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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 18 Preview

When Dr. Stark arrived, Reddington was already sober. After inspection, there is no major physical problem. However, Dr. Stark knew well that he recommended Redington to have an MRI. Seeing that Redington had dealt with a few words casually, the doctor had to shook his head and stopped talking. Of course, Reddington knew what was wrong with his body. It now seems that some things need to be prepared in advance, such as handing over the empire and most of his property to Elizabeth.

As soon as the doctor left, Reddington set out to rescue Asma’s Imam. Dunby has only been loyal to two people in his life, one is Reddington and the other is Asma’s Imam, so Reddington cannot sit idly by. The scavenger revisited the scene and extracted a fingerprint from the Imam’s office. The person was Arturo. He was convicted of kidnapping. He has been in the Warrens Ridge State Prison for 15 years and has been in prison for the past three years. In solitary confinement, there is no possibility of escape.

Lesler and Elizabeth were ordered to go to Warrens Prison to interrogate Arturo, and Warden Kane was very cooperative. In the interrogation room, Arturo looked nonchalant, asking three questions. Finally, I asked Lesler for paper and pen, wrote a few words, and claimed that it was the phone number of the previous brothers. As long as Lesler called and asked why they didn’t come to the prison, he would speak. Seemingly joking, Lesler took a look and immediately got up and left.

After arriving outside the prison, Lesler handed the note to Elizabeth, which read “I want to talk, but don’t be here.” Lesler thought Arturo just wanted to take the opportunity to leave the prison, so he applied for an exemption from the court. Unexpectedly, it was impossible to return to prison to ask someone. Arturo was stabbed to death in the fight. Lesler and Elizabeth rushed to interrogate the inmates in the single cell around Arturo, and found that all of them were masters in the industry, and they were all very strict and could not ask for any clues.

Elizabeth was inevitably disappointed, and on the way back, she mentioned Reddington’s intentional transfer of property. As a federal agent, Elizabeth cannot take over the criminal empire. And he already knew about Elijah, and Reddington knew it very well. Elizabeth couldn’t understand why he did this. Lesler had an idea. He remembered seeing Redington’s medical files in Dr. Stark’s laboratory, which were as thick as a phone book. If Reddington is looking for an heir, it is likely that there is a serious problem with his body.

Elizabeth obtained a list of prisoners who entered and exited Warrens Prison in the past year, and Reddington saw a familiar name, Marvin. Marvin had done things so hard, but Reddington had to put him in jail for three years, so naturally he felt ashamed. Marvin was irritated when he saw Reddington, not only because he lost three years, but also because he lost his lawyer’s license because of his imprisonment. Marvin is a clever man who has spent three years in Warrens Prison.

It is impossible not to know what’s inside. Reddington used the relationship to threaten the lawyers’ professional ethics committee, and Marvin finally got his license back as he wished. During this period, Dunby answered a phone call and left in a hurry. Reddington didn’t care, and it was reasonable to comfort the Imam’s family.

Martin can speak well, and has many chat friends in prison. Although I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, it is true that there is a small-scale prison gang in Warrens Prison. Warden Kane puts capable prisoners in solitary confinement, and he has the best alibi. Kane’s assistant, Vincent, the oldest prison guard in the prison, is the leader of the gang, and the only way to find out what happened is from him.

Cooper sent Elizabeth and Alina to monitor Vincent and found that Vincent was driving his business car, leaving get off work four hours early. Followed all the way, watching the commercial vehicle turning into a small warehouse. Elizabeth climbed onto the warehouse skylight and was stunned to see four people preparing weapons. Without exception, they were all prisoners who were interrogated yesterday. Alina had just notified Aram of her address and requested support from the emergency team when she saw a van disguised as a cable company driving out of the warehouse.

The van drove into a residential area, and Elizabeth saw government vehicles parked on the roadside. Aram found out that it was a bailiff’s vehicle, and a witness here is receiving judicial protection. Elizabeth and Alina appeared unexpectedly and disrupted Vincent’s plan. One was arrested and the three fled.

Warden Kane has always been an umbrella for prisoners and a protector for prisoners’ families. Therefore, no matter how Elizabeth interrogated, she could not get any useful confession. After receiving the news, Kane immediately activated the plan and announced the escape of the four prisoners. The three people who fled back to the safe house were also silenced by him.

Thinking that he was safe to escape, Kane never expected that he would meet Reddington, who was waiting for a long time at home. Facing the boss of the crime world, Kane honestly handed over his books. Readington saw that the person who hired the imam to be kidnapped was McGrady Tolivi, and couldn’t help taking a breath. This was the name Caterina had used. He tore off the page and left the remaining ledger and Kane’s body to Cooper.

Reddington led people into Caterina’s hiding place, but Caterina had escaped. Her loyal bodyguard shrank in the corner and blocked Imam in front of her to buy time for Caterina. Reddington raised his hand to kill the bodyguard, rescued the Imam, and then turned to look at Denby sitting at the table and the mobile phone with video recording enabled in front of him. The purpose of Catalina’s kidnapping of Imma is to coerce Dunby into telling the secret of Reddington’s secret cooperation with the FBI.

As long as the video is exposed, Reddington will become a target for everyone, and it will not pose a threat to Catalina. Dunby didn’t hide it. If Reddington comes later, I’m afraid he will speak out. It is difficult for Reddington to blame Denby. Just like Elizabeth, neither of them can make the right choice between Reddington and their relatives.

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