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Tag: Chinese Novel

The Divine Students (Novel)

The divine students (Novel)Other Name: The divine students Genre: novelCountry: China MainlandAuthor:Year:Chapter: 64+Related story: Summary:Cheng Yu, a 17 – 18 year old boy, the only male heir of a large […]

Love Me and Convince Me (Novel)

Love Me and Convince Me Other Name: You Love Me This Much, I’m Going To Take It Seriously / 你这么爱我,我可要当真了 Genre: novel, Comedy, RomanceCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Wu Xiao BaiYear:Chapter:Related story: […]

Three Marriages (Novel)

Three MarriagesOther Name: 三嫁 Genre: novel, Comedy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, WuxiaCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Ming Yue Ting FengYear:Chapter: 94 chapters (completed)Related story: Marry Me (2020) (Drama Adaptation) Summary:This is the love […]

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality (Novel)

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality Other Name: คัมภีร์วิถีเซียน / 凡人修仙传 / Phàm Nhân Tu Tiên / Fan Ren Xiu Xian Chuan Genre: novel, Action, Adventure, Mature, XianxiaCountry: […]

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Novel)

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Novel)Other Name: จักรพรรดิ์สวรรค์แห่งดินแดน / 神道丹尊 / Thần Đạo Đan Tôn Genre: novel, Action, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, XuanhuanCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Flying Alone, 孤单地飞Year: 2015Chapter: […]

True Martial World (Novel)

True Martial WorldOther Name: 真武世界 / Zhen Wu Shijie Genre: novel, Eastern FantasyCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Cocooned CowYear: 2017Chapter: 1,710 ChaptersRelated story: Summary:With the strongest experts from the 33 Skies the […]

My Youth Began With Him (Novel)

My Youth Began With HimOther Name: 青春从遇见他开始 Genre: novel, Josei, RomanceCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Baby Piggie,猪宝宝萌萌哒Year:Chapter: 4,541 Chapters (Completed)Related story: Summary:Seven years ago, after their breakup, he disappeared without a trace. […]

Pursuit of the Truth (Novel)

Pursuit of the TruthOther Name: Beseech The Devil / 求魔 / สู่วิถีอสุรา Genre: novel, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mystery, Tragedy, XianxiaCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Er Gen,耳根Year: 2012Chapter: 1,484 Chapters […]

Venerated Venomous Consort (Novel)

Venerated Venomous Consort (Novel)Other Name: 帝霸毒妃在上 Genre: novel, Action,Adventure,Martial Arts,RomanceCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Mu Danfeng,穆丹枫Year: 2017Chapter: 2,412+Related story: Summary:In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and […]

History’s Number 1 Founder (Novel)

History’s Number 1 Founder (Novel)Other Name: Shishang di yi zu shiye, 史上第一祖师爷 Genre: novel, Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Martial Arts,XuanhuanCountry: China MainlandAuthor: August Eagle,Ba Yue Fei Ying,八月飞鹰Year: Chapter: 1,417+Related story: Summary:He transmigrated and got […]

His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Novel)

His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light (Novel)Other Name: Genre: novel, Fantasy,RomanceCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Purple-Red BeautyYear: Chapter: 710+Related story: Summary:After a delirious first night together, Shi Guang found herself waking up to […]

My Father in Law is Lu Bu (Novel)

My Father in Law is Lu BuOther Name: My Father in Law is Lu Bu / 我的岳父大人叫吕布 Genre: novel, Action, Adventure, Drama, Harem, Historical, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Seinen, Tragedy, […]

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the Villain (Novel)

After Being Transported into a Book, I Adopted the VillainOther Name: 穿书后我收养了幼年期的反派 Genre: novel, Comedy,Romance,YaoiCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Sweet And Greasy Millet Porridge,甜腻小米粥Year: 2019Chapter: Chapter 51Related story: Summary:When Shen Yu woke […]

Sword Among Us

Sword Among UsOther Name: 全球论剑 Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial ArtsCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Black Swordsman OnlineYear: Chapter: 1,270 (complete)Related story: Summary:When he returned to the World of Martial Arts, the […]

The Legendary Master’s Wife

The Legendary Master’s WifeOther Name: Truyền thuyết chi chủ đích phu nhân / 傳說之主的夫人 Genre: novel, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Xuanhuan, YaoiCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Yin YaYear: 2013Chapter: 713 […]