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The Ranch Episode 9-12 Plot

The Ranch Episode 9

Heather offers Rooster to go for a blind date with her sister, Darlene, whose boyfriend left after she gives birth. The date goes unsuccessfully as Darlene storms out after seeing her ex’s photos. After taking Darlene home, Rooster has sex with their mom, Mary, much to the astonishment of Colt. Colt storms out to Mary the next day and Heather asks him to respect their relationship. Maggie comes home and asks Beau to go to counseling together, which also went awry as Beau storms out. Beau consults with Dale the next day and tells him to put up things that annoy him for something he loves. That night, he apologizes to Maggie. Meanwhile, Kenny proposes to Abby at Cracker Barrel as Colt witnesses.

The Ranch Episode 10

Beau continues holding out on selling the cattle out of fear of making a loss, while the ranch remains without electricity. Maggie tells Beau during his visit that she would like to come back to the ranch. Colt admits his astonishment, but not his heartbroken feelings, of Abby’s proposal while she visits. As he tells all his concerns to Heather, she leaves him in anger. Rooster goes overboard over dating with Mary and asks him to date her more maturely. A nearby river spilled poisonous sewage affecting the local ranches; to the Bennetts’ luck, their ranch is spared and eventually they can sell their cattle at a profit. At the ranch party, Heather successfully reconciles with Colt and promises to be honest with each other. Beau admits his love for the boys and gives Colt his championship ring. He then visits Maggie’s to help her moving but sees her trailer is gone. Abby has doubts about marrying Kenny and tells Colt.

The Ranch Episode 11

Abby implicitly tells Colt she wants to get back with him. Beau is deeply hurt because Maggie leaves, burns Maggie’s stuff and is hostile with Colt and Rooster. Heather visits Colt but breaks up after he inadvertently says that he favors Abby over her. Colt visits Abby, only to be told she is staying with Kenny, yet ends up with them kissing each other. Beau admits he still loves Maggie as he attempts to blanket her plants from frost.

The Ranch Episode 12

Abby confesses her rekindled feelings for Colt and asks him not to tell anyone. He ends up telling Rooster. Beau gives them money for their hard work during the hard times. Ed, a longtime friend, visits Beau and convinces him to sell the ranch to Neumann’s Hill, a corporation which buys cattle from ranchers for a fixed price and had acquired one of the ranches in the state. Later Ed talks to Rooster and Colt at the bar about the benefits of selling the ranch and they go home and attempt to convince Beau to sell, much to his fury because he’s afraid of losing his family’s legacy. Billy sells his rudimentary truck to Colt and Rooster in order to buy a ring for Nikki; he accidentally mentions needing the money for a ring while next to her when showing the boys the truck, she says yes.

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