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His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 5

The gypsy expedition was marching on the ice field, Serafina’s Elf Kaiser flew in the air, observing the situation ahead. Li also happily lay in the trailer of a crawler tractor, lazily. Yureko is diligent and conscientious, but whenever it encounters a steep hill, it will drag the heaviest equipment with a strong body, and never complains.

King Faah wanted to prepare in advance and ask Laila to inquire about the guards of the Truth and Berfanga. The results are disturbing. There are 60 Tatars guarding the experimental station, all armed with rifles. And the truth meter also indicated some content.

In the village in the next valley, there is a ghost. Laila didn’t understand how this matter had anything to do with Berfanga, and she always felt she wanted to take a look. King Faa’a and Fadel disagreed that Laila took the risk alone, not to mention that there were not enough people to inspect a village more than ten kilometers away.

Kaiser can see many things. For example, the church worried that Asriel was studying how to use dust to build a bridge between different worlds, so it ordered the armored bear to imprison Asriel. Yufer was selfish and allowed Asriel to continue his research while under house arrest. But when it comes to things in the village, Kaiser can do nothing. It thinks Laila should trust her instincts and check it out.

Laila’s perseverance finally relieved King Faah. The king ordered Jureko to protect Laila and returned to the team immediately after finding out the situation. Laila rode on Jureko’s wide back and ran on the snow-white ground. When we arrived in the village, it was dark. The village is empty and no one can be seen. Laila picked up the gas lamp discarded on the ground and walked to the warehouse in the middle of the village.

The warehouse stores dried fish, and in the corner, there is a human figure curled up. Laila cautiously stepped forward, and under the faint light, she saw that the man lying motionless on the ground wearing a windbreaker was actually Billy who had been missing for many days. The strangest thing is that Billy’s Elf Rat is not by his side.

Losing the spirit is like losing the soul. Yureko ran all the way, sending Laila and Billy back to the camp overnight, but Billy didn’t respond to his mother’s call. People can’t imagine how Billy escaped the claws without his mind, and how he escaped for days in the ice and snow.

The gypsies were immersed in grief, and Laila did not have any sense of accomplishment. What Yureko is not good at is dealing with this kind of emotional problem. He simply left the camp, and when he came back at dawn, the task of comforting Laila was handed over to Li. In the middle of the night, there was unfortunate news, and Billy could not persist after all. Maggie held a cremation for Billy according to the custom, so that all gypsies would know what those wicked men had done for Billy. Fighting is inevitable. Only by eliminating evil can we protect the safety of children.

At this moment, several dark shadows were shaking around the camp. They lurked in the wind and snow, quietly, and only waited until the ceremony was over and the gypsies returned to their tents before they acted. Laila, who was unable to sleep, heard a small sound and went out of the tent to check and saw that the night watchman had fallen to the ground. Before Laila could call for help, she was knocked out from behind.

When Laila woke up, she was indoors. Several Tatars sold her to Doctor Cooper. The doctor’s face was not ferocious. When asked about her name, Laila lied to be Liz. Dr. Cooper ordered the nurse to change clothes for Laila and assigned to Group A to prepare for treatment. Laila’s heart was tight, and she vaguely felt that this was the place she had been looking for. When the nurse took out a one-piece windbreaker, Laila’s head buzzed, and it really was Barfanga, the place of evil.

Walters has been monitoring John Perry’s house for a few days, recording in detail the schedule of Will and Elaine. Elaine stayed at home almost all day, never went out, and had no visitors. All she can do every day is to watch her son go to school and welcome him home. Will has a maturity that his peers don’t have. He just went to high school and had to take on the burden of taking care of his family.

On this day, Will, who was practicing boxing under the guidance of teacher Hewe, accidentally saw his panicked mother. My mother suddenly appeared at school because a person came from outside the house and asked about John’s situation. Mother is always suspicious, Will has taken it for granted. Asked for leave from the coach and accompanied his mother home.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Elaine looked left and right, and felt that the carpet had been moved and there was a stain. Someone must have come in. She ran into the bedroom in a panic, turned on the sewing machine in the closet, and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that the small package hidden in the machine was still there. In the package is a letter from John Perry. If there is no such thing as today, even Will would not have known that his mother had kept his father’s letter. He didn’t know why these letters were so important to his mother, and he didn’t plan to find out.

Thomas is still investigating Elaine, hacking his bank account and discovering that there is a monthly remittance of money. Although the amount was small, it lasted for 13 years. The source of the funds was traced, and it was found that John Perry had set up an account two weeks before his disappearance. This shows that John Perry knew in advance that he would be away from home for a long time. Perhaps his disappearance was intentional. It does not rule out his knowledge of “window cracks” or similar things. To find out where he is, whether he is here or there, the clue may be in the letter he sent to his wife.

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