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Zhu Yan

“The Mirror Prequel” Zhu Yan (朱颜)


“Zhu Yan” is a prequel to the “Mirror” series. It tells the emotional entanglement between Zhu Yan, the county master of the Chizhi clan of the Kongsang Dynasty, and her master Shi Ying, who is the great priest of Jiuyi Mountain at the beginning of the escape from marriage.

The fate of the Kongsang Dynasty changed with the direction of her fate, including the little merman, Soma, who changed the fate of the entire Kongsang after her adoption. Under the scheme, personal emotions and destiny are controlled, so the person who changes his life against the sky will suffer unimaginable hardships. This is a teenage adventure and a magnificent epic fantasy.

Zhu Yan / The most difficult thing to keep in the world, Zhu Yan recites the mirror and the flower and the tree.

Time Shadow / Prophet death prophecy, is a certain number.

Soma/He is wary, cold, suspicious, full of hostility and distrust of everything.

Preface ·Zhu Yan Cijingjingjinghua Cishu

When I started writing “Zhu Yan”, it was as early as October 2014.

Before that, I just tried my best to finish the “Forgotten River” that I had been in for six years. I was exhausted and felt that I couldn’t love anymore, so I slumped on the ground and decided to focus on eating, drinking and having a good rest. A year of nothing. However, inspiration is always sudden, and it doesn’t matter if you want to lie down or not, it just took me back to the computer with a flash, and started digging without sleep.

And at that time, the people who met the same inspirational explosion, as well as classmates Bandi Isi Cun.

So, on the National Day of 2014, during the short seven-day holiday, the bandits and I were in Hangzhou and the other in Wuhan, and we started to work as hard as black eyes across two computers. Every day we go online to say good morning to each other, and then we bury our heads and work hard through the Internet, typing cracklingly, and often even eating meals in front of the computer. Every night in the middle of the night, exhausted, we have to pk first to see who has written more, then say goodnight to each other, and go offline to sleep… In this way, in 7 days, we wrote nearly 60,000 words in one go (compared to six “Forgetting River”, which was only written in 2010, has such an explosive speed that it can be used as a superhero on the Internet.

This is the writing background of the opening chapter of “Zhu Yan”, the bloody wedding of Susaharu.

After that, I wrote more than 200,000 words in one breath, and quickly finished the first volume before 2015, thinking that I would be able to complete the story in a few months. As a result, an accident happened: I wrote heartily at the end of the first volume, and the stepmother’s nature suddenly broke out, and she lost control, and set up a crazy plot, which suddenly put all the characters in the pen into desperation (in order to avoid spoilers) I won’t go into details here, everyone will know after reading Zhu Yan’s first volume).

At that time, even the editors of Xiaoxie who had read countless manuscripts read the first volume and exclaimed: “Oh my God, how can you do it after writing it like this?” I snorted and said, “What are you afraid of? nüè can be sweet.” Since you can write a broad sentence like “lilac knots and hibiscus sash”, you can naturally use the sentence “not a pearl but a treasure knife” to come back.

The result—well, when I actually wrote the second volume, I found that I was still too careless… After the first volume had put all the characters in a desperate situation, the second volume turned out to be extremely difficult to write, almost advancing inch by inch, Painful. In addition, the middle card is boring, and I couldn’t help but run away and dug a new novel “Empty City” (completed), so now, I have written it for more than a year, and the second volume has not been completed. (covers face in shame). The stepmother is really not good, tears. Nüè is not only the protagonist and the reader, but if one is not careful, the author himself will be nüè in it.

Now, the creation of “Zhu Yan” has come to an end. This time I am determined to be a mother and give a Happy Ending! (Reader: No wonder you are writing so slowly! It turned out to be HE this time? Dare not Believe!)

After the writing of “Zhu Yan”, not only will the little princess and the great priest have a happy ending, but it will also make up for the missing piece of the puzzle in the “Mirror” series, and outline the short-lived happiness of Soma’s childhood. It’s the end of the Mirror series.

Zhu Yan recites the mirror and the flower recites the tree.

This grand scroll that has lasted for more than ten years can be regarded as complete.

And I am not alone in having you with me in these passing years.

Read the end of the world parting pain. Do not come back, as promised by zero stamens. Looking at the bottom of the flower without saying a word, guarding the window chūn is twilight with the sky, waiting for the acacia lamp to appeal, ㄧ caring for new love, old hatred for thousands of hunks. The most important thing is that there is no way to keep it in the world. Zhu Yan recites the mirror and the flower and the tree.

