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Crazy About Su Nian Lu Moting Novel

Crazy About Su Nian Lu Moting Novel (狂想苏念陆墨霆)

Fiction: Rhapsody

Author: Mo Yanxi

Main characters: Su Nian, Lu Moting

Type: Modern Romance

Novel Overview:

“Fantasy” is a fiery novel written by Mo Yanxi about the protagonists Su Nian and Lu Moting. Narrated: She took away her first time with her own hands, and since then has a disease called apathy, unable to enjoy married life. After marrying Lu Moting, she realized that this disease can be cured, and the name of the medicine is that I need you

Chapter 4 I’m Going to Kill Your Heart

“I didn’t, I didn’t…” Zhao Xinnuo shivered with fright when she saw Lu Mo Ting.

“I’ll change clothes first, and you take Miss Zhao to the lounge.”
Su Nianhuan crossed her arms and walked quickly to her office.

Her office is not big, with a private bathroom at the end of the corridor.
A simple small wardrobe is placed against the wall, and a few pieces of laundry are hung.
She took it in her hand and walked quickly to the bathroom.

“Sister Niannian, are you okay?” Xu Xin called her worriedly outside the bathroom.

“I’m fine, you guys wait for me in the conference room.”
Su Nian turned on the water and hurriedly washed the blood from his body.

The smell was so disgusting, it made her want to vomit!

After finally rinsing it off, she opened the door and walked out while loosening her wet hair.

Lu Mo Ting was sitting in front of the desk, looking through the documents on her desk.

Su Nian was stunned for a moment, brought up a small smile, and walked towards him.

“Why did Mr. Lu come to Shengtian today?”

Lu Mo Ting didn’t answer her, his indifferent gaze swept her once and sneered, “You’re a gold medal manager, that’s all, you can make trouble like this with an 18th line.”

“Hey, I don’t have the ability to be coaxed and pampered, so I can only be bullied.”
Su Nian smiled and tried to sit on his lap again.

“Go away.”
Lu Moting frowned and avoided her.

“Then you sit on my chair, I have nowhere to sit, so I can only sit on you.”
Su Nian blinked and looked at him aggrievedly.

Lu Mo Ting was just about to ask her to roll on the sofa and sit on it, only to realize that there is really only one chair in the entire office!

There is no sofa, no desk, only this desk and an office chair in front of him.

“It’s really a miserable mess.”
Lu Moting sneered again, “Your best actor and senior brother can see it.”

“My husband can see it. There’s nothing I can’t see about a man I have a crush on.”
Su Nian didn’t hide it, and Luoluo generously confessed her relationship with Shi An.

I had a good impression, I had fantasies, I liked, but I was betrayed and used – that’s all.
Moreover, she never felt that secret love was a shameful thing, she was frank, who didn’t go blind a few times when she was young?

“You’re really honest.”
Lu Moting laughed angrily, pinching her chin and pulling it forward.

“You can find out, why should I make fun of myself.
What it is, I won’t lie.”
Su Nian looked into his eyes and said calmly.

“You don’t lie?” Lu Moting suddenly burst out with a strong threatening aura!

Su Nian’s heart trembled, why did this man suddenly become fierce!

“I, just occasionally tell a small, kind story.”
She stretched out two fingers and made a gesture.

“Story? Your mouth is really good.
At that time, you didn’t want to show your face for photos at the wedding. That’s why, I’m afraid your actor brother will know that you are married.”
Lu Mo Ting’s fingers tightened a little more.

It wasn’t that he was jealous, but the feeling of being deceived made him disgusted.

“You didn’t let people take pictures! You said that night, I’m just a toy you bought. I can put it wherever I want.”
Su Nian looked into his eyes and whispered.

For a few seconds, her eyes were really red.

She is so sad.

As a human being, she was placed in such a lightly placed position.

Father does not love mother or mother, marrying a husband is the king of evil.

