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Top Couples Are A Little Sweet Novel

Top Couples Are A Little Sweet

Title: The top couple is a bit sweet, 顶流夫妇有点甜

Author: Mr. Pattern

Category: Other Novels


Some hot topic: “Why do Wen Li and Song Yan have so many CP fans?”

The subject added: They have been married for two years and have neither film and television cooperation nor variety shows in the same frame, nor have they interacted with social software a few times, which is recognized by the entertainment industry. The agreement couple, the kind who don’t even bother to act in love. I am confused why there are so many CP fans, I swear I am not black. Popular answer: “CP fans come here uninvited. Let me explain to the subject, they really don’t interact much, and the sugar is all deducted from the microscope. But-

1. In terms of appearance, double-faced.

My family Sanli still When I was a young rookie, someone YYed what it would be like for these two people to be in the same frame. Later, the picture of the same frame in the century exploded, black swan x white moonlight, and a large number of entertainment circle meal replacement articles designed by similar people rose rapidly

2. Discuss coffee position , Double first line. Strong in various senses, right?

3. There are so many fairy wives in the circle, and the fanart, fanart, fanart, fanart, clips, and clips are full of food, and they are reluctant to quit the pit. In summary, let passers-by say what they say Plastic, as long as there is no official announcement of divorce, we will still be able to move!”

The topic has been on the hot topic for several months, and the plastic couple suddenly announced that they will join a national-level couple variety show before the recording. To test the tacit understanding of couples, interview celebrity couples separately, “May I ask what is the original intention of participating in this program, teacher?”

It is announced that we have too little time to get along, and I want to have more opportunities to get along through the show.”

Wen Li: “Make money.”

Song Yan: “You give too much.”


It’s fucking hard to even act…

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