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Tag: Chinese Plot

Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 6 Recap

Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 6 Recap Nan Xing was speechless after hearing this, thinking that Xiao Wudi was being amorous. Xiao Wudi thought that Nan Xing was embarrassed to admit […]

Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 5 Recap

Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 5 Recap After Jiaojiao praised Nan Xing, she also praised Xiao Wudi. She didn’t expect her to have such a handsome neighbor. Xiao Wudi pretended to […]

Falling Into You 炽道 Episode 6 Recap

Most of the provincial college sports meeting is in progress, and the finals will soon be ushered in. Shi Yin wanted to cheer on Duan Yucheng, but Duan Yucheng refused […]

Falling Into You 炽道 Episode 4 Recap

Duan Yucheng began to find ways to apologize to Rona, starting with writing an apology letter, but Rona didn’t even read the letter. His roommate began to show his magical […]

Falling Into You 炽道 Episode 3 Recap

The mountain-climbing contest ended with Rona reaching the top of the mountain first, but Duan Yucheng was sincere and there were a bunch of barbecue tools in his backpack, so […]

Falling Into You 炽道 Episode 2 Recap

Although Luo Na rejected Duan Yucheng, she contacted her father in private and asked him for a training material. Duan Yucheng, who was rejected, was very disappointed, but he was […]

Falling Into You 炽道 Episode 1 Recap

After the morning schedule of the track and field games of Nanhu No. 3 Middle School, the scorching sun was blazing, and Wang Qilin, director of the sports department of […]