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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 4 Preview

Elizabeth was still not at all wary of Katrina, and showed her the nanny information for advice. Catalina secretly took photos and wanted to take the opportunity to replace it. Elizabeth went to the action team and wanted to take a half day off to interview the nanny. There is no problem asking for leave, and Cooper’s thought surprised Elizabeth.

After careful consideration, Cooper intends to report Redington’s true identity to the Department of Justice. When Elizabeth was trying to persuade him, Aram hurriedly sent a piece of information from the unofficial CIA station in Zahedan, Iran. Cooper opened the file folder and saw Daniel’s name. He was so nervous that he asked Alam to confirm the accuracy of the intelligence immediately, because it was about the past thirty years ago.

In 1989, Cooper was only a lieutenant. During an operation of transporting medical supplies, Daniel accidentally discovered that the box contained a stack of cash. Some inside the army smuggled cash to fund Kurdish forces. Daniel hated this despicable act of destroying regional peace. Cooper warned him not to intervene, but Daniel insisted on exposing the matter to the Pentagon.

Later, Cooper and Daniel received orders to go to a certain base. On the way, he was ambushed by Kurds, and the target was obviously Daniel. Cooper watched as his partner was taken away, but his superiors requested rescue but were refused. After the incident, the rescue team sent a report confirming that Daniel had been executed. The military reported that it was attacked by terrorists, and Cooper was awarded the Navy Cross and was promoted.

The real Reddington was a member of the supervision team at the time and testified before a military court. Cooper didn’t know how Reddington knew about it, and Reddington wouldn’t say it clearly. Judging from the current intelligence, Daniel escaped from southern Iran yesterday and found a secret CIA station. The first thing he did was to see Cooper and ask Cooper to save him and return home.

The United States has no law enforcement powers in Iran, and it is not suitable for large groups of people to travel. Reddington suggested that Cooper go out in person to confirm whether it is really Daniel himself. Reddington and Dunby accompanied Cooper on a private jet and landed at a small airport in Zahedan. Reddington has arranged the vehicles for Cooper, and the checkpoints along the way have been arranged in advance. Cooper came to the CIA station alone, and the opponent could only provide a badge worn by Daniel, nothing else. They are informal institutions and do not exist in official documents, so they do not want to be involved and attract attention.

Cooper walked into the interrogation room and couldn’t believe he could still see Daniel standing in front of him alive. Daniel himself didn’t know how to survive until now. After being caught, he was used by various factions as a bargaining chip to exchange information. He did not remember how many people had been imprisoned, only an Iranian, nicknamed Sam Cyclone. Cooper knows this person, whose name means “Vicious Wind”, and has been the most dangerous intelligence leaker in the Middle East for many years. Wherever he goes, he will die. The intelligence provided to terrorist organizations also poses a huge threat to the regional situation.

Cooper called Redington and briefly explained the situation. Hearing the name Sam Cyclone, Reddington reminded Cooper on the phone to be careful. A message has been sent from a source. On the way back to the small airport, many patrol personnel have been added. Cyclone Sam must have obtained the information before sending people to strengthen the inspection and search for Daniel who escaped.

Cooper took Daniel through the checkpoint and saw that the police at the checkpoint were holding the expensive HK416 assault rifle. This time the money was no longer available, and the people in the car were ordered to get off. Just as Cooper was about to reveal his identity, Daniel interrupted him lukewarm. These people have known Cooper’s identity for a long time, they were originally Daniel’s men.

Cooper was escorted into the car, and after driving for about an hour, he came to a dilapidated palace. After years of detention, Daniel blamed Cooper for all the torture and pain he suffered. With this hatred, he became the Sam’s whirlwind that caused headaches in Western countries. In this design, Cooper was captured. In addition to getting more information, he also wanted Cooper to taste his experience back then.

Readington noticed that Cooper had been caught and immediately contacted the action team. Aram saw through the drone that Cooper was stuffed into a blue off-road vehicle and drove to the northwest. The end point was outside the city of Zahedan. Palace ruins. Elizabeth, who was desperate to rescue Cooper, received a text message from the nanny and refused the job. In desperation, Elizabeth had to call the neighbor Mrs. McGrady and ask her to help take care of Agnes.

At this time, it was too late to contact the State Council. Reddington wanted to rescue Cooper in a faster and more effective way. Reddington and Dunby recruited three death squads through informants. The drone missiles first wiped out most of the ground forces, and then entered the palace from the front and rear sides to start a battle of positions. In the back room, Daniel was seen pointing his gun at Cooper. Reddington’s eyes were quick, and he raised his hand and shot Daniel with two shots.

After returning to the United States, whether it was gratitude or insight, Cooper dismissed the idea of ​​reporting the true identity of Reddington. After all, people live in the present, not in the past. Reddington is Reddington, not Ilya anymore. Similarly, Cooper is the deputy director in charge of the action team, no longer a guilty lieutenant. The Navy Cross was placed on Daniel’s tombstone. It should belong to the brave soldier who bravely exposed the wrongdoing.

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