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Peerless General Novel

Peerless General (绝世小将军)

Author: Anonymous


When Chen Xin woke up, he found that he had traveled through and became the only son of the great general of Chu Shangguo Ping Yuan, a well-known dude in the capital. Chen Xin was overjoyed, thinking that she would be able to live a life of scumbags, wives and concubines, and extravagant spending.

Male lead: Chen Xin

Female lead: Tim Sui

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Chapter 1

In a quaint room, Chen Xin’s hands holding the bronze mirror were shaking constantly.

How has the clothes on his body changed? It used to be a T-shirt made of pants, but now it has become a large blue robe in the shape of an ancient costume, and there is a black and white bordered jade belt with a black background.

The most exaggerated thing is that the self in the mirror is already a little fresh meat face of seventeen or eighteen years old.

Bright, fair skin, angular face…

Handsome and straight nose, thick and slender eyebrows…

And those cold, deep eyes…

These three-dimensional facial features are all as handsome as knife carvings. If there is a smirk on the corner of the mouth at this moment, it will immediately burst out with an evil charm that fascinates people and does not pay for their lives.

After being stunned for a moment, Chen Xin recovered from her handsome appearance and turned her attention back to the more important issues at the moment.

Holy crap, I actually crossed over! And also wearing a super handsome guy! “

Chen Xin put down the bronze mirror and began to wonder.

asshole! Good end, why cross?

Which era is this? What country is this? What is this place? Who am I?

Chen Xin didn’t have any memory of his predecessor in his mind, and was completely clueless as to what the current situation was.

anyone there? anyone there? “Chen Xin suddenly patted the table and shouted.

Soon, the door of the room opened, and a servant hurried in. Seeing Chen Xin, he cried out excitedly: Young Master, you are awake! You are awake! “

The little boy almost cried with excitement.

As soon as Chen Xin heard that the servant called him the son, his heart immediately became much more settled, thinking that this pair of skins seemed to be the son of a rich family.

May I have your name? “Chen Xin asked loudly.

The little servant hadn’t come out of his excitement and joy when he suddenly heard this and his face froze instantly.

Father-in-law…” He also stammered.

You are the father-in-law, you are the father-in-law! “Chen Xin interrupted the servant.

The little servant swallowed and said again: Young Master, don’t you know the little one? “

Nonsense, do you know what I need to ask? “Chen Xin said fiercely.

The servant hurriedly said: Young Master, I’m Tim Sui, you really don’t know Xiao? “

Tim Sui……” Chen Xin read it again, secretly remembering the name in her heart.

After a moment of silence, Chen Xin asked: Tim Sui, let me ask you, who am I? “

Tim Sui was startled, but he immediately replied: Young Master, you are you, you are the master of Tim Sui! “

What nonsense? I ask you again, who am I? What’s my name and where is this place? “Chen Xin exclaimed anxiously.

When Tian Sui heard Chen Xin’s question, tears could not stop flowing down, and he replied sadly: Young Master, this is the residence of General Pingyuan of the Chu Shang Kingdom, you are the only son of General Pingyuan, Chen Xin! “

Oh? Is he the only son of the general? And it’s also called Chen Xin, and it sounds like it’s not bad. “Chen Xin muttered in a low voice.

Son, what are you saying? “Tian Sui didn’t hear it.

It’s nothing…” Chen Xin immediately shook his head and continued to ask: I don’t know why, I don’t remember anything when I wake up, that… yes, Tim Sui, right? Tell me all about it!”

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