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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 16 Preview

Generally speaking, the job of a private investigator is to find someone, but Reddington asks her to deceive her employer Elizabeth and conceal the whereabouts of Ilya. After Elizabeth got the news from the private detective, she didn’t raise any suspicions at first. Her main energy is still on a case, which may need Reddington’s help. It just so happened that Reddington also needed Elizabeth to ask for some information because of the investigation and disappearance of Dengby’s friend Imam by the Counter-Terrorism Department.

In the process of restarting the investigation of the old case, the police found another unidentified young female body when they excavated the grave of the deceased. Since then, similar cases have occurred many times, all of them are young women, and it seems that some people regard the cemetery as a place for corpses. Because the victim is highly corrupt, the police’s reconnaissance work has not progressed until the most recent flood destroyed the cemetery and found the dead body of an unnamed woman again.

The deceased were all people living in poverty, and there were no signs of injuries before and after death, and no signs of sexual assault. Judging from a little mud in the lungs, he was buried alive in a coma. The detection of anesthetic components in the body also proves this.

Elizabeth believes that the murderer’s purpose is not to kill, but to cover up other crimes. After the forensic doctor dissected the body of this female named Mara, he found more. The deceased died within one month after giving birth, and there were scars from the caesarean section on the lower abdomen. When it comes to children, the case becomes more complicated. Lesler and Alina go to Mara’s house to learn about the situation with her mother and sister. They didn’t even know that Mara had a child. Nancy did hear her sister say that she had met a big fish ten months ago, and what plan to get rid of poverty.

Nancy didn’t know who Mara was talking about. Fortunately, Aram checked the genetic sequence from the remaining baby cells in Mara’s body, and found that the father of the child should be the master of self-saving emotions, Jonathan, who wrote a series about saving love. Books are very popular. It’s ironic that such a person has derailed and even had an illegitimate child. What surprised Elizabeth even more was that Jonathan died in a car accident eleven months ago and it was impossible to kill Mara.

Lesler and Alina went to Jonathan’s house again to learn about the situation with Jonathan’s widow. Obviously, the incident of her husband having an affair was a big blow to her, especially after the death of her husband, the affair also carried a child. In order to ensure the sales of books, this matter must be resolved peacefully. So after doing a paternity test, Jonathan’s widow decided to pay a high amount of support to settle the settlement, and the two parties also signed a confidentiality agreement.

Elizabeth made a bold guess that those young women may have experienced similar things and signed non-disclosure agreements. A legally binding confidentiality agreement will have a copy in the court archives, and it will take at least a few months to apply for a search warrant according to the normal channels. This matter requires Reddington’s action. Through the special contacts in Reddington, several confidentiality agreements soon arrived in Elizabeth’s hands.

After reading all the agreements, the case looks even more bizarre. All the victims had an affair with a wealthy person, all had a paternity test, all chose to settle, and all died within a week after the settlement. The whereabouts of all the babies born were unknown. Another thing that makes Elizabeth puzzled is that the wealthy people who cheated on the victim, without exception, died in an accident a few months before the child was born. One of the names in these materials appeared on the death certificate many times. Hatcher, who runs a funeral home, can enter and exit the cemetery without any doubt.

Lesler and Elizabeth obtained the court’s search warrant, but they did not find Hatcher in the funeral home, but there was a major discovery in his office. There is another young female profile on Hatcher’s computer, which is likely to be the next victim. In a locked freezer, Elizabeth found a jar of unknown liquid. After forensic identification, it was human semen, belonging to a celebrity who died in a shipwreck not long ago. After questioning the women in the computer data, Hatcher’s criminal method gradually became clear.

As a funeral home practitioner, Hatcher voluntarily participated in government-organized response actions to identify victims of major accidents. Using the convenience of work, he secretly extracts the semen of a specific target. Then he would look for a young woman from a poor family with a nice face, and conspire to blackmail the family of the deceased through artificial insemination. After the incident, Hatcher secretly prescribed medicine, buried the woman in a new grave, and devoured support alone.

The latest news came from Reddington. Just now, another non-disclosure agreement was signed, and another woman was at stake. Elizabeth and others quickly found the lawyer who handled the agreement and confirmed the phone of the woman who signed the contract. Aram tracked cell phone signals in real time, showing that the last place he appeared was a suburban cemetery. Elizabeth and Lesler did not dare to neglect, and led the emergency team to the cemetery and captured Hatcher on the spot. Hatcher denies desperately and firmly denies. Elizabeth immediately led people to search the cemetery, and dug out the wandering victim under a new grave.

Hatcher was brought back to justice, and the children’s whereabouts had results. Hatcher, who had a rough life since childhood, adopted the children and used support to make them live without worry. He thought it was a good deed, but he completely disregarded the life of the child’s mother, which made Elizabeth contemptuous. When the case was solved, the FBI sent the details of the case to the widows to rectify their deceased husbands. The children are also raised by the two families through negotiation so that they can live happily under the care of their families.

Reddington provided assistance in the investigation and was rewarded. Cooper obtained some information from the inside and confirmed that the Counter-Terrorism Department only suspected that the Imam might be transporting Syrian terrorists outside the United States, but did not conduct any secret arrest operations. Reddington followed the clues provided by Cooper to investigate and found that the imams smuggled in from the smuggling route were only Syrian refugees.

Reddington has a hunch that the target of the imam kidnapping is not terrorism or clergy, but himself. Sakiya also found a fingerprint at the Imam’s house, belonging to Arturo Ruel, a man who has been in prison for 15 years. However, his physical condition did not allow Reddington to conduct further investigations. He was found by Dunby lying on the ground and falling into a coma.

When Elizabeth is free, she has more time to think about Elijah. She suddenly realized that Ilya was not afraid of private detectives, and there was no need to escape. The only explanation was that Reddington had intervened. The private investigator did not want to be involved, and told Elizabeth the only clue. Before Reddington found out, she had eavesdropped on Ilya’s home and often heard Ilya mention the Sikorsky Archives. If Catalina is looking for any secret, it must be hidden there.

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