relieved that Elizabeth was on his side in this matter. However, a phone call made him suspicious again. Teddy had tortured Elizabeth who hired someone to monitor Ilya. In other words, Elizabeth already knew that she was not the real Ilya, and Reddington couldn’t help but feel shocked.

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