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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 12 Preview

Reddington boarded the Baltic Sea Renfjorden Island alone. The owner of the island, Fries, made this absolutely secret island a suitable place for people like Reddington to solve problems. After depositing the pistol in the safe, Reddington was welcomed by butler Arthur. Outside the mansion, Cassandra greeted her warmly. Reddington was deliberately cold and vigilant. Cassandra was the architect in the plan, and the set gate was obtained through her rigorous plan, but Reddington had trouble trusting her because of what had happened before.

As soon as Reddington settled in the room, Annika came in to say hello. This security expert is a bit superstitious, always thinking that after the set gate was discovered, three archaeologists who participated in the excavation died one after another. Reddington just smiled at this kind of strange talk. There are other guests in the mansion, such as Margot, an expert in unlocking locks, Mahmoud, an expert in blasting, and York, an expert in firearms. They came here for only one purpose, selling their set brakes. Cassandra has found a buyer, but York thinks the offer is too low. Reddington came forward to calm the quarrel, and the six people reached an agreement on the current offer, only waiting for the buyer to come to the island tomorrow.

Just as the six people took out the set of gates in their hands and put them on the table, an accident occurred. Margot had a nosebleed and fell to death. Margot is obese and has a habit of smoking and drinking alcohol, perhaps due to a heart attack. But he moved the corpse to the basement. Reddington observed carefully and found that Margot had spotted bleeding on the inside of his fingers and lips, and the eyeballs were also bloodshot, which was a sign of poisoning. After speaking out his doubts in the living room, the suspicion naturally fell on York, who had complained about the unfairness of the division. Before there was any evidence, Reddington didn’t want to blame each other, and asked everyone to go back to the room first, and Margot’s box was temporarily kept by Cassandra.

At two in the morning, Reddington knocked on Cassandra’s door. For some reason, I clearly reminded myself that I couldn’t trust this woman, but when things happened, I only felt that she could rely on. The two went to the basement to conduct an autopsy on the corpse. Reddington was focused and did not react at all to Cassandra’s explanation of the past. The results of the autopsy were not as expected by Reddington. Margot had ingested some kind of anticoagulant, which caused the death of internal bleeding.

Reddington immediately called others to announce the result, but York was the only one to see. Mahmoud picked up the stick in front of the fireplace and rushed to York’s room. No one answered the door and pried open the door, only to find that York was dead, and the gate was placed on the bedside table intact.

The two died strangely, and no one took the gate. Annika felt a chill in her back, as if she felt the curse of the horror of the set gate, rather than the millions, she would leave overnight. But the sea is windy and rough, and it is impossible to go to sea. Cassandra comforted Annika, but Reddington noticed that Mahmoud was gone. He heard a muffled noise again, followed by the sound, and Reddington saw the exploded safe.

Redington retrieved his pistol and rushed back, seeing Mahmoud pointing his gun at Cassandra. At this time Annika had died of anger, and her asthma spray had already been poisoned. Mahmoud lost his sanity and repeatedly warned it was useless. Before he made extreme behaviors, Reddington shot him to death.

The current suspicion can only be on himself and Cassandra, and Redington couldn’t help but target Cassandra. Upon seeing this, Cassandra had to admit that the transaction was indeed tricky. A few months ago, she was caught by FBI agents in Boston and was forced to organize this meeting. The reason is related to the intelligence war between Turkey and the United States. Among the three archaeologists who died, one was a CIA agent who used the excavation as a cover to meet with undercover American agents within the Turkish government. A list of U.S. spies in Turkey was converted into miniature photos and concealed in a set of gates, and taken away from Turkey.

The deal between Cassandra and the CIA was to retrieve all the kits, and the government would make a big deal, but it did not happen. As he was talking, Reddington had found the bodies of several employees on the island in the tool room next to the mansion. At this moment, a figure approached and was caught by Reddington. Looking at the opponent’s appearance, Reddington could see that it was a Turkish agent. Use a little trick and let him explain it honestly. The murdered CIA agent once confessed that the photo was on the smallest box, so he was the first to act on Margot. Because the list was not found, the plan was changed and everyone started.

Reddington moved his hand, zoomed in with his mobile phone, and found the list of miniature sculptures in the decorative lines on the surface of the small box. No wonder it was on the box, not in the box, but the Turks did not realize the trick. In fact, no American spies are on the list. On the contrary, it is the list of spies that Turkey has placed inside the United States. Therefore, Turkey will send people here to snatch the box.

There was a voice on the radio, it was Arthur the butler. Needless to say, Arthur should be the hunter invited by Turkey. Readington and Cassandra have only one pistol in their hands, but they have to deal with a whole team of Turkish agents with live ammunition. Using the tools they could find, the two slammed and moved the tiger away from the mountain to deal with the enemy. Finally, the gas in the fireplace was detonated and Arthur and others were eliminated in one fell swoop.

The list was handed over to the FBI, and Reddington was satisfied with Elizabeth’s thanks. Six matching sets of brakes were sold by Reddington to Cynthia, an antique appraiser, and got a number that he and Cassandra were satisfied with.

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