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Leng Wang Xiao Chong: Concubine Concubine

Novel: Leng Wang Xiao Chong: Concubine Concubine (冷王枭宠:庶女嫡妃)

Type: Rebirth through time

Author: Curtain Curtain West Crazy

Role: Murong Jing Su Liu’s

The novel “Leng Wang Xiao Chong: Concubine Concubine” is a rebirth novel written by the famous Internet writer “Curtain Roll West Crazy”. The main point is: Su Mowan is tall and tall, wearing a moon-white men’s clothing at this time, hurriedly walking down the street with her head down, causing several little girls to look sideways. After walking about a stick of incense, I turned a corner and came to a dark alley. She walked to the third room, looked left and right, confirmed that no one bowed her head, and quickly knocked on the door. “Who is it?” A soft, soft voice came from the door. “It’s me!” Su Mowan replied in a low voice

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Jingchu Empire: The traitorous party is unbearable. The author lacks common sense and is a fake industrial party. The democratic system of the American Dad and O Dad who is dedicated to splitting China and thinking of his heart. is a self-made beauty

I just can score goals: pure spoof text, the three views are a bit crooked, but it feels okay in the big section. Sand sculpture protagonist + sand sculpture system, the MD book is too sand sculpture, but why am I so happy to read it. Am I actually a scumbag too?

Guilty War: Very disappointed, old author who writes worse and worse.

Leng Wang Xiao Chong: Concubine Concubine

Chapter 5 Bring people back!

Su Mowan was tall and tall. She was wearing a moon-white men’s clothing. She hurriedly walked down the street with her head down, which attracted several little girls’ eyes.

After walking about a stick of incense, I turned a corner and came to a dark alley.

She walked to the third room, looked left and right, confirmed that no one bowed her head, and quickly knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

A soft, soft voice came from the door.

“it’s me!”

Su Mowan replied in a low voice.

There was no sound in the door, and after a while, the door opened with a creak, revealing an extremely beautiful face.

“Mo Wan, why are you here? Still wearing this dress?!”

“Don’t say so much, I’ll avoid you here!”

Su Mowan squeezed into the door involuntarily.

“But isn’t today your big day?” Qingcheng carefully closed the door and asked in confusion.

Su Mowan sighed: “Qingcheng, I can’t marry Murong Jin anymore…”

“What? But I heard that you and Su Huayue are getting married today!”

Qingcheng really didn’t understand what was going on, this was what Murong Xuan, the King of Jin, told her last night!

“I do want to marry, but not the King of Chu, but the King of Qin.” Su Mowan lowered her eyes, “Su Huayue married the King of Chu Murong Jin, and I married the King of Qin Murongjing.”

Qingcheng didn’t react for a while, and was stunned for two seconds before exclaiming: “You marry King Qin Murongjing?! My God, how could this be…”

“It’s hard to say a word, I can only use your place to avoid it.”

Su Mowan forced a smile.

Qingcheng seemed a little embarrassed, and hesitated for a while before saying: “But Mo Wan, what if you can escape today? How could someone like King Qin let you escape like this? He won’t let you go!”

Su Mo was stunned for a while, and then said slowly: “If you don’t let me go, you have to see if he has the ability.”

Qingcheng bit her lip, and took a long time to say, “Then what will you do in the future?”

What to do in the future?

Su Mowan really hadn’t thought about it, but it was certain that she would not stay in the imperial capital.

“Maybe go to Northern Xinjiang, maybe go to Jiangnan, or maybe go to Liuxia Kingdom.”

Hearing this, Qingcheng didn’t care that she hadn’t groomed yet, so she touched the candle and lit a candle. She pulled a clean chair and motioned Su Mo to sit down late.

When Su Mowan sat down, Qingcheng said, “The northern border is a bitter cold place, you better not go! Jiangnan is not bad, but the army led by King Qin has a station in Jiangnan! As for Liuxia… Liuxia is not a good place either. !”

She seemed to remember something, her eyes darkened.

Su Mo Wanquan didn’t see it, “Anyway, I’ll leave after tonight, and I won’t drag you down.”


Qin Wangfu.

The bodyguard in black, commanding Feng Yue, stood tremblingly in front of the study, with cold sweat on his forehead.

A low and stern voice came from the study, with a coercion that could not be ignored: “What did you say?”

“Master, this subordinate heard that the second young lady of the General’s Mansion is gone! Just this morning! General Su sent people to search the streets.” Feng Yue finally repeated it boldly.

Just as Feng Yue wiped his third cold sweat, the half-closed door of the study creaked open.

A handsome man in a wheelchair appeared at the door.

The narrow and long phoenix eyes outline the contempt, the jade-like complexion is too pale, and the handsome face is obviously without a trace of expression, but it makes people tremble.

The man was covered in the coldness of Aoxue and Frost, and under his complicated black brocade robe, a pair of white gold silk embroidered boots were exposed, which was not stained with fine dust.

This is the God of War Lord of the Yunmo Kingdom, the King of Qin Murongjing.


Feng Yue felt a little uneasy in his heart, the fact that the concubine quasi ran away is… not very honorable.

There was no emotion in Murong Jing’s eyes: “Instruct Chaoyang to block the city gate and bring thirty secret guards to look for it. In any case, bring them back.”

bring it back?

After all, she is the future side concubine, will it be bad to use it?

Feng Yue didn’t dare to say anything, so he handed over his orders and hurried out.

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