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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 14 Preview

Reddington was in the hotel kitchen, cooking his favorite salmon while listening to Aram’s request. Since the “Flower of Evil” (Episode 3) was cracked, Aram couldn’t help but fall in love with Elotti. Elotti’s husband is always in a coma. Although Aram is a little guilty, he believes that he is giving Elotti happiness. It was not until Charles died of complications that Aram knew that Elotti could get a $5 million inheritance, and doubted Charles’ cause of death inevitably in his heart. Reddington is happy to help. As long as he obtains Charles’ blood sample, he can find people who are willing to test without asking why.

Elizabeth was accompanied by Dunby into the kitchen. Hearing Aram’s words, she suggested that he go to the police for assistance. Reddington also didn’t care, and said the purpose of calling Elizabeth this time. In the past four months, his whereabouts have been unknown for four consecutive shipments. During the last shipment, he deliberately installed a locator in the container. As a result, missing trucks and empty containers were found at the bottom of the lake in the Alaska Triangle.

The legendary Alaska Triangle is similar to the mysterious Bermuda, it is a place where there is no return. In the past 50 years, about 16,000 people disappeared there inexplicably. The most famous person should be the former Speaker of the House of Representatives Hall, who lost contact in the area in a twin-engine airplane in 1972. The search and rescue for several months had no results, and death had to be presumed. Reddington believes that as long as the people who steal the truck are caught, the real reason for the disappearance of those people can be found. In addition, part of the robbed goods appeared in Italy, Reddington wanted to rush to investigate, and Alaska was thrown to Elizabeth.

Alina was transferred from Alaska to Washington, but because of the past, she was not seen at the local police station. Sheriff Connor was only forced by the above arrangement to allow Alina to check the port records. Alina checked it down and found that the three consecutive trucks of cargo lost in Reddington were all unloaded from the sea vessel by a manager named Mike.

Elizabeth and Lesler rush to Mike’s house and encounter resistance. After shooting and killing Mike, a complete set of port monitoring and communication equipment was found in his house. Connor immediately sent technicians to extract data from the device’s hard disk and tracked down a shipment document pointing to a batch of suspected smuggled imported drugs worth tens of millions. This is likely to be the next target.

Alina is a native, she volunteered to drive the truck on the road, Elizabeth and Lesler followed two kilometers away, ready to meet. There was a car accident on a section of the road, and Alina drove by cautiously, no abnormality occurred. But Elizabeth and Lesler in the back were delayed for some time because the medical helicopter landed to treat the wounded. I contacted Alina on the radio again, but there was no response.

Alina was supposed to be waiting at the weighbridge, but Elizabeth and Lesler did not see the trace of the truck, and the walkie-talkie and the locator on the car were also discarded on the side of the road. There was no way to find it on the vast snowfields of Alaska, and Elizabeth had no idea for a while. Fortunately, Reddington found clues in Italy. The person selling the goods was Tumi, a native of Alaska who had received anti-terrorism training. During the Cold War, the US government trained local militias to respond to possible Soviet attacks. The government promised land and infrastructure, but with the end of the Cold War, most of the promises were not fulfilled. Tumi is one of the locals who have resentment towards the government. Sheriff Connor sent an infrared helicopter to the area under Tumi’s name.

Alina would be locked up in Tumi’s camp in a barren mountain jungle. What she didn’t expect was that Luther was also locked up. Luther was once the boyfriend of Alina’s mother. Under his influence, her mother became addicted to drugs and died of drug overdose. In order to find Luther, Alina used a lot of bad illegal methods. Sheriff Connor couldn’t bear to bury her ability, so he covered it up for her, provided that Alina was not allowed to return to Alaska.

Who knows that God’s will make people, Luther was kidnapped and locked in a container, but by accident, he was snatched by Tumi and locked here. Alina was also caught in the camp for investigation. At this time, news of Mike’s death had arrived, and Tumi commanded his hand to evacuate. Alina took advantage of the chaos to save herself, relying on her knowledge of the terrain, and escaped with Luther. Elizabeth and Lesler led the emergency team to come and raided Tumi camp to rescue Alina.

The reason for the disappearance of the Alaska Triangle was finally revealed, and Alina also wanted to understand. It was Reddington who kidnapped Luther and wanted to end it. Alina walked into Cooper’s office and confessed that it was Cooper’s decision to go or stay what she had done. Aram got the blood sample result, in line with his conscience, personally arrested the beloved Elotti.

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