“Very good at acting.”
Seeing the change in the expression on her bright little face, Lu Moting dissipated a little, but his tone was still unkind.

“Mr. Lu, I want to live, don’t embarrass me.”
Su Nian said softly.

She understood that Lu Mo Ting knew all about her status in the Su family.
Poor little, cowardly trash, ordered to celebrate… He knew it, so he didn’t treat her like a thing on the wedding night.

How could outsiders respect her if her parents could sell her at a low price?

“I don’t have enough household money? I need you to come out and laugh.”
Lu Mo Ting said coldly.

“You will always divorce me one day. If I’m still such a waste, how can I survive?” Su Nian asked back.

Lu Moting finally released his fingers.

He checked, and Su Nian did not use the household he gave, and it was all on that card.

Su Nian’s first big hit didn’t make much money. She was a newcomer at the time. She only gave her 1.7 million in 32 episodes. After tax deduction and separation from her manager, she could only get more than 300,000.
All the money was taken by his father.

“You have power and power, why bother me? I’m just earning some pension money.”
Su Nian’s small face rubbed against his palm, and said slowly: “In the future, keep your heart away from me. .”

She paused and said word by word, “Otherwise, I’ll kill her.”

Lu Mo Ting’s heart softened a little just now, but she was hardened by her anger again.

“Who can you kill like this?” he asked.

“Isn’t there you? You can’t let outsiders really bully your wife.”
Su Nian asked him with a wink.

“Really, I can.”
Lu Mo Ting pulled her apart, moved his long legs lightly, and stood up.

He is tall! She just got to his chest!

Being tall is amazing. When people talk to him, they can only look up to him.

“Lu Shaozhuang is bullying others.”
She sat on her chair, holding her face, looking at him and said slowly.

Ha… Lu Mo Ting sneered a few times and walked out.

“Go back to grandpa for dinner at night, dare to be arrogant and peel your skin off.”

Gee! So fierce!

Su Nian pursed her lips, opened the drawer, took out her cosmetics and started to make up.

With a bang, he slammed the door.

Does he have door slamming syndrome, he falls wherever he goes!

Su Nian drew her eyebrows and put on a bright red lipstick.

Splashed with dog blood, you have to use some bright red to show your aura.

“Sister Niannian, are you alright.”
Chu Xin ran in with a panicked face, and said worriedly, “Young Master Lu just kicked me out, so I didn’t do anything to you.”

“What can he do to me and bite my head off?” Su Nian smiled disapprovingly, trimmed his wet hair, and stood up: “I’m going to a meeting, you go and get me a ticket for clothes, a big name one. The more expensive one, and then give it to Zhao Xinnuo to make her lose money.”

The dirty body cost more than 200 yuan. Today, she originally wanted to go to the studio after the meeting, so she chose the cheap one so that she could sit wherever she went.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Xinnuo brought her new clothes.

But don’t you blow your hair?” Xu Xin asked after her.

“Don’t blow it, it looks pitiful, and the topic is high.”
Su Nian brushed his wet hair, and the corner of his mouth was raised.

Wet hair not only made her look pitiful, it also made her sexy.

Lu Mo Ting hasn’t left yet. If he doesn’t get mad and leave him, how can she live peacefully and happily in Bishuiju! The fairy environment there was Lu Moting’s greatest contribution to her.

Pushing open the door of the conference room, everyone inside looked over.

The smile on Su Nian’s face froze. She was shocked to find that Lu Moting was sitting at the conference table! The big boss was standing beside Lu Mo Ting with a compliment on his face.

What is he going to do!

Book Review Area

Perfect novel: I feel that the author has found a mode that is more suitable for him to play after the training of the previous book and the rhythm update theme.

Twenty Years of Wang Chun: Personal Immortal Grass, the protagonist dressed as Maori Kogoro, the author has his own understanding and deduction of some cases.

Above All Evils: One is to escape from the temple in the tomb version, and after the second book, the black soul wool is still smashed, why bother.

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