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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 5 Preview

Redington got a clue that Catalina had used Constance’s pseudonym to send money to Norman Diver many times. The man was a genius killer, and it was rumored that he was good at covering up murder with disease. If you find him, you can get information about Katrina. Reddington handed this task to Elizabeth. According to the data from the FBI, Norman was the mastermind of planning the Libyan biological and chemical weapons project. After being blown up by the drone, the laboratory evaporated from the world. The CIA also knows very little about it. Only one payment to the Ukrainian hacker Anton was found seven years ago.

It is said that Anton is hiding in Havana. Reddington has some connections with the Cuban authorities, so it is not a problem to inquire about him. Anton likes to collect salt shakers. A pair of handmade silver salt shakers can let him pour beans out of a bamboo tube to tell the purpose of Norman, creating backdoor access rights to enter the National Diagnostic Laboratory server. The laboratory provides diagnostic tests for hospitals and clinics across the United States and has information on 110 million patients. In other words, Norman has detailed medical and financial information about nearly one third of the population in the United States.

Lesler and Aram came to the National Diagnostic Laboratory with a search warrant to gain access to the system. Aram saw that Norman had performed a lot of twenty gene sequencing with administrator privileges. The subjects were all white males under the age of twenty, with type B negative blood, which met certain genetic characteristics. Five of them had fatal cancer or disease, three died and two recovered.

Elizabeth and Lesler questioned the parents of the five, and they all pointed to the same school, Abbott Boarding School. After correlation and comparison, it was found that they were all admitted to the school a few months after the genetic sequencing. Recently, another student with this characteristic was admitted, named Howard. Aram investigated Kelvin, the principal of the school, and, by coincidence, his son Thomas was also on the list of twenty whose genes were sequenced.

Lesler and Elizabeth found Principal Kelvin. He was extremely uncooperative and refused to enter the school for investigation by the FBI. But the guard did not want to be charged with obstructing official duties, and led Elizabeth to Howard’s dormitory. It was late at night, there was no one on Howard’s bed, and the roommate in the same room was unconscious, and Elizabeth immediately called the guard to lock down the entire school.

Only then did Kelvin tell the truth that it was Norman who saved his son before allowing Norman to set up a secret laboratory in the school. Elizabeth led the emergency team to raid Norman’s apartment and found Howard, who was covered in blisters. But he was unconscious and could not tell the whereabouts of Norman. Lesler searched the school and found Norman in the hospital room cubicle, who was destroying information. Just when he was about to be handcuffed, Norman took out the spray and sprayed it on Lesler’s face.

Lesler only felt tingling in his eyes and vaguely saw Norman rushing towards him with a syringe in his hand. In a desperate situation, Lesler grabbed Norman’s wrist and forced a needle into his neck, injecting all the potion inside. Subsequently, Norman developed the same symptoms as Howard. Elizabeth sent Howard to the Children’s Charity Hospital, and Elizabeth escorted Norman to another hospital.

After learning of the situation, Reddington drove halfway to intercept Lesler’s car. Lesler didn’t know what Redington wanted to do, so he took out the handcuffs and handcuffed them to his and Norman’s wrists. Reddington had never seen such a desperate guy, so he had to take him to the underground clinic.

Lying on the operating table, Norman knew very well that no antibiotics on the market could cure the virus in his body. He was eager to know Howard’s situation. Lesler was puzzled, but Reddington guessed the reason. When the Libyan laboratory was bombed, Norman was infected with a biochemical virus and nearly died. Since then, he has a virus and cleanliness addiction, and he is even more pitiful. The children they are looking for have the same genetic characteristics as him. When the children are injected with the virus, they will also be injected with the antidote to ensure that they will not die from the deadly virus or disease.

Norman was eager to know Howard’s situation, but wanted to know whether the antidote was successful. Before telling him the answer, Reddington wanted to know what Catalina wanted to do. Norman only remembered that the person who contacted him was Constance, seeking a treatment for a patient named Patrick Masuda. As soon as he finished speaking, Reddington shot Norman twice to save him from harming the world. Norman missed knowing that the antidote was successful, and the good news that Howard was recovering.

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