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Grimm Season 6 Episode 111 – 123

Episode 111

After killing Bonaparte, Renard uses his power as mayor and police chief to issue an APB and shoot-to-kill order on Nick, in an attempt to legally blame him for the events at the loft, as well as the North Precinct police station. Forced to lie low, Nick hides in Bud’s repair shop, while Juliet/Eve continues to feel complications after being healed. Despite his efforts, Nick is quickly found. The episode ends with Renard giving the order to surround the repair shop.

Episode 112

Hank and Wu may have figured out a way to stop Renard, while Nick is still on the run from Renard’s manhunt. Elsewhere, Eve tries to figure out the cloth’s mysteries. Adalind receives a phone call that puts her in the middle of everything, and Monroe and Rosalee have some babysitting adventures with Diana.

Episode 113

Nick pulls one last trick on Renard – to turn himself into Renard. The actual Renard finds out and must deal with the copycat. Meanwhile, the team makes sure that Nick’s plan will come to fruition. After Nick, as Renard, publicly renounces becoming the city’s mayor, the two finally fight on a roof and reach a deal.

Episode 114

After being reinstated, Nick and Hank have to investigate the kidnapping of a baby boy. The kidnapper turns out to be a Wesen of the Cuegle type, that claims he has visions of the babies’ futures, and only eats those who will grow up to do truly terrible things. Meanwhile, Renard keeps having discussions with his Meisner hallucination.

Episode 115

A murder and the discovery of a body in a park lead Nick and Hank to an insect Wesen that emerges from the Earth every seven years for 24 hours. During that time, he has to capture a victim to drag underground to eat for the next seven years. Back in the loft, Adalind, thanks to Diana, finds an injured Eve in the tunnels, where she has painted the wooden shard’s cloth symbols in the walls during a trance. Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalee learn they’re expecting triplets and Renard tries to discover if Meisner is a ghost or an hallucination.

Episode 116

A violent murder puts Nick and Hank on the tail of an alp, a Wesen that eats dreams and seems to be using a cheap hotel as hunting ground. Meanwhile, Eve, Monroe and Rosalee try to decipher the symbols on the cloth that covered the wooden shard, discovering it is an astronomical map that points to a future date. Meisner’s ghost warns Renard of an ambush by the Black Claw and Renard dispatches them.

Episode 117

Rosalee surprises Monroe with a getaway for his birthday and invites most of the gang to join them. Things take a shocking turn when a hotel employee targets Nick in an effort to avenge his father, who Nick imprisoned. Using a spell he makes them randomly fall in love with each other so they will fight each other to death. Meanwhile, Eve gets a visit from a dark force that she has seen before. Elsewhere, Capt. Renard spends the weekend with Diana when a former ally, Lt. Grossante, decides to get even by kidnapping her, unaware of her powers.

Episode 118

Eve decides to stay at the Spice Shop, but she’s once again attacked from the other side of a mirror and Monroe and Rosalee find her unconscious in the morning. While Nick sits at her bedside at the hospital, Hank and Wu investigate the killings of several scientists that leads them to uncover a Frankenstein-type experiment involving Wesen body parts to revive a scientist’s son. Renard tries to decipher the tunnel symbols that Diana drew and his contact tells him part of it is some kind of prophecy.

Episode 119

After learning about Eve and Nick’s experiences with the mirror, the group decides to use a buddy system when looking into a mirror to prevent anyone from being taken. Nick, Hank and Wu investigate the case of a poacher who claims his friend was killed by a tree-like monster, and they soon find more unexplained disappearances in the same forest. When they find a tree with human faces, they deduce it’s the joint work of two creatures, a kenoshimobi and a yuboko.

Episode 120

Monroe and Rosalee tape off all the mirrors. Eve asks Adalind for help and she lends Eve her mother’s magic books. Nick, Hank and Wu investigate a series of murders, one of which in a local nursing home, which leads Monroe and Rosalee to inform them about euthanasia practiced for Wesen with dementia, who would Woge uncontrollably. Renard’s contact tells Renard the prophecy says something is coming and Renard decides to ask Nick about the symbols in the passageway.

Episode 121

Eve finds a spell to walk through the mirror. Nick follows her using the stick and they end up in a strange land resembling the Schwarzwald (Black Forest), where Wesen and primitive humans fight and cannibalize each other. Meanwhile, the others decide to show Renard the tunnel and the stick in the hopes his friend could help them. Renard’s friend tells them of a prophecy that speaks of the coming of the Devil, that will take a “shaphat” (child bride), and she believes Diana is the Shaphat. At the other side, Nick and Eve identify their enemy as the Zerstörer.

Episode 122

Nick and Eve unsuccessfully confront the Zerstörer (“Destroyer” in German) in his dimension, while their friends discover the Zerstörer needs a Grimm to cross the portal today, the day of the prophecy. Diana opens the portal, bringing Nick and a now-human Eve back. The Zerstörer has also crossed, and is leaving a bloody trail in his wake. Diana hides with Kelly in the cabin in the woods from “Pilot” under Adalind and Renard’s protection. Meanwhile, Monroe, Rosalee, and Eve deduce the stick is actually a long-hidden shard of wood from Zerstörer’s staff, that might have belonged to many historical figures in the past. Trubel arrives, having finished dismantling the criminal Wesen organization Black Claw. When the Zerstörer attacks the precinct, Wu and Hank are fatally injured, and Nick is overpowered.

Episode 123

With Hank and Wu dead, Zerstörer decides to hit the Spice Shop and Eve is fatally injured. Having killed everyone, Zerstörer explains to Nick he can revive them all if he gives him the stick. With the help of Trubel, Aunt Marie and Kelly, they kill Zerstörer, making the staff Nick’s, the stick gets sucked towards the staff, making it whole again. However, a portal to “The Other Place” appears as Nick tries to revive Adalind with his new-found power and pulls Nick in. He appears back in Monroe and Rosalee’s house, where he discovers it was all a test to discover if he was worthy of the staff.

Twenty years later, Kelly and Diana are continuing the Grimm legacy, fighting alongside Nick and Adalind as well as Monroe and Rosalee’s triplets. source: wikipedia

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