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His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 4

Lee Scholesby drove a hot air balloon to the northern town of Trollsand. He and the elf Hearst are here to find Yureko, the armored bear who once had a life-saving grace. They heard that he was drunk and caused trouble here. As punishment, the local consul confiscated its armor. Armor made of space metal is like humans and elves to armored bears. So Yureko was trapped in this icy and snowy town, unable to return to his kingdom.

The Gypsy fleet that arrived at the same time was resting in the port. King Faa’a and Fadel visited the witch consul for the first time, hoping to get help. What Fadell was worried about was Serafina, who hadn’t seen him in forty years, and wondered if she would understand and forgive her actions back then. They had loved each other and had a son. But a plague took away their children. In grief, Serafina wanted to fight against Yabe-Aka, the goddess of death, but Fadel only wanted to mourn. After burying the child, Fadel never saw Serafina again.

Fadell had a hunch that Leila would need to be brought with him for this visit. The witch consul is the bridge between the human world and the witch world, and it is up to him to decide whether to help humans pass information. As long as you gain trust, you may be able to get the help of the witch Serafina, and the possibility of finding the missing children will be greatly increased. The consul knew a thing or two about this. It is said that the captured children were sent further inland of the ice sheet, and there were some rumors about cutting, so there were no underage children in the small town of Trollsand.

However, the consul also has his own eyeliner, knowing that Laila has a truth instrument in his hand. If Laila can find the Yunsong branch that summons Serafina without reading the book, she can talk to Serafina on her own. In the basement, hundreds of cloud pine branches are neatly arranged, each of which can summon a corresponding witch to appear. After playing with the truth instrument for a few times, Laila was able to accurately find Yun Songzhi, which really surprised the consul and was even more convinced that the predictions about this girl were not groundless.

Before leaving, the consul gave a suggestion. The force of the church authorities should not be underestimated. With the help of bears in armor, it is a wise choice. In the town, there is a banished armored bear, Yureko, in the blacksmith’s shop behind the bar. But it doesn’t like that someone interrupts its life, and you must be very careful when you come into contact with it.

Following the consul’s instructions, Fadell and Laila found Yureko who was committed to the blacksmith’s shop. This giant bear, which is as big as a tank, is disheartened and has no interest in money, battle, or everything. Before the armored bear became angry, the two hurriedly left and returned to the fleet. Outside the port, I saw the balloon driver Li loudly inquire about the armored bear Yureko, but no one wanted to tell him. Li didn’t take the little girl in front of him seriously, and Laila didn’t bother to pay attention to him. After all, Laila needs a bear in armor to avoid being boarded by Li Jie.

That night, Serafina’s Elf Snow Falcon Kaiser called. The church authorities have a project to study dust. Those people are at the experimental station four days northeast of Trollsand. The witch calls it Berfanga, the place of evil. Serafina will do everything in her power to help the Gypsies, which warms Fadel’s heart.

Li rummaged around the corners of the town, only to find Yureko, but he was also turned away. Just after dawn, he came to the archon’s office in the town, and took out a contract of sale, wanting to prove that he had already won Jureko’s armor at the gambling table. Now, he wants to get his property back. But the consul took out a pile of documents, stating that Yureko wounded someone after being drunk, and that the armor had been confiscated by the church authorities, and Li had no right to retrieve it.

Li’s attempt to rescue his old friend failed. After learning about the existence of Bordanga, King Faah did not care about the armored bear, and ordered the unloading of supplies from the ship early in the morning to prepare for the northeast. Laila didn’t give up, took out the truth instrument, and found that Yureko’s crime was deliberately designed and framed. Since King Faah has no intention of saving Yureko, he will find the person in the town who knows Yureko best, the balloon driver Li.

Under the guise of King Faah, Laila hired Li and the bear. Of course, Li also hoped that Yureko could leave the town and become a real warrior, not a blacksmith who was enslaved. But without armor, Yureko would not go anywhere. Knowing Yureko’s concerns, Laila had no problem finding the whereabouts of the armor as long as she took out the truth instrument.

After learning that the armor he had searched for a few months was hidden in the basement of the small town church, Yureko wrinkled his scarred nose, his eyes bursting with flames, and roared into the church. The priest fled in a hurry, and then Yureko, who put on his armor again, walked out. He was full of fighting spirit, facing the gunpoint of the consul and church police, without fear, and could not tear these people to pieces. Laila and Lee hurriedly stopped Yureko’s killing and rescued the Archon from the bear’s claws.

Fortunately, Laila caught up with the gypsies in time, and the next step was to convince King Faah to agree to pay to hire Lee. After all, Li owns a hot air balloon and can provide assistance in all aspects of reconnaissance and transportation. The armored bear Yureko is a brave warrior. King Faah is in urgent need of support from all parties, and naturally will not refuse the two new members recommended by Laila to join.

At the same time, Mrs. Coulter’s airship stopped in the kingdom of the armored bear. The King of the North Yufer successfully captured Asriel and placed him under house arrest in his cave. It did all this because Mrs. Coulter designed to drive out Yureko and help it ascend to the throne. But Yufer was not recognized by the outside world, and Mrs. Kurt was here to make a deal. As long as Yufer surrenders Asriel, she can ask the bishop to baptize Yufer. With the approval of the church, Yufer can realize his greatest wish, be accepted by human society, and leave the cold and dark cave.

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