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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 19 Preview

Sitting in the ward, Elizabeth looked at her grandfather Dominic, who was unconscious on the bed, with mixed feelings. This is an abandoned warehouse, Reddington built a secret clinic in it, treated by Dr. Clemons and taking care of Dominic. Speaking of it, my grandfather’s current situation was caused by his mother Catalina, which made Elizabeth, who helped her mother escape from Reddington, very contradictory. Elizabeth knows very well that her mother tortured Ilya and kidnapped the Imam for one purpose only to find out the truth and find out why it became the target of Townsend’s orders. With emotion and reason, Elizabeth felt that it was more important to help her mother fulfill her wish. Even if you do, your only good heart will disappear.

Grandpa’s body is gradually recovering, and Dr. Clemons is planning to reduce the amount of sedative infusion and restore Dominic’s consciousness. Elizabeth felt relieved for a while, but as soon as she got out of the warehouse, her heart tightened, and the person behind her appeared again. Someone is following these days, and Elizabeth also knows who is directing behind the scenes. She turned and grabbed the stalker, forcing him to take herself to Catalina’s hiding place.

Seeing her daughter, Katrina was not surprised. But the hatred of his father will not disappear because of Elizabeth’s few words. Catalina has found out part of the truth, and she will not say a word until Elizabeth has made clear her position. Elizabeth was somewhat annoyed by her mother’s attitude, she glanced at the vibrating phone screen, turned and left, not begging for mercy.

It was Reddington who called Elizabeth. Now Reddington has some doubts about Elizabeth’s position, but his body does not allow him to think more. Reddington wanted to give Elizabeth a case, which was a shooting in New York this morning, which killed two gunmen and two policemen. The gunman’s goal was Frank, an accountant who was accounting for the criminals, and the Kazanpu brothers came out halfway to protect Frank from escape. The Kazanpu brothers provide security services for criminals, and if they are caught, a large number of wanted fugitives can be traced. Reddington said a lot, except for the fact that Catalina was still alive when the Kazanpu brothers executed Townsend’s orders.

The cases that Reddington confessed often contained a secondary purpose, and Elizabeth was investigating it carefully. According to the information, the mother of the brothers is not a kind person. She gave birth to them in prison and sent them to the state orphanage. The two brothers have been walking on the streets since they were young. Now they make a living from security employment. They are cruel and bloodthirsty by nature, so they never cared about lives other than customers when protecting customers. The other party in the shooting, Frank, is a forensic accountant, who transfers property for criminals and criminal groups around the world. He is extremely cunning. The FBI has been investigating for many years and has failed to find evidence.

Frank’s contact address is only a post office mailbox, but fortunately, Aram found out the addresses of his ex-wife and daughter. Alina and Lesler came to investigate. Frank’s ex-wife didn’t know what Frank was doing, only that he said a week ago that he had taken a sum of money from the client and had to leave. At this moment, the youngest daughter happily descended from the bedroom upstairs with her mobile phone in her hand. Frank called his daughter just now and wanted to see her before her birthday.

Aram immediately traced the phone call and found Frank’s Whitmore Hotel in Manassas. When Elizabeth and Lesler arrived, the check-in list had been printed out at the front desk, and there was no one named Frank. Elizabeth noticed that someone outside the front door was looking nervous and talking on the phone. When questioning him, he indifferently claimed that he was calling his wife. The front desk recognized this person as Cropin and rented six rooms in the hotel. Knowing that she was not good, Elizabeth led the team upstairs. The room was empty, but Lesler, who was walking up the stairs, was attacked. Elizabeth and Lesler blocked up and down, and the Kazanpu brothers led Frank out of the stairwell and hijacked a passing resident in the corridor.

The Kazanpu brothers blocked the hostages and stepped back to the elevator. Elizabeth held up her gun and pressed forward. When she said Katrina’s name, she keenly noticed the fleeting surprise in the eyes of the Kazanpu brothers. Elizabeth basically determined that Redington wanted to capture the Kazanpu brothers in order to find out the whereabouts of Katrina. Although they escaped, from the phone that Frank had left behind, Aram found out that the last call was to Stanley Boch. Stanley appears to be the boss of a famous chess shop, selling all kinds of precious antique chess, but in fact he is providing criminals with escape plans.

Before reporting to Cooper, Aram told Redington. The reason is simple, he didn’t want to die in Reddington’s hands. Before Lesler and Alina arrived, Dunby grabbed the Kazanpu brothers first. In order to calm Cooper’s anger, Reddington lost no time in revealing Frank’s escape plan. Lesler and Alina arrested Frank on the tarmac in the dense forest. Unfortunately, hundreds of customer profiles in the briefcase were scattered by the gust of helicopter blades and scattered over the jungle.

With Teddy’s interrogation method, the Kazanpu brothers quickly explained that Catalina would receive the unpaid Townsend bounty share through the intermediary Wayne. Dengby, who was in charge of the interrogation, never expected that Katrina, who had been searching so hard, would appear in front of Reddington. Elizabeth and Reddington, who knew the purpose of Reddington, met. The two no longer concealed themselves, and both knew that the other party had understood about Ilya and Catalina. During the dispute, Reddington suddenly felt his hands tremble and fell to the ground suddenly. Elizabeth could not be treated alone and could not call an ambulance, so she had to call Katrina.

Reddington is very important to Elizabeth, so Catalina never thought of killing him. Seeing that Elizabeth was embarrassed by herself and Reddington, Katrina took the initiative to tell the truth that she had found these days in the car. The so-called Sikorsky file is actually a blackmail file containing unfavorable information about the powerful. It is rumored that Catalina stole the file. Reddington knew the real thief, but did not tell the truth. Catalina has only to prove that she did not steal the file or die, which is why she frequently targets Reddington and the people around her.

At the warehouse clinic, Katrina left, and Dr. Clemons performed an MRI for Redington. He could only tell Elizabeth that the symptom was cerebral edema, the specific cause of which was explained by Reddington and should not be exposed. After Reddington was sober, he could guess who helped him from Elizabeth’s words. He just got the news from Dembina and didn’t conceal Elizabeth, bluntly he would find out the whereabouts of Catalina from Wayne.

Redington cast a bait, but Elizabeth didn’t understand it. Reddington has never revealed information lightly. This time he said about Wayne because he wanted to see which side Elizabeth chose. Elizabeth returned to the office, thinking about it, and dialed her mother’s phone to warn in advance.

To the surprise of Elizabeth and Reddington, Wayne appeared at the meeting place on time, gave two accounts, and the Kazanpu brothers credited the money. Catalina’s deliberate arrangement deceived Reddington. When Reddington was pleased that Elizabeth was on his side, Elizabeth had made up his mind to find out the truth with her mother. Even if the road ahead is full of thorns, we must overcome the thorns and move forward bravely.

(This season ended early due to the COVID-2019 virus epidemic)

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