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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 10 Preview

Katrina didn’t panic at all when she was pointed at by her daughter with a gun. She talked freely and attracted Elizabeth’s attention. Bodie, who heard something abnormal from the bug, secretly opened the door with a spare key and knocked Elizabeth out from behind. Catalina will not hurt Elizabeth, let alone her granddaughter. She first sent Agnes to Shirley’s house. When she returned, Bodie had tied Elizabeth’s hands to the heating pipe and had a towel in her mouth.

In order to show her sincerity, Catalina took out the towel and dialed Shirley’s phone to let Elizabeth confirm her daughter’s safety. After holding Elizabeth down, Katrina began to tell her story. Elizabeth was a little puzzled when she heard that Ilya and her grandfather Dominic planned to murder Katrina to protect her young self. Readington is clearly Ilya, how could it involve Townsend’s orders. And Catalina wrongly blamed Reddington, and Townsend ordered the restart not to be Redington’s informant, but to find her mother and cause trouble.

Seeing Elizabeth trust Reddington so much, Catalina didn’t say much. She unfastened Elizabeth’s handcuffs and walked into another room. In the room, Frank fell unconscious on the couch. Caterina took out Ilya’s information. The young and handsome Ilya in the photo is indeed very similar to the old Frank in face and appearance. Elizabeth is confused. If Frank is Ilya, who is Reddington’s true identity? And this is exactly the answer Catalina wants to get, who the hell is that Reddington.

The action team looked through Olean’s information all night, and repeatedly checked four times but failed to find the person Redington was looking for. Reddington thought about it all night, Katrina wanted an answer, and Frank would never say it. The only way for Catalina was to find the answer in Frank’s memory. Only Klirov or his heirs could do this in the world. The chief subconscious expert in the crime world once manipulated Lesler’s memory to make him think he killed the national security adviser. Klirov is currently in federal prison, and Catalina has to find his successor.

At this time, the thoughtful Aram compared the document numbers and found that a 46J folder was missing. Last night it was Elizabeth who was in charge of sorting out the information. Today Elizabeth was late to work and did not answer the phone. Reddington was a little worried, and rushed to Elizabeth’s house with Denby. Outside the apartment building, two detectives who arranged to protect Elizabeth disappeared, leaving blood on the car.

Going upstairs, knocking on the door and no response, Reddington and Denby drew their pistols from the back and kicked the door open. There was no one in the room, and the broken tables and chairs on the floor showed that there had been a fight. All signs indicated that Elizabeth was in danger, but Redington would never have thought that Elizabeth was next door at this moment.

The investigation was handed over to Alina and Alam, and Reddington met Lesler non-stop. Lesler has raised Klirov from the federal prison, but Klirov knows that the FBI is asking for it and wants to bargain. When Reddington came forward, he was much more honest. Colluding with Mr. Kaplan and betraying Reddington, he has no bargaining chip to negotiate with Reddington, so he had to honestly say a name, Dr. Victor Scovey.

Through Klirov’s network, it was discovered that a woman hired Dr. Victor, and she had an assistant named Bodie, alias Gregory. Alina’s body was shocked. When investigating the apartment building, the residents next door to Elizabeth were a man and a woman, whose name was Gregory. Cooper quickly mobilized the emergency team, but Reddington had a ghost in his heart. He must not let Frank fall into the hands of the FBI.

At this moment, Catalina also found that the number of police officers outside the apartment building had increased significantly, far exceeding the number required to investigate the missing agents. Elizabeth called Cooper and falsely claimed that there was a traffic jam while sending Agnes. Cooper didn’t know any fraud, reminded Elizabeth to beware of Mrs. McGrady and Mr. Gregory next door. This also confirmed Catalina’s guess, the FBI has discovered the whereabouts of Catalina.

Elizabeth didn’t want her mother to be arrested. The reason why she and Tom chose this apartment building was because the maintenance access of the apartment building led to the parking lot. However, it was impossible to transfer Frank, and Katrina had to keep him. Catalina, Bodie, and Doctor Scovey left the pit lane separately, while Elizabeth had to return to the apartment building to drag the other agents.

As soon as Elizabeth and the others left, two of Reddington’s men pretended to be agents Lesler and Aram and entered the scene. There are more than 4,000 police officers in Washington, and not all of them are familiar with the FBI, so no one notices the difference. Before the real Lesler and Aram arrived, Frank was rescued in the ambulance arranged by Reddington and left quietly.

Reddington and Denby stood still, guarding the road outside the apartment, and they saw Catalina driving out of the parking lot. Dunby immediately followed behind, only waiting to move to a remote place. But before Reddington could do it, an off-road vehicle slammed into Catalina’s car on a country road. The two on and off the off-road vehicle were the coldest-blooded Kazanpu brothers in the killer world, and even Dunby dared not interfere with them.

Catalina opened the car door with difficulty and moved to the side of the road with difficulty, but this did not save her life. Redington watched the Kazanpu brothers fire several shots, the bullets shot through Katrina’s body. Then the Kazanpu brothers dragged Katrina’s bloody body back to the car and disappeared at the end of the road.

The huge bounty ordered by Townsend has been vested, and it has also solved one of Reddington’s concerns. Redington came to the hospital, and Elizabeth was sitting by the bed. Dominic is still unconscious, it is impossible to tell Elizabeth the truth. When she heard that Catalina was dead, Elizabeth managed to endure her grief and walked out of the ward stupidly. After passing the corner, she couldn’t help crying.

At this moment, the phone rang, it was an unfamiliar number. Elizabeth tried to get through the phone, but it was Catalina’s voice. Catalina took off the clothes with the blood bag and gave the Kazanpu brothers twice the reward just now. What Redington saw was just a scene she was acting in. From now on, Catalina will disappear again, looking for the answer to the whole incident. Elizabeth wept with joy and wished her mother would discover the truth as soon as possible. That would be the day when mother and daughter reunited.

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