——Wang Guowei, “Butterfly Loves Flowers”

Cang Yue

August 2016

Chapter 1: Zhu Yan

Zhu Yan was eighteen years old when she was married to Susa Haru.

In the middle of the night, just after the grand banquet was over, everyone in the King Guangmo’s golden tent was lying on the table, and the golden pot and jade cup were knocked over. The envoys who came to confer the marriage from the imperial capital could not stop the nobles of the Huotu tribe from toasting, and they were already drunk, and even the guards outside the tent were drunk and snoring one after another.

“Is it almost enough to drink outside?” Zhu Yan sat in another connected golden tent, and when she heard the song of persuading drinking outside, she stood up and tore off the red wedding dress embroidered with gold and jade. He hurriedly changed into a neat bunt, and hurriedly said, “I have to go.”

“Master,” the maid Yu Fei was a little worried, “Why don’t you let Yun Man accompany you?”

“It’s okay, Yun Man still has to stare at the great wizard of Huotu’s department in front, I can just go by myself.” She opened a box brought from the Chi Wangfu, and took out something – a one-foot long The hosta is exquisite and translucent, like a glazed treasure tree.

Master said that this hairpin is called “Jade Bone”. It comes from the bottom of the sea where even mermaids can’t swim in the blue sea. It grows in the crack of Guishenyuan. It grows one inch in age, it is the ancient relic of Queen Bai Wei, the most precious one in the world.

Queen Bai Wei? What a joke, isn’t that 7,000 years old? These priests on Jiuyi Mountain always like to deceive the royal family and nobles of Kongsang with these god-like words.

However, at this moment, she held the jade bone, but she was a little nervous.

She has only used it once to cast the magic weapon since the master passed it on. The last time was just a small test with a small knife, or a small test with a small knife, and it made the dog jump. This time, it is a real knife and a real gun. I don’t know… She took a breath, held the jade bone, and pressed her left hand. Tucked down neatly.

With a “swipe” sound, a little redness suddenly appeared on the left middle finger.

The blood droplets condensed on the white fingertips, gradually getting bigger like a coral bead. However, at the moment when it was about to fall, as if being sucked, it flowed backwards along the hairpin – the jade bone sucked the drop of blood, and the vermilion at the end was instantly rich and bright, and a flower bloomed in an instant. .

She hurriedly folded her hands and chanted the spell silently.

In the short congratulatory sound, the wonderful flower opened at a speed visible to the naked eye, withered, and finally turned into five petals and fell on the soft brocade of the chuáng couch.

At the moment of landing, another identical Zhu Yan appeared on the brocade!

The maid Yu Fei on the side sucked in a breath of cold air and almost screamed out—is this a magic technique? The palace said that Princess Zhuyan once learned magic techniques in Jiuyi Mountain when he was a child, and it turned out that it was true!

“Don’t be afraid, it’s just an empty shell made of my blood.” She soothed Yu Fei, raised her hand and pinched the face of “Zhu Yan” on the couch – the tentacles were warm and fragrant and jade soft, it was real Real skin, even bone and flesh, is like a living person. However, the person who was pinched was expressionless, like a puppet.

Zhu Yan picked up the jade bone, and nodded between the eyebrows of that “Zhu Yan”, her lips moved slightly. The doll gradually lowered its head, as if listening to her instructions.

“This technique can only last for twelve hours, so you have to hurry up.” After Zhu Yan finished casting the spell, she carefully examined her results, turned her head and instructed the personal maid, “Hurry up and put on my clothes and mine. Jewelry, from the inside to the outside, can’t be missing one piece, you know?”

Yu Fei looked at the wooden puppet and was terrified: “The county master, are you really going to…”

“Stop talking! Didn’t I discuss this with the two of you on the way? Are you afraid now? Do you really want to live in this desert where birds don’t shit?” Zhu Yan has a frizzy personality , suddenly became impatient, “When the matter is over, you will immediately rush out and call for help, understand?”

Yu Fei nodded timidly and tightened her belt.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s very simple, it will definitely work.” Zhu Yan comforted her, put away the jade bones, inserted a bun, put on a cloak and walked out, “Just listen to my signal and just follow the plan. “

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